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    Quad ERA-1Quad ERA-1

    Quad ERA-1

    Quite the legend in Hi-Fi, Quad implement their years of electrostatic speaker design heritage into their first headphone, the planar-magnetic ERA-1. A fast, open and transparent audio experience ensues. ERA-1 pays homage to the legendary Quad ESL electrostatic speaker with its wide open sound and immense sense of depth. A glorious, soaring upper-midrange will have you scratching your heads wondering whether you're listening to headphones or speakers, indeed. [See Product Desc. For More] Vocal portrayals are stunning and the image casts far beyond the cups – certainly more than an affordable planar-magnetic headphone has right to. Low frequencies get represented cleanly, with little distortion discernible. Double-sided magnets suspended in an anti-vibration system drive a low-impedance trace diaphragm that will function perfectly from Questyle Audio's current-mode M12 DAC dongle. Beyond that, listen as Quad's ERA-1 scales up from iFi Audio's ZEN DAC to HiBy Music's R5 Saber and, finally, Audio-Technica's AT-BHA100 – all the time cabled via iBasso Audio's CB17. Through them all, you'll feel almost as if you were at the recording venue itself. Give ERA-1 a go, now!


    Our Price | $950