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    Madoo Type 512Madoo Type 512
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    Madoo Type 512

    MADOO is a Japanese earphone brand born in 2020. MADOO is a new independent brand of earphones based on a research project by an engineer who studied at Acoustune, a Japanese brand of hi-fi earphones mainly using a single dynamic driver, to create earphones that can compete with their own products, using a different driver configuration. The development of hi-fi earphones began in Japan in 1981 and will celebrate its 40thanniversary in 2021. The concept of MADOO is to create a product that will be able tocompete in the next 10 years, something that has never been done before in the 40 years of earphone history.The first model was developed over a period of about one year, looking at various speaker units and their drive systems, both analogue and digital.High-rigidity housingThe rigidity of the housing is essential to maximize the potential of the driver unit. Thehousing was designed by engineers who have extensive knowledge of metalworking,having worked on cutting tools for Swiss and Japanese luxury watches and German cars.The housing is produced by machining a SUS block using high-precision CNC machining. The housing surface is sandblasted for hardness and the shell is thick enough for most earphones.MIAA" housing architecture and precision controlled schematic designFor maximum reliability and performance, we have developed a unique housingarchitecture called MIAA: MADOO In-ear Acoustic Architecture. All our products aredeveloped based on this architecture. We named the component that holds the drivers together the Driver Box. This driver box is manufactured using a 3D printing process and has a complex function called schematic design.Many multi-driver earphones have a sound tube made of vinyl tubing. However, vinyl tubes suffer from a number of problems, such as the softness of the material itself, the loss of sound due to crushing caused by curvature, and the lack of reproducibility due to inconsistent manufacturing. To solve these problems we have developed a housingarchitecture called "MIAA" and the driver box.Each driver is firmly fixed in place and the sound is guided by an acoustically engineered sound tube. The sound tube is designed using a schematic design and is acoustically optimized with a range of hole diameters, lengths, filters and bores. This makes it possible to deliver great sound. In addition, the 3D printed parts are very precise, controlled to the 0.01mm level. This ensures that the quality of the 3D printed parts is strictly controlled,reducing manufacturing variations and allowing the user to enjoy the sound quality forwhich they were designed.Micro Square PM drivers and customized BA driversThe Micro Square Planar Magnetic is in principle a planar dynamic technology driver. Inside a highly engineered metal box, a planar coil is bonded to a diaphragm made from a highly rigid composite of lightweight metal alloy and super engineering plastics in a membrane shape, driven by a powerful magnet.The diaphragm is driven by a powerful magnet. The direct drive of the coil gives the driver a dynamic tone, while the use of a highly rigid composite diaphragm produces a tight, clear sound. For this project, we used three customized drivers, one for the low frequencies, one for the mid-low frequencies and one for the high frequencies. In order to get the best out of the Micro PM drivers, we used a second-order crossover network with high-capacity capacitors and customized Dual BAs. This gives the sound the right amount of wetness to enhance the Micro PM'S timbre.Sapphire crystal cover to control exhaust pressureSapphire crystal is used to control the pressure at the back, while ensuring a rigidity that cannot be achieved with glass or plastic materials. Manufactured in Japan by Adamant Namiki Precision, a company that produces components for luxury watches and high-end audio accessories, the three planar drivers deliver their full potential and deliver clear bass.


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    Madoo Type 711Madoo Type 711

    Madoo Type 711

    The difference between building a luxury watch and a precision IEM isn't that great, certainly not when Madoo's Type 711 planar-magnetic and balanced armature hybrid is the topic of discussion. HiBy Music's Class A discrete R5II surfaces as the source that will drive it to aplomb. Demands of managing airflow from the large radiating surfaces of three planar magnetic drivers necessitated extreme attention to detail in this Type 711 hand-made in Japan.  Madoo shows off the fruits of such labour, with a sound signature that bristles with vibrancy and the zeal of potent, large scale, macro-dynamics. Low-end presence and female vocals get abundantly lavished by Type 711. The authority of planar-magnetic bass surfaces cleanly here, the naturally low distortion of such a driver topology exploited to maximum potential. [See Product Desc. For More] Type 711 encloses everything in a sealed stainless-steel cavity shaped by a CNC process – with a sapphire crystal glass top viewing port not only for the aesthetic pleasure of seeing your asset's high-tech internals, but for controlling sound wave reflections and resonances within. All that makes for a rigid, damped enclosure that marries the convenience and practicality of a closed-back planar IEM, with the fidelity and soundstage of an open one. Two balanced armatures from Summba offer something different to the Knowles and Sonion crowd, joining the fray in reproducing delicate top-end detail, stage and air. But the stars of Madoo's show ultimately remains its three planar-magnetic drivers. High quality capacitors make up a crossover that keeps each unit working in its optimal, comfortable, frequency range with ideal phase response.  And a 3D-printed acoustic enclosure naturally blends the output of all for maximum cohesion and time-alignment, before arriving at your ear. The dimensions of Type 711's shell was a result of the averaging of 300 Asian mens' ear cavities, allowing the bores to sit for insertion at an angle and fit that particularly maximises the perception of soundstage depth. Clearly, every consideration has already been made, to manage the drivers and operate in sealed enclosure volumes, to bring one of IEMs' most challenging driver topologies effectively to market. Included 3.5mm and 4.4mm silver-plated copper cables enhance source compatibility. Reap everything a novel new flagship has to offer by feeding Madoo the high quality signal of iBasso Audio's AMP8 MKII for DX240, or Cayin Audio's N3Pro and N6II/E01. Otherwise, browse all our other IEMs here.


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