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    F Audio Dark Sky UIEMF Audio Dark Sky UIEM

    F Audio Dark Sky UIEM

    The latest to emerge from personal audio's original proving ground is Dark Sky. Hong Kong's FAudio release this 10mm single sandwich dynamic driver to command the UIEM segment – particularly when paired with iBasso Audio's DX240. Living up to its name, Dark Sky promises lovely liquidity through the entire frequency response, from bass to mids and treble. Shunning any association to the term 'veiled' however, the full-on transparency and musicality of the diamond-like-carbon (DLC) coated driver grabs you from first listen. [See Product Desc. For More] Twister6 "enjoyed everything about these IEMs ... found a perfect balance between a powerful articulate bass and a vivid presentation of clear and detailed upper frequencies". Dark Sky's driver starts with a sandwich core of biocellulose, a paper-like fiber prized in audio for its effective damping at higher frequencies. This surface is then coated with DLC for the composite's stiffness and hardness. That means Dark Sky's driver material combination helps it move as a perfect piston over all frequencies up to and above its working range, keeping distortion down due to cone and modal break-up as frequencies rise. To hear FAudio's flagship is to hear liquid effortlessness no matter where the emphasis in your music lies. The low-distortion affair is surely helped by their patented Triple Built-In Acoustic Chamber (TBAC), which controls airflow thanks to three special cavities. Audio's oldest transducer technology is therefore given the platform to shine thanks to Dark Sky's clever acoustic optimisation. Maturity is the reason behind a rave review from Headfonics. If less is more with this single dynamic driver, that doesn't apply to the accessories. A silver and silver alloy mix cable terminated in balanced 2.5mm means you're placed to hear Dark Sky with any music player straight from the box. Go on and get immersed in the sophistication of Dark Sky today, or view all of FAudio's releases here and our other earphones here.


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