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    Sennheiser Accentum WirelessSennheiser Accentum Wireless

    Sennheiser Accentum Wireless

    Sennheiser rate its entry-level noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphone Accentum Wireless to last up to 50 hours on a single charge. We anticipate a product lifespan that will similarly match that number but measured in years, with what a hit it'll be at the entry-level. While we may be speaking figuratively, it's hard to ignore the appeal of this sleek, more affordable counterpart to Sennheiser's renowned Momentum 4 Wireless headphones, offering numerous comparable features. Accentum Wireless is acclaimed in SoundGuys and PCMag. These include noise-cancelling technology, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, aptX™ HD support, up to 50 hours of battery life, and a lightweight design at just 222 grams. [See Product Desc. For More] Sennheiser's well-established reputation in the world of high-quality audio equipment is further bolstered by their ability to continually meet the evolving needs of consumers, exemplified by the Accentum Wireless. Accentum Wireless is an easy recommendation for individuals who prioritize superior audio performance in their wireless headphones. Sennheiser has meticulously fine-tuned the acoustics to provide outstanding active noise cancellation (ANC) capabilities. Accentum Wireless effectively mitigates external noise by combining passive isolation with discreet microphones that target both low and high frequencies. This results in a significantly improved listening experience. These Sennheiser headphones are not just meant for leisure but are also designed for work. With two built-in microphones and a dedicated wind-reduction mode, taking voice calls becomes a hassle-free experience. Moreover, adjustable side-tone and advanced signal processing ensure that conversations feel natural and fatigue-free while minimising background distractions. The multipoint feature enables seamless switching of the active wireless connection between different Bluetooth devices without the need for re-pairing, adding convenience to your daily activities. The Accentum's remarkable 50-hour battery life is complemented by its exceptional wearing comfort. Sennheiser has meticulously designed the earcup and headband padding, ensuring that they adapt effortlessly to the wearer's shape and provide a secure and natural feel. The design of the Accentum echoes the compact fold-flat style of the Momentum 4 Wireless, creating a consistent and appealing aesthetic that emphasises both sound quality and ergonomics throughout the headphone lineup. Sennheiser's Smart Control App enhances the headphone experience, offering a refreshingly simple visual user interface that fits right in your pocket. Accentum Wireless allows you to manage Bluetooth connections, explore features, and experiment with the 5-band EQ, giving you full control over your audio experience. Smart Control can even store user presets and provide updates to keep the Accentum's features operating smoothly as the devices they connect to evolve. Discover the enhanced sound quality you can achieve by upgrading to any of Sennheiser's wired headphones here, or explore our range of other Bluetooth devices here.

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    iBasso DC EliteiBasso DC Elite

    iBasso DC Elite

    The smaller iBasso Audio's engineering gets, the more ridiculous their feats get. So it is with DC Elite – virtually a miniature DX320 Max TI.  DX320 Max TI was groundbreaking because it brought a discrete stepped resistor analog volume control to the fold. So how then should Head-Fi react to DC Elite packing exactly the same ridiculous marvel of engineering, in dongle DAC/amp size? DC Elite's stepped volume attenuator, developed in-house from individual resistors by iBasso, is where the money is at. It's that that enables it to play it delicately into your flagship earphones for enjoyment at realistically lower volume levels. Together with the resolution of ROHM's BD34301EKV DAC operating in full current-output mode, DC Elite is the zenith of mini USB DAC/amp development. Never has it been better. [See Product Desc. For More] Effortlessly capturing the spectrum from the softest whispers to the most resounding passages, this device shines, no matter how you choose to experience its performance. While it's a breeze to play it back loud, the true test lies in reproducing the nuances of subtle sounds – no mean feat for a mobile device relying on USB's 5-volt power supply. Rather than relying solely on the success of DX320 Max TI in simultaneously adjusting signal and noise levels – an achievement exclusive to analog volume controls – iBasso embraced an even greater challenge with the DC Elite. Maintaining transparency at both low and high volume settings, with an impressive +/-0.1dB channel matching, this iBasso dongle unveils intricacies hidden within the noise floor of your music. The key lies in leveraging the output from ROHM's flagship DAC, receiving pure I2S provided by iBasso's FPGA. Crucially, the DC Elite's BD34301EKV outputs analog in current, as expected of a high-performance circuit. This allows iBasso the flexibility to sculpt the sonic profile to their liking using an extensive current-to-voltage I/V converter. Consequently, DC Elite ensures the highest quality of small-signal from the outset, with any conversion errors presented as a manageable DC offset rather than more sinister total harmonic distortion. The inclusion of powerful op-amp output buffers, supplying 500mA of current, empowers iBasso's DC Elite to promise a high damping factor while maintaining minimal distortion even with low impedances typical of IEMs, Focals, Fostexs and Rosson Audio Designs. Still the closed-loop internal gain remaining after the application of negative feedback around DC Elite's op-amp IC analog circuit remains high. So where she really shines is in swinging voltage, opening up the sound of any high-impedance Audio-Technica, Sennheiser and ZMF Headphones while barely breaking sweat. Multiple DC-to-DC converters and LDOs provide sufficient power and also keep the noise floor down, working hand-in-hand with DC Elite's cutting-edge volume control. So here is Head-Fi's first dongle that can truly say it turns your smart device into a super DAP. Herald the arrival of the first super dongle DAC with DC Elite now, or view the rest of iBasso's releases here or our other DAC/amps here.


