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    Heinz Electrodynamic Designs HEDDPhone®Heinz Electrodynamic Designs HEDDPhone®
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    Heinz Electrodynamic Designs HEDDPhone®

    HEDDphone breaks new ground in Singapore, bringing the benefits of Air Motion Transformer (AMT) technology right next to your ears, with no loss of detail or dynamics to the room. READ NOW The BIG HEDDphone interview with CEO Freddy Knop ecoustics have proven a novel driver technology can go up against the other big boys. This pioneer in personal audio quickly made its way onto Headfonia's list of 'Best Buys', earning a 'Recommended Buy' and 'Best of 2020' award in the process. [See Product Desc. For More] Headfonics sum up that HEDDphone "is not a planar sound, neither dynamic nor electrostatic, but it successfully mixes some of the best traits of each to paint a massive presentation, huge depth, and wonderful clarity". Actually, Ear Fidelity highly recommended it after an in-depth comparison with run-of-the-mill planar brands. SoundStage! were "pleasantly surprised that HEDD Audio could produce such versatile and good-sounding headphones in their first try". The Headphone List concluded HEDDphone is a "highly ambitious product whose meticulous realisation equally rewards in real-world performance as in theoretical design". Indeed, HEDDphone earned an Editors' Choice Award on Part-Time Audiophile for "its sound is rich and delightful". The measurements corroborate this for Headphone Guru to call them "an outstanding tour de force" with "such a transparent and true-to-life listening experience". Stereophile's Herb Reichert found its pairing with Feliks Audio's Euforia amplifier particularly enriching. Clearly, Heinz Electrodynamic Designs (HEDD) utilised their expertise in speaker tweeter design to perfectly execute this transducer technology in headphones for the first time ever. After this, don't forget to check out all our other open-back headphones here, along with the amplification to drive them with aplomb.


    Our Price | $2,599

    Heinz Electrodynamic Designs HEDDPhone TWOHeinz Electrodynamic Designs HEDDPhone TWO

    Heinz Electrodynamic Designs HEDDPhone TWO

    Sequels are usually no good, unless it's The Godfather Part II and now HEDDPhone 2 by HEDD Audio. That's now two headphones, two HEDDPhones and another Air Motion Transformer (AMT) flagship from those who first introduced the concept in 2020. The beauty of a velocity-based driver, rather than the standard pressure-based type, is only half the story with HEDDPhone 2. With a pleated driver surface area up to three times larger than a contemporary dynamic, planar or electrostatic headphones, HEDD's second coming is a benchmark of transparency and audio purity. HEDDPhone 2 goes right on Headfonia's Recommended Buys list. Headfonics praise a "flatter more muscular sound signature", and Ear Fidelity are impressed. 5 ⭐ arrives from The Ear. Sound On Sound rate it an improvement across the board. One of Hi-Fi speakers' most important technologies, the quality promised by an AMT tweeter has always been unquestioned, and HEDD made a full-range, full frequency response one possible with Variable Velocity Transform (VVT) in their first HEDDPhone. Now, HEDDPhone 2 adds practicality with its build and design. 25 percent lighter than its predecessor, a patent-pending HEDDband smart strap system allows height, width, curvature and even the clamping pressure to be tweaked to individual head shape for a complete earpad seal – all with HEDDPhone 2 still built entirely in Berlin, Germany. [See Product Desc. For More] HEDD already impressed Head-Fi with the pioneering spirit of the AMT's creator, Oskar Heil, when releasing the first HEDDPhone. Now, bringing the HEDDPhone 2 up to 2023 standards of audio quality is an improved driver that sounds better and yet sheds weight. Rather than moving back and forth as a pressure-type transducer (like 99 per cent of conventional driver technology on the market), HEDDPhone 2's AMT is pleated with magnetic force acting to laterally squeeze air out of the driver's folds as an accordion would – according it the tag of being a velocity-based transducer. That allows air to accelerate towards the ear up to four times faster than a beryllium or diamond dynamic driver of huge rigidity and excursion might. But without the cost, or distortion associated. The AMT's ability to reproduce sound as it was recorded is unrivalled in speakers, and now in headphones. HEDD's VVT technology varies the fold lengths to aid this AMT in producing low frequencies below this tweeter technology's typical threshold of 3Khz, for high-quality, fast and accurate bass. That's an upgraded AMT driver that still retains all of its old spatial advantages, namely excellent horizontal dispersion. Because of that, HEDDPhone 2 produces real depth and a sound that truly sounds like it's coming from outside of the head – perhaps most fulfilling the claim that it's almost like listening to true speakers. And as if it was scarcely imaginable that HEDDPhone's sound could be improved, what's most exciting is that HEDDPhone 2 is built of carbon fibre and magnesium, to yield a 25 per cent weight reduction. Coming in at 550 grams, HEDD's next major upgrade comes in the form of the HEDDband – lighter in construction, yet stronger and more ergonomic. Built to be adjusted on two axes, the vertical dimension sees owners able to adjust wearing height and curvature via a patent-pending belt secured system. The horizontal dimension also sees width and therefore clamping pressure customisable. So much thought has gone into turning HEDDPhone 2 not just into HEDD's most complete product, but one of Head-Fi's barometers of affordable quality made to last with every last detail considered. German-style. Built in Berlin, HEDDPhone 2 comes with a five-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Its accessorisation is something else too. Spare earpads, two cables – one balanced 4.4mm, another 1/4" – and 4.4mm-to-4-pin-XLR adapter all come neatly packed in a travel case so that studio professionals and audiophiles alike may bring HEDDPhone 2 to work and to play in equal measure. Reasonably easy to drive for decent amplification, HEDDPhone 2's AMT is now 2dB more sensitive at 89dB/W. Portable behemoths like Cayin Audio's C9, Enleum's HPA-23RM and iBasso Audio's PB5 are plenty up to the task. Desktop power will truly unleash this AMT, though. Think of Cayin's iHA-6 or Questyle Audio's CMA18 for that purpose. While HEDDPhone 2's flat impedance make HA-6A, HA-300B MK. II and Feliks Audio's Envy all transformer tube amplifier candidates. There is no ceiling to HEDDPhone's sound quality, and a step up to the Lina – one of the best synergies with dCS Data Conversion Systems' statement headphone amplification system – in no way overawes HEDD's flagship. The future is AMT, and the future is now with HEDDPhone 2.  After you check yours out, get psyched with all the accolades that landed on HEDD Audio's doorstep with their original HEDDPhone release here, or view all our other headphones here.


    Our Price | $2,799