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    Miter DAP + Earphone Carrying CaseMiter DAP + Earphone Carrying Case
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    Miter DAP + Earphone Carrying Case

    One neat box that protects your favourite earphone(s) and music player of choice, pack the adaptors in, alcohol swabs, eartips, etc. // Dimensions in cmExternal17.5(L) x 9(W) x 7(H)Internal, per side.15.5(L)x 7(W) x 2.5(H)***Stocks arriving end of September.


    Our Price | $99

    Miter iBasso DX160 CaseMiter iBasso DX160 Case
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    Miter iBasso DX160 Case

    Designed and crafted for Ibasso DX160. 


    Our Price | $49

    Miter IFI Hip-Dac CaseMiter IFI Hip-Dac Case
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    Miter IFI Hip-Dac Case

    IFI Hip-Dac redefined what a portable amplifier can look like and we won't stop here waxing lyrical about how audio companies can nail style and aesthetics in addition to mere functionality and sound.Protect your Hip-Dac from scratches with this Miter case made with Pueblo leather, a vegetable tanned leather from artisanal tannery in Tuscany, Italy."Pueblo leather is known for its signature stone polished finish and rich aroma as well as its ability to age gracefully and dramatically." --- Vulture Premium.Click to read more about the IFI Hip-Dac.


    Our Price | $59

    Miter Sony WM1A/Z CaseMiter Sony WM1A/Z Case
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    Miter Sony WM1A/Z Case

    MITER cases have a salient design feature whenever applicable or possible: A prop-up stand so your playlist and album art faces you while you enjoy the music.  SONY users of the WM1A/WM1Z enjoy this small perk while listening when they choose MITER. Made in Korea.


    Our Price | $60

    Miter QP2R Case

    Miter QP2R Case

    "Look Ma, no hands!" MITER cases are unique that way�E¿½E�E�E¬�E¿½E They try to add a stand whenever possible, and if you think that's cool, check out their latest creation that opens like a box of treasures > here or their full collection here. ==oota


    Our Price | $75

    Miter iBasso DX120 CaseMiter iBasso DX120 Case

    Miter iBasso DX120 Case

    An exclusive leather case in dark grey that's made especially for Zeppelin & Co. for the Ibasso DX120. Soft to touch, and adds minimal bulk to the player. Handcrafted in Korea.


    Our Price | $50