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    7th Acoustics Supernova UIEM7th Acoustics Supernova UIEM

    7th Acoustics Supernova UIEM

    Being named after the last evolutionary stage of a massive star is apt for Supernova, whose creator 7th Acoustics is a name about to explode onto the scene.  Who said 'W-shaped' IEMs can't be finessed and exciting at the same time. J-Pop and Rock listeners after a more spacious, sophisticated and open Craft Ears Craft Four or Hidition Waltz will be well-served by these Indonesian upstarts. With the right zip to transients backing an energetic presentation, you'll want to keep an eye on Supernova's meteoric rise. 7th Acoustics' flagship boasts six balanced armatures for a fast and taut bass response.  Low-frequencies are balanced in proportion to the rest of the range transitions smoothly into the lower mids. The midrange excels with a natural energy, while the treble is smooth and well-controlled.You can customise the faceplate of your Supernova here.Discover hidden gem 7th Acoustics through the Supernova today, or view other IEMs here. 


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