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    Clariar D320Clariar D320

    Clariar D320

    Clariar's answer to the question "What's a better cable for this?"


    Our Price | $329

    Clariar i430Clariar i430

    Clariar i430

    In red dressed like a fine wine is Clariar's i430. Because the idea that a company descended in part from Acoustune DNA could do properly by balanced armatures is clearly aging well. Tuned to sit alongside Clariar's eldest i640 and be a reliable reference at a three-figure tag, i430 excels at accuracy, staying true to the way music is played back. One could swear there's more than a bit of Symphonium Audio's Helios in i430's tuning. [See Product Desc. For More] Then there's everything from its Singapore counterpart in terms of all-aluminium construction and four balanced armatures, with a few proprietary tricks for implementation the Clariar way. A self-developed physical low-pass filter installed in the acoustic path, and a rear cavity in a 3D-printed enclosure, ensure bass is prominent, fast, deep and controlled regardless of your preferred genre. Despite costing half of i640, i430's crossover doesn't skimp and is built with high-quality parts, with everything made proudly in Japan. So we raise a little glass to the traits that make up good Head-Fi, Clariar achieving while adopting a BA topology: cohesivess, tonal balance and a natural, even-handed approach to music making. Already a company that proves it's not a one-trick pony after i640, but with a lot of ideas and tunings to work with balanced armatures, Clariar now have two children to pride in. View the rest of their collection here, or our other IEMs here. 


    Our Price | $829

    Clariar i640Clariar i640
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    Clariar i640

    The first born of the Clariar line-up arranged with a six-balanced armature configuration slides a new sound profile into our portfolio. Resonating sweetness and clarity throughout our first impressions, we find space and natural ease in navigating heavily layered tracks. There will not be heavy bass thumps and loud footsteps as this one walks in with measured manners, but holds your attention as you sift through one track, and find yourself enjoying another.  // GOOD TO KNOW 6 Balanced Armature drivers Configuration: Low x2, Low/Mid x1, Mid x1, High x2 Frequency Response: 5Hz - 25kHz (Audio Precision APx525 + GRAS RA0404 Hi-Res Ear Simulator) Technologies: Composite housing structure High density porous filter (h.d.p.f) Rear cavity pressure optimizer (r.c.p.o) Accessories: Leather carrying case, Flexible 4-core OFC cable, Acoustune AET07 eartips, Acoustune AET02 foam eartips


    Our Price | $1,699