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    Letshuoer brought planar-magnetic IEMs to the fore with S12. They are pushing the boundaries of the niche they started by incorporating a passive radiator into the S15. Stocks arrive end-2023. Despite maintaining its compact 3D-printed enclosure, the addition of the passive radiator significantly enhances the S15's ability to generate more sound pressure level (SPL) using just a single planar driver. Working in harmony with the S15's driver, Letshuoer's passive radiator has a magnifying effect on the limited excursion of the planar driver, resulting in SPL output without drawing any power away from the main driver. As a result, the S15 is now capable of delivering a cohesive, spacious, and effortless sound that seems to emanate from well beyond the physical boundaries of its housing. This sound is characterised by its neutrality and lack of coloration. To further enhance the value of the S15, it comes with a 216-strand silver-plated copper cable featuring interchangeable 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm balanced plugs. This addition significantly elevates the overall package and worth of the S15. Check out the rest of Letshuoer's range here, or the rest of our IEMs here.


    Our Price | $429

    Focal BathysFocal Bathys

    Focal Bathys

    What a statement Bluetooth like Bathys Dune is. Through it Focal invites anyone, to listen anywhere. In clear and obvious style. Focal's trademark M-shaped aluminium-magnesium dynamic driver brings you flagship sound on the go. 5 ⭐ came from What Hi-Fi? because "the success of Focal's first effort" isn't surprising. Headfonics say Bathys "represents a serious upgrade on consumer headphone choices from the likes of Sony and Bose", something Digital Trends second.  Wired writes Bathys is Bluetooth "even staunch audio nerds can enjoy". Superb acoustics on the part of Focal's know-how are a given, and the warm, rich and detailed fidelity of Bathys breaks new ground for a portable headphone of its size – wired or unwired. However, what makes Bathys truly compelling is its range of noise cancelling, Bluetooth 5.1, Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive and app-controlled EQ. [See Product Desc. For More] Its name comes from the French word ‘bathyscaphe’, the first submarine exploration vehicle. And Bathys is the embodiment of calm, depth and absolute silence. It's already scooped up TechHive's Editors Choice award, and is ecoustics' favourite noise-cancelling headphone for 2022. Audioholics says Bathys "takes its place among the top sound quality-focused wireless headphones available", and gave it a Product of the Year award. Stuff slapped 5 ⭐ on this Bluetooth beast too. At the cutting edge of tech, but dressed up in finery as a finished product like only Focal can. Blurring the lines between lifestyle and audiophilia has become typical from France's masters of savoir faire. Bathys is proof that Focal has mastered that.  The Bathys design comes inherited from Focal’s open and closed-back audiophile headphones such as Clear MG and Radiance. The earcup grilles repeat Focal’s design language, highly aesthetic curves drawing attention to the company's prestigious logo symbolising style, luxury and belief in better. A white back-lit system beneath the logo may be activated if desired, for an understated, chic effect. Another standout feature of Bathys is its elegant and timeless black-silver colourway, for effortless sophistication. Indeed, this wireless Focal is something you want to be seen with, but also to hear. The comparisons to its bigger audiophile siblings visually are apt, but so are they sonically. Bathys promises a big chunk of Focal fidelity on the move, its M-shaped aluminium-magnesium drivers among the most audiophile-grade mounted in a wireless headphone before.  This driver's stiffness, light weight and damping not only promises you a warm, immersive and authoritative presentation of music in stock tuning. It's also fine ground for EQ to be implemented – and Bathys comes together with EQ pre-sets for listeners to select via the Focal & Naim control app for iOS and Android. Not only does Bathys sound excellent – it can be made yours truly, too, when you select your favourite sound signature.  aptX™ Adaptive ensures wireless transmission stability in most conditions.  Focal added a Silent mode of cancellation optimised for trips with high background noise but let's you switch to a Soft mode to aid concentration at work, while Transparency mode enables you to stay connected to your surroundings. And a USB-C cable gives you the listener the final ability to access Bathys' 24/192 DAC via a computer or phone, when seeking uncompromised fidelity. The sense of completeness in Bathys' package promises that form and function have truly met. Despite its humble entry into the world of Focal, Bathys is in fact one of Focal's proudest Head-Fi releases. And there is much more to explore from Focal for those seeking ever-greater levels of wired sound quality here, and you can also browse all of our Bluetooth headphones here. 


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    FIR E12 UIEM

    FIR Audio introduce Electron 12 (e12), a groundbreaking earphone that challenges expectations through the innovative SwapX technology. Seamlessly switch faceplate designs to achieve a personalised aesthetic, and experience a refined design housing a robust 12mm electro-dynamic driver equipped with Tactile Bass Technology for an immersive audio journey. Meticulously crafted for precision and durability, the e12's proprietary Tactile Bass Technology maximises the solid shell, creating a textured low end. [See Product Desc. For More] The intricately coupled 12mm dynamic driver within the IEM chassis serves as a secondary transducer for lower frequencies, providing a deeper and more resonant bass that elevates your listening experience. Taking it a step further, FIR Audio's exclusive Tactile Bass Technology utilises the entire solid shell, allowing the bass to reverberate for a tactile and textured feel in the low end. Unlike conventional IEMs that create air pressure in a sealed ear canal, FIR Audio's innovative venting system maintains your ear drums in their natural, relaxed position. Bid farewell to listener fatigue and embrace extended, comfortable listening sessions. The modular shell design, with the primary faceplate securely attached by screws, optimises efficiency and guarantees long-term serviceability.  FIR's pioneering SwapX technology not only facilitates effortless faceplate design changes for a personalised look but also features a modular shell design. The faceplate assembly, securely fastened with screws, enhances efficiency and serviceability, ensuring your investment withstands the test of time. Additionally, the e12 boasts the exclusive ATOM Venting system for an expanded soundstage and an exquisite 8-braid, pure silver oxygen-free cable with copper shielding. This delivers both style and sophistication, enhancing your audio journey. Check out FIR Audio's other releases here, or view our other IEMs here.


