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    Shozy Form 1.1Shozy Form 1.1

    Shozy Form 1.1

    If you haven't heard already, the Shozy Form 1.1 is rated one of the top sub SG$150 earphones in Zepp. We're not sure how they did this, but it's the perfect one to pick up when you don't want to break the bank, and don't want to rip your ears from bad sound. A definite keeper. You might want to compare it with the Shozy King of 2018, the Shozy BG if you're dropping by for a listen.


    Our Price | $109


    Shozy BG (BLACKGOLD)

    Some sounds are bigger than their price tags here in Zepp, and Shozy BG is one of them. For those who like the details laid out in their layers without overpowering or losing vocals in the middle, this one checks across any rock, pop, jazz and more. [See Product Desc. For More] Bonus: It fits most ears snug and nice. Cons: It's always sold out, expect a short wait when that happens. You might also be interested in the Form 1.1, another spectacular product that is easily labelled #bestbangforbuck. 


    Our Price | $369

    Shozy BlackholeShozy Blackhole
    Ask The Crew

    Shozy Blackhole

    This semi-open in-ear-monitor is not for the faint-hearted or those with trypophobia. Designed acoustically to place you in the middle of a concert hall with its expansive staging, particular attention was paid to low-distortion capabilities while retrieving micro-details.  Shozy claims the credit for one of the most popular IEMs in Zepp, the 1.1, the BG (Black X Gold), and the Rouge. Are you ready to go up the ladder with Shozy? Have a listen this weekend, and talk to us about your fears, your preferences, your music. Headfonics praised it highly for being a UIEM that images in ways nothing else can match it, scoring it right at the top for a natural, out-of-head experience. That recognition comes echoed by Headfonia. // Recommended listening: Cayin Audio's N6II/E01, iFi's hip-dac and HiBy Music's R5 Sabre / Photography by Zepp Crew.


    Our Price | $899

    Shozy Hibiki Special EditionShozy Hibiki Special Edition
    Ask The Crew

    Shozy Hibiki Special Edition

    A limited production earphone. Each piece is uniquely crafted and may vary in colours. Please check with the crew on the ones in stock, or order directly to see which one's fated to be yours! 


    Our Price | $199