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    Melodic Artification Alter EgoMelodic Artification Alter Ego

    Melodic Artification Alter Ego

    Open-back with a switch, but neither are features just for the sake of it. Alter Ego is Melodic Artification's big announcement that they're hitting the flagship IEM market with a point. A point to their implementations – without gimmick. A point to exist.  Twister6 quickly latched onto the hype. Switches like those on the tri-brid Alter Ego serve the listener, and not the spec sheet. Two vastly different personalities present themselves in Melodic Artification's flagship when flicked.  One presents music accurately and resolutely, transient information all reproduced. Alter Ego's other setting immediately – and obviously – provides warm immersion and an emotive presentation. Both switch positions engage a different crossover in Alter Ego entirely and present music in equally full quality and its total glory. No resonances or trapped backwaves from Alter Ego's dynamic driver are given the chance to build up given its open-back construction. Stay tuned to welcome one of 2024's most exciting flagship IEMs today, highlighting the sheer variety the earphone segment is counting on as the key to its success today.


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