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    A new flagship future for Craft Ears. Jedrek Nowicki took the battle against distortion in Ominium and replaced bandwidth-limited balanced armatures where ever he could. That leads us to his first tube-less, planar-magnetic, seven-driver tri-brid. Stocks arrive end-2023. Ear Fidelity give Omnium a standing ovation. At the heart of the Ominium experience lies a planar-magnetic driver, representing the culmination of Craft Ears' relentless efforts. RDU dual-supertweeters from Knowles also feature. This tri-brid masterpiece comprises a 10mm planar driver for the mids, flanked by a dynamic driver and five balanced armatures. Ominium not only impresses with its technical prowess but also its remarkable naturalness of timbre, thanks to its low distortion levels. The standout feature is undoubtedly its midrange, where the planar driver shines by delivering exceptional resolution and emotional engagement. [See Product Desc. For More] Craft Ears has truly harnessed the power of their drivers to render each frequency range with exceptional realism and precision, making Ominium's 10mm planar-magnetic mid-range driver the star of the show. Despite its expansive surface area, Craft Ears' planar unit maintains precise control over its magnetic array, resulting in instantaneous and effortless transient responses. This is made possible by the planar driver's resistance to modal break-up, and its thin vibrating surface requires minimal excursion to move copious amounts of air, offering a unique combination of presence and articulation that balanced armature counterparts struggle to achieve. As planar-magnetic drivers gain prominence in multi-driver setups, Craft Ears has made a significant contribution, defining a new era in in-ear monitors (IEMs). Ominium's strengths are not just attributed to its planar driver; they are the result of a harmonious ensemble. A robust 9.2mm dynamic driver takes care of the lows, capitalising on the technology's excellent excursion capabilities particularly with its liquid-silicone rubber surround. This is ideal for producing long bass waves that descend in frequency and reverberate in Ominium's lower registers. In the upper frequency range, five balanced armatures take over as the planar mid driver becomes directional and tapers off. These specialised tweeters exhibit minimal distortion, enabling Craft Ears to maintain their signature clean, airy, and refined treble performance in their latest creation. Aurum, equipped with five balanced armatures, incorporates the Space Expansion System (SES™) 3.0, featuring a precisely calculated and computer-modeled horn structure at the output. That only makes four modern Knowles supertweeters – in dual RDU BA format – yet more potent. SES™ 3.0 acts as an acoustic amplifier, naturally boosting the balanced armatures' sound pressure level without subjecting them to distortion. Nowicki's acoustic innovations evolved another step to incorporate a tube-less design and 3D-printed chassis introduce minimal artifacts, ensuring playback that's true to the recording. Additionally, Craft Ears integrated specialised waveguides to optimise sound delivery, further enhancing the Ominium experience. These would mean nothing without Craft Ears' most advanced crossover yet. Nowicki's six-way crossover is able to incorporate shallow, low-order transitions in the bass and mids – no doubt aided by the wide bandwidth attributed to Omnium's dynamic and planar drivers – for far more accurate phase-response. Seven drivers are brought together by a crossover that works as a resistive load, maintaining a flatter impedance throughout the frequency range for a consistent response with more sources, whether mobile phone or high output impedance music player. Naturally, Omnium will sound best via a dedicated source. So look no further than Questyle Audio's M12 and M15 plus Cayin Audio's RU7 dongles, before taking that up to discrete amplifier music players like HiBy Music's R6 III and R6 Pro II. For those wanting to move beyond mere proficiency and instead be held spellbound by their music, the other flagships from Craft Ears await here. Otherwise, browse the rest of our IEMs here.


    Our Price | $3,399



    Bose are back better than ever before, to the genre they defined. Their new QuietComfort Ultra headphones bring the best Bose noise-cancelling experience ever before. It's 5 ⭐ on What Hi-Fi? and praised on CNET and Digital Trends. But what truly sets these headphones apart is their integration of Bluetooth 5.3, Qualcomm's aptX™ Adaptive codec, and Snapdragon Sound™, which enable seamless, low-latency, high-bandwidth audio transmission and support for spatial audio. The QC Ultra takes this opportunity to introduce you to Bose Immersive Audio, a proprietary technology that widens the soundstage, creating a more expansive and layered audio experience, regardless of your audio source. [See Product Desc. For More] This means that spatial audio is now within reach for all users. Replacing the HP700 as Bose's flagship over-ear headphones, the QuietComfort Ultra Headphones offer a powerful blend of Bose Immersive Audio and industry-leading noise-cancellation. The QC Ultra boasts a completely re-engineered system, featuring proprietary DSP, a robust chipset, and advanced microphones. It comes with an onboard IMU and a newly developed, proprietary Bose digital signal processing software that unlocks two distinct Immersive Audio modes: "Still" and "Motion." In "Still" mode, the audio remains stationary, making it ideal for stationary listening, immersing you in a fixed sound position. On the other hand, "Motion" mode lets the audio move with you, ensuring it's always ahead of you, enhancing your on-the-go listening experience. To ensure your audio experience is not disrupted by background noise, Bose has equipped the QC Ultra with advanced microphones that detect and cancel out external disturbances, guaranteeing clear and uninterrupted phone calls. Using a beamform-array to isolate your voice from a 360-degree array of unwanted ambient noise, the QC Ultra delivers crystal-clear call quality for conversations with friends, family, and colleagues. With a battery life of up to 24 hours on a single charge, the QC Ultra headphones are the epitome of Bose's excellence, making them your ideal companion for both work and leisure.  View the rest of Bose's headphones here, or check out our other Bluetooth devices here. 


