• We do not have a refund/policy. We encourage testing before purchase and the crew will not be obliged to exchange nor refund due to change of mind or for any other reasons.
  • Proof of purchase must be provided for warranty.
  • For 1-1 exchanges, full packaging must be provided.


  • Warranty is offered by manufacturer.
  • Warranty covers only manufacturing defects.
  • Wear & Tear is excluded from all warranty coverage for any item.
  • Warranty period may differ from brand to brand, please check with the crew anytime to find out more.
  • Zeppelin & Co. will offer 1-1 exchange within 14 days of purchase for manufacturing defects. If item is in stock, we will provide it over counter without delay. If item is out of stock, we will replace once we restock.


  • There will be no charge(s) for services and repairs if item(s) are within warranty period and terms.
  • Customer must bear shipping costs to and from Singapore.
  • In cases where a replacement is necessary within 14 days of receiving the item, we will ship your replacement once defective item is received, and a tracking number will be provided.
  • If item is no longer covered by warranty, we continue to support you till end of service completion, though there may be a service fee involved if we are billed by manufacturer.
  • We will inform of service fee or charges if any before we proceed.

We have been known for our willingness to help customers whenever needed to the best of our ability, because we like happy people, not angry people. We all work hard to earn our 5-stars on Google reviews. However, any abuse to the crew will not be tolerated by the Management. Please be kind to our crew.