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Our Story

Welcome to Zeppelin & Co. | We are Singapore’s first audio cafe with a dedicated space retailing a curated range of earphones, headphones, desktop audio products. We also hold live music events and keep the coffee brewing. We intend to stay professional while having lots of fun, and here's our space:


We love music. We wanted our music to sound better. We thought "Hey, let's make an audio store & bring music lovers together, and tell them about better sound!" We got thirsty. We love coffee. Our friends got thirsty. Some love coffee, some liked other drinks. We were looking for a place to sit down but they were all too crowded and noisy.

Audio + Coffee + People = We founded Zeppelin & Co.

It wasn't easy to put a cafe module in a headphone store. It wasn't easy when people said reputation of Sim Lim Square was bad, parking was expensive.

But we did it anyway. Because at Zeppelin & Co. we believe that when you do the right things, and work hard, the right people come your way. Call it birds of a feather flocking together, great minds think alike, or music lovers unite.

So welcome onboard the Zeppelin & Co., and thank you for being part of our journey. Unfasten your seat belts, put your playlist on, and enjoy the flight.

Inflight services are suspended on all Mondays.

Our Seconds of fame

Our Team

Kristy Song

Set Director [ Founder ]

Kristy runs the set, the mood, the narrative, casting, and bears the gift of bringing people together in one space. Our retail plot has been a winning franchise that retains the Zepp identity.

Her years of travelling as crew in an airline gave her access to the best brick-and-mortar retail stores in the world. She distilled them all and created a concept that did not exist before— where coffee meets audio, and aesthetics meet sound. She is driven by the need to bring the soul back to retail, where salespeople were awesome and shopping was fun.

Her parallel universe is one that includes inversions: It’s fun seeing the world from a different perspective sometimes, and it is her ikigai. She teaches yoga in her free time, contemplated a career in linguistics – but Zepp appeared in her mind, and the stage's set to go big, or go home.



An unlikely candidate in retail, Fengyang understood the Zepp narrative and sat in the Director’s Board to build the leylines for our work. From the kilns of global trading firms Glencore and Noble, with expertise in Analytics and Deal Structuring across South East Asia, he sets the blueprint for our growth.

Fengyang started off by revamping and integrating our inventory management across all platforms. Next, he implemented an automated, real-time Point-of Sale to invoice level accrual accounting system, setting the standard and infrastructure for Zepp’s next phase of growth. Zepp's Website 2.0 and further commercial growth projects such as our entry to the marketplace soon followed.

He shares Kristy’s vision and leaves the artistry to her approach as he maps out Zepp's growth direction from a solid foundation and wireframe for scale. There was not a civilisation greater than Rome for Fengyang and he naturally believes Rome wasn’t built in one day, but all roads will lead to Rome, as will Zepp.



The Right-Hand Man indeed,Thush covered the floor operations for two as Kristy ran negotiations to secure our first brands. 2017 on our timeline would not have happened without him. Thush’s background in sales culminated in over a decade of experience in retail operations. Kristy needed someone she could entrust the floor to entirely, and Thush became our Employee #1. Today, he also manages all our F&B operations, our Carousell channel, and is one of our in-house audiologists for customised-in-ear-monitors.

Thush watches cricket more than football, and has yet to figure out his next tattoo. He looks out for the bass in his music, and has a personality cooler than any beat or mic drop.



Jeremy runs our communications and outreach. With a writing background honed in journalism for a host of leading international publications, Jeremy joined as Employee #2 with the intention to bring Zepp to a wider public. He tells the story of a groundbreaking and practical movement: to help Singaporeans enjoy music better. Bringing a perspective that started as an outsider before turning that professional as an expertise, Jeremy appreciates the subtleties and has honed the communication of high-fidelity to the uninitiated in personal ways that can be appreciated at any level of the hobby. Listening better and an appreciation of sound is Jeremy’s chief hobby and an equally serious duty, while he maintains a casual interest in his erstwise love of football and the industry of malt beverages.



The man with the Big Idea at Zeppelin & Co. is also the man with the big heart. Fadli Jasmuri turns being a relative newcomer to the industry into one of his biggest strengths, effortlessly relating to the unfamiliar seeking a friendly voice to start out alongside. You’ll see his sketches and designs all over our website and social media as he makes his dreams for Zepp a reality. Our YouTube channel is his next big project as he collaborates with videographers to script our journey.

Says “Chicken McNugget” a lot.



Tetris is a difficult game for some, but not when you’re wired to see where things fall. From inventory management, churning the right paperwork, purchasing duties, structured processes are his bread and butter. James maintains the order in our world of fast retail, customised requests and is the manual we fall back on when processes hit an error. Operating behind the scenes, James is invested to take Zepp onwards and upwards, seamlessly transitioning his passion into a dedicated profession. Has red/green colourblindness (protanomaly), and should not be trusted with opinions on colours.

Luth Harith


Don't go to Luth if you're into Marie Kondo. Luth forms a connection with those who are happy stackers. He blurs the line between portable and transportable audio. You'll see his shoes and rig before you see him. Often starting with a balanced, logical recommendation when you prefer to go wireless with your audio, the conversation changes course when you trigger him with magic words like "wired", or even better, "stack". Watch him unravel from the binds and shed the orthodox for the unorthodox, choosing inconvenience over convenience, all in the name of audio.

Trivia: Spots an impish grin and can shoot an arrow up to 50metres far. Favourite country? Korea.

Jordan Ng

The Insider

Quickest member on the team to receive and share news, Jordan is the same easygoing persona both on his YouTube channel and behind the audio bar. From hobbyist to reviewer to customer and now full-fledged professional in Zepp, this man wears as many hats as the number of IEMs he owns.

Trivia: Really likes "Cai3 Fan4 / 菜饭" and Chi-Fi, keeping vibes and philosophy simple while pushing the envelope politely for industry standards and hobbyists alike to go up, up, up.