    Our Price | $599



    HiBy Music get better and better with every release. And so is the case with Yvain, their new entry-level earphone that exceeds expectations by being technologically innovative. Boasting the heart of a lion and equipped with four balanced armatures, Yvain doesn't operate these in the conventional manner. Two of these drivers are tasked with delivering the complete frequency spectrum. Specifically designed to harmonise with Yvain's dedicated bass woofers and treble tweeters, these two balanced armatures are strategically positioned. HiBy employs an all-pass filter for these dual full-range drivers, enhancing their support at Yvain's crossover points. Irrespective of the crossover slope's steepness, the phase is preserved thanks to the consistent frequency response of the unifying balanced armatures. Yvain's tandem balanced armatures act as a pivotal element, seamlessly connecting the entire audio presentation and facilitating precise time alignment. Check out how HiBy's thinking outside of the box translate to their music player releases here, or view our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $329

    Heinz Electrodynamic Designs HEDDPhone TWOHeinz Electrodynamic Designs HEDDPhone TWO

    Heinz Electrodynamic Designs HEDDPhone TWO

    Sequels are usually no good, unless it's The Godfather Part II and now HEDDPhone 2 by HEDD Audio. That's now two headphones, two HEDDPhones and another Air Motion Transformer (AMT) flagship from those who first introduced the concept in 2020. Stock arrives in end-Nov/Dec 2023. The beauty of a velocity-based driver, rather than the standard pressure-based type, is only half the story with HEDDPhone 2. With a pleated driver surface area up to three times larger than a contemporary dynamic, planar or electrostatic headphones, HEDD's second coming is a benchmark of transparency and audio purity. Sound On Sound rate it an improvement across the board. One of Hi-Fi speakers' most important technologies, the quality promised by an AMT tweeter has always been unquestioned, and HEDD made a full-range, full frequency response one possible with Variable Velocity Transform (VVT) in their first HEDDPhone. Now, HEDDPhone 2 adds practicality with its build and design. 25 percent lighter than its predecessor, a patent-pending HEDDband smart strap system allows height, width, curvature and even the clamping pressure to be tweaked to individual head shape for a complete earpad seal – all with HEDDPhone 2 still built entirely in Berlin, Germany. [See Product Desc. For More] HEDD already impressed Head-Fi with the pioneering spirit of the AMT's creator, Oskar Heil, when releasing the first HEDDPhone. Now, bringing the HEDDPhone 2 up to 2023 standards of audio quality is an improved driver that sounds better and yet sheds weight. Rather than moving back and forth as a pressure-type transducer (like 99 per cent of conventional driver technology on the market), HEDDPhone 2's AMT is pleated with magnetic force acting to laterally squeeze air out of the driver's folds as an accordion would – according it the tag of being a velocity-based transducer. That allows air to accelerate towards the ear up to four times faster than a beryllium or diamond dynamic driver of huge rigidity and excursion might. But without the cost, or distortion associated. The AMT's ability to reproduce sound as it was recorded is unrivalled in speakers, and now in headphones. HEDD's VVT technology varies the fold lengths to aid this AMT in producing low frequencies below this tweeter technology's typical threshold of 3Khz, for high-quality, fast and accurate bass. That's an upgraded AMT driver that still retains all of its old spatial advantages, namely excellent horizontal dispersion. Because of that, HEDDPhone 2 produces real depth and a sound that truly sounds like it's coming from outside of the head – perhaps most fulfilling the claim that it's almost like listening to true speakers. And as if it was scarcely imaginable that HEDDPhone's sound could be improved, what's most exciting is that HEDDPhone 2 is built of carbon fibre and magnesium, to yield a 25 per cent weight reduction. Coming in at 550 grams, HEDD's next major upgrade comes in the form of the HEDDband – lighter in construction, yet stronger and more ergonomic. Built to be adjusted on two axes, the vertical dimension sees owners able to adjust wearing height and curvature via a patent-pending belt secured system. The horizontal dimension also sees width and therefore clamping pressure customisable. So much thought has gone into turning HEDDPhone 2 not just into HEDD's most complete product, but one of Head-Fi's barometers of affordable quality made to last with every last detail considered. German-style. Built in Berlin, HEDDPhone 2 comes with a five-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Its accessorisation is something else too. Spare earpads, two cables – one balanced 4.4mm, another 1/4" – and 4.4mm-to-4-pin-XLR adapter all come neatly packed in a travel case so that studio professionals and audiophiles alike may bring HEDDPhone 2 to work and to play in equal measure. Reasonably easy to drive for decent amplification, HEDDPhone 2's AMT is now 2dB more sensitive at 89dB/W. Portable behemoths like Cayin Audio's C9, Enleum's HPA-23RM, iBasso Audio's DX320 MAX TI and Lotoo's Mjolnir are plenty up to the task. Desktop power will truly unleash this AMT, though. Think of Cayin's iHA-6 or Questyle Audio's CMA15 for that purpose. While HEDDPhone 2's flat impedance make HA-6A, HA-300B MK. II and Feliks Audio's Envy all transformer tube amplifier candidates. There is no ceiling to HEDDPhone's sound quality, and a step up to the Lina – one of the best synergies with dCS Data Conversion Systems' statement headphone amplification system – in no way overawes HEDD's flagship. The future is AMT, and the future is now with HEDDPhone 2.  After you check yours out, get psyched with all the accolades that landed on HEDD Audio's doorstep with their original HEDDPhone release here, or view all our other headphones here.


