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    Null Audio Ethos MK.V (IEM)Null Audio Ethos MK.V (IEM)

    Null Audio Ethos MK.V (IEM)

    1.5 week turnaround time, check with us for a more exact quote


    Our Price | $109

    Nobunaga Labs Inspire SeriesNobunaga Labs Inspire Series

    Nobunaga Labs Inspire Series

    // GOOD TO KNOW:  "33 cores per core, 4 cores structure brings out a rich sound with depth and a high range that is transparent and draws out a low range with a quick response and a lively feeling, overall bands."  Cable: 4cores of Mixed cable Material per 1 wire : Gold plated 4N silver cable + 4N pure silver cable+ 6N OCC copper Cable length: 120cm Ear hook: No wire Cable slider: black slider Impedance: Less than 0.3Ω Cryogenic processed : Put in -156 ºC low temperature for 72 hours.


    Our Price | $259

    Ares Audio DaybreakAres Audio Daybreak

    Ares Audio Daybreak

    // GOOD TO KNOW 24AWG 4-Core 6N OCC Copper Nylon core with PVC coat + Nylon outer sleeve Available in brown or full black sleeving Also check out our other cables from Acoustune, Ares Audio, Audio-Genetic, Dita Audio and Effect Audio.


    Our Price | $219

    Nobunaga Labs Advance TPC SeriesNobunaga Labs Advance TPC Series

    Nobunaga Labs Advance TPC Series

    // GOOD TO KNOW: CABLE : Soft type Tin-Plated Oxygen-Free Copper cable 4 coresLENGTH : 120cmCONNECTORS: Gold platedIMPEDANCE : 0.09ΩCRYOGENIC PROCESSED : Put in -156 ºC low temperature for 72 hours


    Our Price | $189