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    Mass Kobo Model 404 Headphone Amplifier
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    Mass Kobo Model 404 Headphone Amplifier

    Have you got 6 x AA Eneloop Pro batteries ready? This is a phenomenal amplifier by Mass-Kobo that delivers clean clarity and the power you need for almost every can out there. All amplification alters the sound of your set up and this one your top-grade sushi knife slicing through a nice big slab of freshest catch (no offense intended for vegans) and you're ready to have your kaiseiki playlist of the day. It's smooth, sharp without hiss, delivering a sweetness to your music. We compared this to the MK394ii which is pitched lower in voice, tagged higher in price. It's day and night in character while retaining the same clean power that Mass-Kobo is renowned for. This is dawn, while the 394ii is dusk.Portable enough for travel and effortlessly sufficient for small desks or bedside rigs to power up cans like the Audio-Technica ADX5000, Final Audio D8000Pro, Abyss, Audezes, and Hifiman's entire line-up. Note: You can plug in to power, but we recommend using six AA batteries to remove the possibility of background noise coming from unclean power sources.


    Our Price | $2,399

    Mass Kobo Model 424 Headphone AmplifierMass Kobo Model 424 Headphone Amplifier

    Mass Kobo Model 424 Headphone Amplifier

    // Got a Sony Walkman? There are many things you can do with a 4.4mm out once you've got your playlist all organised, ready to razzle and dazzle. Let's discuss this: You've done the rounds with the IEMs, and you're ready to add a layer to your listening. Plug in a Sennheiser HD800S you recently snagged in your bag after the grand 75th anniversary sale, and suddenly you're missing something. You ask around, and people tell you that HD800S needs more amplification, but has anyone told you about the Mass-Kobo 424? The missing ingredient is found, and the chain is now complete. Grab a ZMF Verite, or the HEDDphone from our shelves, and tick tock, tick tock, time is passing, missed calls happening, but we don't really care anymore, do we?Made in Japan. ===


    Our Price | $2,299

    Mass Kobo Model 394 II Headphone AmplifierMass Kobo Model 394 II Headphone Amplifier

    Mass Kobo Model 394 II Headphone Amplifier

    This is Japanese engineering at its best. Handbuilt in Shizuoka, Japan, Masuda-san designs, builds, repairs to fully own his brand. A master in his own class, he gained recognition in building recording setups and journeyed to building amplification for his clients. This cult brand has earned top status in almost every HeadFi exhibits, known for clean amping and a classic signature sound that powers almost every headphone out there. Depending on parts availability, Mass-Kobo builds to order and delivers between 6-8 weeks' time.  A solid block of with an A4 sized footprint (28x23x5cm), and hours of bliss in your listening.Demo by request and appointment only. --- Model : Full Balanced Stereo headphone ampInput : Electronically Balanced = XLR3-31 , Unbalance = RCAOutput : Balance = XLR4-31 x 1 or XLR3-31 x 2(L,R) , Unbalance = ρEE6.3 TRS x 2(High or Low)Input Impedance : 3.7kΩ (XLR)/ 12kΩ (RCA)Reference Input L


    Our Price | $7,799