    Our Price | $3,099

    iBasso DC06 ProiBasso DC06 Pro

    iBasso DC06 Pro

    iBasso Audio makes a return to ESS Technology DACs in DC06 Pro, for the better. Their latest balanced 4.4mm dongle runs with dual ES9219C chips – all working controlled by iBasso FPGA-Master technology.  What's special about the ES9219C is that it grants DC06 Pro access to its on-chip analog volume control. This dongle attenuates volume in the analog domain granting much better signal-to-noise performance than the average competitor's lossy digital volume control. Music player levels of detail and fidelity even from USB's 5 volt supply are possible with DC06 Pro. A thoroughly regulated circuit and clean power form the basics here, as with every iBasso. [See Product Desc. For More] Further pushing decoding precision is an outboard clock that means DC06 Pro does not rely solely on its USB receiving chip for a master clock, but its FPGA. Said FPGA sees DC06 Pro overachieve by supplying its ESS DACs the same pure I2S as iBasso's bigger DX170, DX240 and DX320 music players, pushing down DAC phase noise and jitter for a stable decode. After decoding, iBasso's generous use of negative feedback quashes distortion and claims huge signal-to-noise ratio – aided by the analog volume controls of its ES9219Cs. The employment of this feedback also sees DC06 Pro achieve bandwidth that's extended out beyond the human hearing range.  That means phase reproduction in the audible human hearing region is well preserved, for a realistic portrayal of dynamics and natural transparency – a triumph of iBasso's flagship DAC dongle. Powerful op-amp output buffers can supply 100mA of current and mean iBasso's little wonder promises high damping factor while maintaining its low distortion into low impedances typical of IEMs, Focals, Fostexs and Rosson Audio Designs. Still the closed-loop internal gain remaining after the application of negative feedback around DC06 Pro's op-amp IC analog circuit remains high. So where she really shines is in swinging 10 volts, opening up the sound of any high-impedance Audio-Technica, Sennheiser and ZMF Headphones while barely breaking sweat. The quality of DC06 Pro's signal will translate to nearly everything you choose to drive from its balanced 4.4mm output. Flying the dongle DAC/amp flag high is DC06 Pro, till you turn to iBasso Audio's other upgrades here, or others in our catalogue here.


    Our Price | $179

    iFi hip-dac 3iFi hip-dac 3
    Ask The Crew

    iFi hip-dac 3

    The success of a proof of concept is determined by how long an idea can endure and evolve over time – and iFi Audio's USB-C, battery-powered hip-dac 3 excels in both aspects, marking the third iteration in a long line of portable 4.4mm DAC/amps. 5 ⭐ followed from What Hi-Fi?. As we move into 2023 and the modern age, the hip-dac 3 introduces USB-C digital input, making it compatible with various phones and cables, offering even greater flexibility for connecting to Apple iPhones, Android devices, tablets, and laptops. [See Product Desc. For More] With its hip-flask size, the hip-dac 3 seamlessly integrates with your devices without compromising its portable sound quality. Its onboard battery not only preserves your source device's power but also ensures a clean and quiet power supply that robustly supports the hip-dac 3's amplifier. Furthermore, iFi's analog volume control consistently maintains a superior signal-to-noise ratio at all listening levels, surpassing conventional digital controls.  The third evolution of iFi's portable powerhouse also reaches a new peak in parts quality. It now incorporates new metal film resistors in the analog stage, and the decoding process, powered by a trademark Burr-Brown DAC, achieves even greater precision thanks to a new low phase noise crystal oscillator. Indeed, hip-dac 3 provides a remarkable taste of high-end audio. Explore the rest of iFi's innovations here, or browse our collection of DACs and amplifiers for more options here.


    Our Price | $284.05

    B&W PX7 S2eB&W PX7 S2e

    B&W PX7 S2e

    Bowers & Wilkins ensure the PX7 S2e continues to remain in style, but not just in the way you think. The famed British Hi-Fi manufacturer ensures PX7 S2e counts on the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP), to bolster its natural acoustics skill. PX7 S2e's DSP plus Qualcomm’s aptX™ Adaptive and USB-C wired operation means more people than ever can come to love B&W. [See Product Desc. For More] This is the headphone that will take Bowers & Wilkins into the mainstream, combining great Bluetooth sonics with getting the basics right. PX7 S2e's drivers provide an exceptionally rapid response, enabling them to faithfully replicate all the subtleties in your music. Simultaneously, B&W maintain an impressively low level of distortion, which contributes to a highly precise audio experience. Furthermore, the drive units are meticulously positioned within each earcup to ensure a uniform distance from the listener's ear across the entire driver surface, creating a more genuine and enveloping soundstage. All would be of little use without noise-cancelling. PX7 S2e brings an optimised noise cancellation technology to bear, effectively shutting out unwanted noise without harming musicality. Six high-performance microphones work together to deliver the best results: two measure the output of each drive unit, two react to ambient noise from the outside world and two provide outstanding voice clarity with enhanced noise suppression for crystal clear calls. Careful positioning and angling of those microphones enhances performance even in the noisiest environments. Packing battery life of up to 30 hours and available in Anthracite Black, Ocean Blue, Cloud Grey and Forest Green, pick PX7 S2e to possibly go whereever you want. View the PX8 flagship from Bowers & Wilkins here, and our other Bluetooth headphones here.


