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    Nura NuraloopNura Nuraloop
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    Nura Nuraloop

    Nuraloop is the smartest earphone out there. It recognises that all of us hear differently, and learns the way you hear before it adapts the sound to deliver a revolutionary experience. It also houses industry-leading battery power of up to 16+ hours of battery life, cancels out noise and allows you to decide if you want to be wired, or wireless. Ergonomic fit and quick charge functions (10min of charge allows 2 hours of playback) ticks the last two boxes to earn our recommendation for anyone looking for a sports or for-commute pair of earphones and likes intelligence in a gadget.


    Our Price | $278

    Nura NuraTrue TWSNura NuraTrue TWS
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    Nura NuraTrue TWS

    Through the Nura app, nuratrue automatically learn and adapt to your unique hearing, so you experience more depth and detail in your music than ever before. Hear the depth and detail you’ve been missing. nuratrue earbuds offer ANC, Social Mode and up to six hours of continuous music: all with true wireless freedom. IPX4, noise cancelling and six hours of use on a single charge means nuratrue behaves as you'd expect a true wireless too. But that's where the similarities end. Through the Nura app, each pair becomes truly personalised to your ears. Experience sound that you can say was customised, just for you and in a simple, fuss-free way.


    Our Price | $279

    Nura NuraphonesNura Nuraphones
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    Nura Nuraphones

    The headphone that took the Internet by storm. Nuraphones combined good, old fashioned headphone design with NASA-inspired smart technology that allows it to morph in sonic signature, changing sound and adapting to each user's hearing. Hear it to believe it; on demo now at Zepp!


    Our Price | $558