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    B&W PX8B&W PX8

    B&W PX8

    After so many Bowers & Wilkins successes, the PX8 screams competency. With years of taking its Head-Fi endeavours so seriously, PX8 is a fitting flagship to announce B&W's arrival at Bluetooth's summit. 5 ⭐ follow from What Hi-Fi? and Trusted Reviews. Built with new 40mm carbon-fibre drivers, PX8 is capable of incredible resolution, but B&W don't beat you over the head with all that. Restraint is a sure sign of maturity, and how PX8 caresses your ears with detail – not harshness – is true testament to its makers' calibre in Hi-Fi manufacturing. Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX™ Adaptive and active noise-cancelling complete the package. With cast aluminum arms and fine Nappa leather trim, there can be no doubt – PX8 is Bluetooth's finish line. [See Product Desc. For More] As famed speaker manufacturers, B&W built new drivers just for PX8. A fully optimised drive unit with a revised magnet, voice coil and surround gives special carbon-fibre drivers the platform to perform. Carbon is naturally desirable when building wide-frequency drivers, and PX8 takes advantage of the material's natural stiffness, lightness and damping to cover all sections of audio's bandwidth. The low distortion arising from B&W's efforts means listener fatigue is a thing of the past – and owners are welcome to enjoy PX8's refined suave and sophistication over long periods of travel. Certainly, all 30 hours of battery life a single charge can grant it. PX8's status as your lifestyle companion is cemented with the six microphones B&W built into its cups for great voice pick-up on calls, and in active noise-cancelling suppressing disturbances in your immediate environment. Nothing but the music, and what you want to hear, accompanies you with PX8. Also view B&W's other releases here, and all our other Bluetooth headphones here. 


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