    Our Price | $669

    Oriolus MonachaaOriolus Monachaa

    Oriolus Monachaa

    Is it an Oriolus first or a Monachaa first – that's the question Oriolus Japan had us asking with their new release of four dynamic drivers. The happy answer is that it's a beautiful blend of both. The same spacious soundstage, as you've come to expect from any Oriolus JP, is present. However, the decision to work exclusively with multiple dynamic drivers, omitting balanced-armatures, marks a first for the company. This choice pays off in terms of dynamics, though not in the bass as you might assume. The additional pistonic capability of Monachaa's ability to move air in the treble region results in high-frequency transients zipping and biting. Cymbals crash with intent, and horns exhibit crisp realism. Monachaa may not be hot enough for treble-heads by any stretch of the imagination, but it represents the company's boldest move in high-frequency performance since Mellianus JP. [See Product Desc. For More] The star attraction that has garnered such a remarkable response is a distinctive square dynamic driver that stands apart from anything else in the market. Oriolus JP invested considerable effort in crafting the perfect acoustic chamber and pathway for this square dynamic driver to deliver an expansive and airy soundstage that befits the company's reputation. Oriolus JP dedicated meticulous attention to creating Head-Fi's inaugural quad dynamic driver in-ear monitors. The brilliance of this design lies in the development of a four-way crossover system with shallow and gentle frequency roll-off slopes for each driver. By adhering to first-order crossovers and maintaining 6dB/octave roll-offs consistently, Oriolus JP managed to preserve the phase response across the entire frequency spectrum, ensuring that Monachaa's drivers harmoniously blend their voices to sound as one. Its bass is handled by a 10mm carbon nanotube driver, seamlessly transitioning to a similarly-sized sibling responsible for the lower-mid frequencies. Both of these larger drivers operate within their optimal frequency range, avoiding cone distortion or modal break-up. They then pass the baton to Monachaa's 5mm titanium membrane driver, which strikes a balance between descending in frequency and delivering exceptional upper-midrange detail with precision. The titanium construction of Monachaa's upper-mid driver capitalizes on the material's superior stiffness, lightweight build, and outstanding damping properties to propel air towards the ear. An incorporated side-vent allows Oriolus JP to achieve an exquisite balance between accurate micro-detail retrieval, lush midrange tones, and an expansive soundstage. This sets the stage for Monachaa's titanium driver to seamlessly transition to its square tweeter. Both drivers excel at expelling air towards the ear faster than balanced-armature or electrostatic counterparts. All, while benefiting from the remarkable phase response that a low-order dynamic driver crossover can deliver, ensuring precise and immersive imaging. The great work building Traillii continues to be reflected in Oriolus Japan's continued offerings, each release focused on adding more original R&D to the company's portfolio, and audiophiles' choices. Bask in the unique perspective Monachaa supplies today, tomorrow and forever more. Or, view Oriolus Japan's other releases here, and our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $2,799

    Symphonium CrimsonSymphonium Crimson
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    Symphonium Crimson

    So hot, it's Crimson hot. Symphonium Audio's latest flagship earphone is also their greatest, distilling everything they've learned from Meteor to Helios into one gem of performance and fit. How Symphonium could cram all that detail and performance into something as pint-sized as Crimson is a wonder to behold. After all, parts are inexpensive, whereas labour, innovation, original R&D, resourcefulness in making the most of what's available, love and passion for engineering, aren't. By optimising the acoustic architecture around 4 balanced armature drivers – tweaking crossovers, bore lengths, and chassis layout – Crimson emerges as the Symphonium of our dreams. [See Product Desc. For More] Indeed, its flat mid-range to treble transition comes courtesy of greater pinna gain, exhibiting a frequency response you can trust, incredible detail, and hyper-realistic live dynamics. Best of all, Crimson's fit is a dream come true. As a successor, and immediate upgrade, to Helios, Crimson answers all of its predecessor's critics. A flat frequency response transition from 1Khz up to 4Khz enhances the perception of more accurate, present mids. Despite Symphonium's increased pinna compensation and the eschewing of a more diffuse, distant soundstage, Crimson suffers no shortage of spatial technicalities. It renders images with solid, tangible outlines on a vast and black background.  It's amazing how so much soundstage was crammed into such a small shell – the other improvement Symphonium are likely to be greeted with much cheer for. With a critical re-arrangement of components within Crimson's cavity not only for sonic gains through Phase Harmony Attenuation Technology (PHAT), but also wearability, the best-fitting Symphonium yet can be worn by virtually all ears. What's left is pure performance distilled from miniature high-grade T6 heat-treated AL6061 aluminium alloy shells, housing Symphonium's trademark flat impedance technology that ensures Crimson's performance remains consistent with inconsistent voltage sources. Still, it bears to juice the low impedances of Crimson well for best performance. To that end, Questyle Audio's M15 DAC/amp is a mainstay, while HiBy Music's partnership with Symphonium has been explored at length with any of the latter's discrete output stage music players. Check out the path that led to Crimson with Symphonium's first releases here, or view our other IEMs here.


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    Bose has made a triumphant return to the genre they pioneered with the introduction of their latest innovation, the QuietComfort Ultra earbuds. 5 ⭐ followed from What Hi-Fi?. These cutting-edge earphones offer the most exceptional noise-cancelling experience that Bose has ever delivered. They're top dogs in that department to CNET. PCMag pile on the praise. However, the real game-changer here is the integration of Bluetooth 5.3, Qualcomm's aptX Adaptive codec, and Snapdragon Sound™. These technologies enable low-latency, high-bandwidth audio transmission and support spatial audio, elevating your listening experience to new heights. [See Product Desc. For More] The QC Ultra earbuds seize this opportunity to introduce you to Bose Immersive Audio, a unique feature driven by their proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processing).  This technology creates a broader and more immersive soundstage, giving your audio content a multi-dimensional and layered quality. What's remarkable is that this spatial audio enhancement is available to all users, regardless of their audio platform or device. The QC Ultra earbuds have undergone a comprehensive redesign, featuring a proprietary DSP, a powerful chipset, and advanced microphones. These earphones are equipped with an onboard IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and a newly developed Bose DSP software, enabling two distinct Immersive Audio modes: "Still" and "Motion." In "Still" mode, the audio remains fixed, making it perfect for stationary listening, enveloping you in a stable sound environment. On the other hand, "Motion" mode allows the audio to adapt to your movements, ensuring it stays ahead of you, enhancing your on-the-go listening experience. QC Ultra earbuds offer an impressive fusion of Bose Immersive Audio and top-tier noise-cancellation technology, creating an unparalleled audio experience. But, all of these advancements would be in vain if external background noise were to disrupt your listening pleasure. Fortunately, Bose has you covered with their advanced microphones that detect and eliminate surrounding disturbances, ensuring crystal-clear phone calls. These technologies work seamlessly in real time to determine and prioritize the microphone on each earbud with the least wind noise, selecting from a range of noise filters to ensure your voice is heard clearly by those you're speaking to. With the use of a beamforming array that isolates your voice from a 360-degree soundscape, the QC Ultra earbuds deliver exceptional call quality when connecting with friends, family, and colleagues. With up to six hours of battery life on a single charge, the QC Ultra earbuds are the epitome of Bose excellence, serving as your reliable companion for both work and play. For more Bose offerings, you can explore their full product range here or discover our other Bluetooth devices here.


