ZMF Headphones Vérité


The mastery of beryllium as a driver material in the Vérité underlined ZMF Headphones' credentials as an elite headphone manufacturer.

With the advantages of one of audio's most coveted materials at hand, ZMF set out to build a statement flagship with all the speed, transparency, scale and dynamics in the world. Reference lovers, rejoice!

Audiophile Style compared the open version against its closed brethren, publishing a comprehensive study complete with measurements to conclude "they're as good as anything on the market today" and what "ZMF have achieved with the Vérité is truly remarkable".

Stereophile's Herb Reichert says the "Vérités come closer to [Sony's] MDR-R10s in basic sonic character than any other headphones I've auditioned ... may even exceed Sony's cult classics in their illusion of speed and transparency".

OR... enjoy a smoother, more relaxed sound with ZMF's Auteur and ZMF's Aeolus, or browse our other open-back options here!

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