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    Sony WF-1000XM5Sony WF-1000XM5

    Sony WF-1000XM5

    Sony's WF-1000XM5 features cutting-edge technology to deliver premium sound, and the best noise-cancelling Bluetooth true-wireless performance on the market. This Sony has already received 5 ⭐ on What Hi-Fi?. CNET rates them near perfect. Harnessing LDAC, real-time audio processors and high-performance mics power WF-1000XM5's specially-designed 8.4mm Dynamic Driver X that gets an upsize for wide frequency reproduction, deep bass and clear vocals. Sony's flagship noise-canceling buds are designed to immerse you in a sound so good, it feels like you’re in the studio with your favourite artists. The WF-1000XM5 headphones raise the bar for distraction-free listening and clarity. [See Product Desc. For More] It's noise-cancelling taken to another level with two proprietary processors that cancel more external noise than ever, dual feedback microphones and noise isolation eartips. Three microphones on each earbud improve low-frequency cancellation performance. This is Sony's biggest-ever step forward in noise canceling, resulting in ambient sound captured even more accurately so you can enjoy one of our purest sounds. Exclusively developed by Sony, the Integrated Processor V2 unlocks the full potential of WF-1000XM5's HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN2e. This unique combination of technology controls the six microphones across both ears to deliver unprecedented noise-cancelling quality that can be adapted to provide the best performance for your environment. Leveraging the 24/96Khz resolution that LDAC can transfer, WF-1000XM5 brings you Hi-Res Audio Wireless made possible with Sony's 24-bit audio processing and high-performance amplification and Sony's upsized 8.4mm Dynamic Driver X with a new diaphragm structure that enhances clarity, and adapts better to noise-cancellation at low-frequencies. The latter is a team-effort with Sony's Edge-AI DSP that doesn't even require the best music files for awesome sound. DSEE Extreme™ upscales compressed YouTube or streamed music in real-time.  WF-1000XM5 dynamically recognises each song's instrumentation, musical genre and individual elements, and restores high-range sound lost in compression. Sony ensure you hear everything, and you're heard every time. Noise reduction algorithms developed with AI suppress ambient noise, so your speech on calls aren't muffled even in noisy situations. Advanced one conduction sensors pick up the vibration of your voice directly from your skull bones, helping WF-1000XM5 isolate your speech from ambient sounds and background noise, for clear calls in even loud environments. Precise Voice Pickup technology facilitates Sony's noise reduction algorithm that was developed with AI machine learning using more than 500 million voice samples to suppress ambient noise, increasing accuracy and extracting your voice clearly in various environments. A wind noise-reduction structure and a mesh wrap in the microphone lastly minimises noise during calls, so you can be heard clearly in windy conditions. This usability is complete with Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity meaning WF-1000XM5 can be paired with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously so, when a call comes in, your headphones can automatically connect to the right one. You can also get hands-free help by saying “Ok Google” or “Alexa” to activate your preferred voice assistant. Sony give you up to eight hours of charge on your WF-1000XM5 and they can store another 16 hours in the included charging case for a total of up to 24 hours of listening every time you leave the house. And, for your convenience, a three-minute quick charge will give you up to 60 minutes of play. When you do switch earphones, do so to one of Sony's other Bluetooth models, audiophile IEMs and music players here, or check out all our other wireless buds here.


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    Enleum HPA-23RMEnleum HPA-23RM
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    Enleum HPA-23RM

    There's nothing like Enleum's HPA-23RM on the market. As if being one of the only current-source headphone amplifiers on the market isn't enough, HPA-23RM also operates without negative feedback and features a relay-based variable gain volume control in a portable, battery-powered package. Chae Soo-in was never one to design something to please every member of the masses, but the HPA-23RM is possibly the closest he's come to doing so for Head-Fi.  Soundnews handed it their unequivocal Gold Award. "Compaction without sonic degradation is really hard work" said 6Moons but Enleum aced it! Headphone Guru says it packs serious punch driving Susvara. Enleum's current-source technology infuses musical notes and textures with microdynamic zeal and a charged portrayal, associated with the finest Class A designs. It offers ample extension at the frequency extremes and, at the macrodynamic level, delivers scale and stage. Flat impedance headphones such as HiFiMANs, HEDD Audio's Heddphone 2, the ZMF Headphones Caldera and Final Audio's D8000 Pro will thank Enleum. HPA-23RM is the first resurgence of a current-source amplifier since the days Bakoon International rebranded as Enleum. [See Product Desc. For More] And in addition to the HPA-23RM's current-source output, Chae has designed a completely separate circuit and output that functions as the kind of voltage source found in 99 per cent of other amps, intended for use with your Focals, Fostexs and earphones. In this portable Enleum are therefore two entirely different headphone outputs that allow you to mix and match between what sounds best with your transducers, and act as an empowerer for all your flagship sources. 3.5mm or RCA line-in from any of Cayin Audio's N7 and HiBy Music's RS6 or RS8, for fireworks at your desktop or on your travels. But if you are familiar with Enleum and Bakoon, you'll immediately gravitate toward its specialised trademark: the current-source output on 1/4". While there may be temptations to draw quick and easy comparisons to current-mode amplification found in products like Mass-Kobo and Questyle Audio, Enleum's current-source amplification is entirely unique and mutually contradictory. Working in a way that keeps output current levels constant at all times, even as impedance and voltage fluctuate, the HPA-23RM aims to address a perennial problem – that headphones and earphones induce distortion in amplifiers because they are not simple resistive loads, but rather have complex, frequency-dependent, inductive and capacitive components. However, with the HPA-23RM aiming to eliminate distortion by driving headphones as a constant current source, you experience much greater linearity, hearing an output that faithfully reproduces what was received at the source: the input. Reduction in the effects of backward electromotive force from headphone drivers results in a cleaner sound. With greater linearity and a more accurate final product, negative feedback, typically employed to correct glaring errors, can be eliminated in the HPA-23RM. Enleum's circuit transmits the signal faster and can be kept simpler with far less transient intermodulation distortion arising from feedback. Single-ended operation emphasises even-order harmonics over odd ones, granting a natural portrayal of music that never once sounds artificial. Enleum's JET2 sliding bias scheme intelligently monitors the operating conditions of the discrete devices that make up HPA-23RM's circuit/s, ensuring that transistors operate linearly biased against their current sources in single-ended operation, without generating excessive heat from full Class A. This is a thoughtful addition for a portable product. Listeners can enjoy these innovations with both the current-source and 3.5mm voltage-source outputs on the HPA-23RM. If you aren't into art nouveau and aren't ready to embrace Enleum's current-source output, stick with the conventional voltage-source output that has defined gain amplifiers for nearly all of history. Your ears would certainly benefit from experimenting with either circuit, each completely separate from the other. Some of your gear would certainly thank you, especially those that gravitate towards the low output impedance typical of a voltage source, like Focal's Utopia and IEMs. These transducers also particularly crave a low noise floor. HPA-23RM's precise relay-based discrete resistor volume control provides just that – but not in the way you think. Rather than attenuating signal levels, it's a variable gain volume control that leaves the fragile input signal untouched. Instead, it changes the total amount of gain that's applied to the signal, with only the necessary amount used and never incurring the consequence of detrimental noise from an excess. Variable gain is possible only because HPA-23RM is a zero-feedback design. Enleum's volume control is ideal for preserving the signal-to-noise ratio and the true dynamic range of your music. And a fully-regulated 18650 battery power supply, operating at 1.2MHz, similarly ensures a quiet performance. HPA-23RM is thus a tour de force that demonstrates how mature Enleum has become, offering users abundant choices between two completely different circuits in one chassis – each on par with the other in terms of quality, with only synergy defining your final choice. Look up all of Enleum's gear here, or view our other amplifiers here.


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    Nightjar Acoustics Singularity UIEMNightjar Acoustics Singularity UIEM
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    Nightjar Acoustics Singularity UIEM

    Representing a generational leap in Nightjar Acoustics performance, Singularity is the cumulation of years of development on single dynamic driver earphones. Nightjar's 10mm Timbre+ dynamic driver let's listeners experience massive bass along with natural midrange and treble timbre. These two characteristics that usually oppose each other are balanced to perfection with Singularity and projected onto Singularity's expansive and dimensional soundscape. Embrace the entrancing pull of Singularity as it takes dynamic driver earphones to a whole new level of excellence. [See Product Desc. For More] Nightjar's proprietary method of driver design for Timbre+ allows Singularity to achieve a leap in performance without the usual metallic, lean or bright tuning usually required to achieve a high level of technical capability in a single DD. Singularity achieves this through a meticulously designed diaphragm, drive assembly and internal chamber. Nightjar's bespoke solution optimises airflow while balancing the moving mass and magnetic flux of the driver to achieve a technical yet natural presentation, with robust bass performance and properly extended highs. Said-acoustic know-how has been dubbed CAthedral – a custom chambering solution meticulously crafted to deliver a vast and natural soundstage that feels remarkably authentic, boasting impressive intricacy and layering. Unlike most IEMs, Singularity ensures an exceptional emphasis on stage depth, taking your listening experience to the next level. Check out Nightjar's other releases including their cables here, or view our other IEMs here.


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    Hear the power of Bose's next-gen QuietComfort® QC Headphones, now with a best-in-class combination of adjustable noise-cancelling performance and premium comfort, plus proprietary acoustic technology for deep, clear audio. QC Headphones comes with exclusive Bose technologies, like TriPort acoustic architecture and volume-optimised Active EQ, to produce everything in high fidelity. Multipoint Bluetooth 5.1 also gets added. The proprietary TriPort design vents the earcups to add depth and fullness — all without increasing their size. [See Product Desc. For More] So you get better sound from this featherweight QC Headphone that's smaller, lighter, and more comfortable. Plus, volume-optimised Active EQ boosts highs and lows to maintain the same high-fidelity performance no matter how loud or soft you listen. Bass stays consistent when you turn down the volume and the music is still clear when you turn it up. That's all configurable via the Bose Music app, which works alongside six tiny microphones hidden in the earcups to continuously measure, compare, and react to outside noise. That noise is then cancelled with an opposite signal, resulting in fewer distractions – and more of your music. Up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge means you'll be tuned into your audio for longer. And a glass-filled nylon plus custom cast metal build means your Bose survives the elements longer. Also check out the rest of Bose's builds that incorporate all that technology here, or our other Bluetooth headphones here.

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