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    Campfire Andromeda (2020)Campfire Andromeda (2020)
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    Campfire Andromeda (2020)

    How many times can a classic be reborn, over and over again? We herald the arrival of another Andromeda by Campfire Audio. It's a recipe Ken Ball has perfected since it wowed Head-Fi for the first time in 2016, and Twister6 says 2020 sees this legend "give vocals more focus and improved definition, changing the signature to more balanced". [See Product Desc. For More] It's a pocket miracle of soundstage, soaring highs and wow factor. Familiar elements return in its five balanced armatures and T.A.E.C., but throw out everything you thought you knew about it. The characters are the same, the script not so. This is an Andromeda fit for a brave new decade. Darko.Audio was left rummaging through his audiophile vocabulary to describe what he was hearing. Headfonics adds it's more complete than predecessors, potentially pleasing more ears. If Andromeda sounds like reason to get into the Campfire 2020 spirit then look out also for ARA and Solaris. You can also browse the rest of our IEMs here! Darko.Audio podcast · Alessandro Cortini on Campfire Audio Ara, Solaris 2020, Andromeda 2020


    Our Price | $1,499

    Campfire ARACampfire ARA
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    Campfire ARA

    ARA might grab your attention as the IEM built with the most drivers by Campfire Audio ... as if mere driver count was the only factor leading to sound quality in one of Ken Ball's works. Each of ARA's seven drivers is given freedom to showcase its best once again, with T.A.E.C. remaining prominent in a full titanium body. [See Product Desc. For More] Four bass balanced armatures are dedicated to creating a low-end Campfire describe as "the warmth and naturalism reminiscent of classic Hi-Fi". Twister6 calls ARA very coherent. Darko.Audio podcast · Alessandro Cortini on Campfire Audio Ara, Solaris 2020, Andromeda 2020 Headfonics add ARA is "Campfire Audio's most refined and studied creation to date"ith its "reference-like timbre and excellent headroom appealing hugely to discerning audiophiles looking for something with more of a deft control on detailed recordings".  Darko.Audio was left rummaging through his audiophile vocabulary to describe what he was hearing. ARA's sound is one Ball knows and loves, and reason to get into the Campfire 2020 spirit with Andromeda and Solaris, while you can also browse the rest of our IEMs here!


    Our Price | $1,799

    Campfire MammothCampfire Mammoth

    Campfire Mammoth

    Hybrids enjoy the hype. And it's a Campfire Audio world with hybrids, in which Mammoth roams. Two balanced armatures join a 10mm dynamic driver chambered in a 3D-printed acoustic enclosure to give you what the brand terms "epic sonic proportions". [See Product Desc. For More] Mammoth's bass walks in deep, rumbling footsteps, presiding with its dynamic driver made of bio-cellulose. A paper-like fibre renowned for excellent damping, this let's its beating heart rise in frequencies as a proper piston, without suffering the effects of modal break-up and distortion as severely as stiffer materials higher up. The hand-off to its companion pair of mid and high balanced armatures happens more cleanly. Mammoth is a mix of technologies well executed, the Campfire way, with an intimate, visceral soundstage that's direct, palpable and not overly diffuse. Bass is undisputedly present. The hybrid nature yields both an emotive and cerebral reaction: you feel, as well as hear and process, detail in your music in a physical, tangible way. The listening certainly appears full of authority. Headfonics laud Mammoth for a tuning that's "built for fun, tuned for enjoyment", and this discovery did not escape even the attention of Forbes. Audiophile-Heaven hail this basshead beast. Only available in Frozen Tundra blue. Explore the rest of Campfire's offerings here, or our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $759

    Campfire SatsumaCampfire Satsuma
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    Campfire Satsuma

    We've been here before. Campfire Audio made a big splash with the launch of Comet boasting a single balanced armature in 2019. And Satsuma aims to build on that success bringing to bear the same formula to success, albeit with a bucket list of refinements. [See Product Desc. For More] The same neutral bass and sweet and mild mid-range emphasis shows up again in Satsuma, with more fidelity in 2021's offering derived from other advancements in shell design.  Satsuma's balanced armature is ported to aid the production of low-frequencies without placing strain on the driver, and its brilliant orange fizz shell encloses a 3D-printed acoustic chamber that carefully works in accordance with the driver to produce Campfire's carefully tuned piece of art. If you're exploring another ideology of producing sound choosing your first IEM, you'll want to check out Satsuma's dynamic driver sibling, Honeydew. You may also view all of Campfire's offerings here, or our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $284

    Campfire HoloceneCampfire Holocene

    Campfire Holocene

    Like the trusted name that Campfire Audio is, Holocene is an IEM you can trust too. Its three balanced armatures are tuned flat with a frequency response that promises to be authentic to what the artist intended. [See Product Desc. For More] Holocene "encompasses the rapid rise and proliferation of humankind and culture globally". In celebration of Campfire making friends all around the world since, this richly-tuned IEM pays rightful tribute to the genres of music enjoyed by all its listeners by playing things back honestly. Of course, Campfire keep the standard of manufacturing renowned from Portland, Oregon USA. A 3D-printed acoustic chamber purpose-designed for the correct time alignment of these drivers is housed in aluminium anodised in an umber finish. With nothing that sticks out from the frequency sense, Holocene lets the music that its fans love speak out in original voice. It's an even-handed presentation that favours nothing over another. Ear Fidelity calls Holocene "baby Andromeda". It's distinctly audiophile, wrote Headfonics. Whatever language your tunes are in, you'll hear them faithfully reproduced. Don't expect any quirky surprises from Holocene, writes Major HiFi. A balanced character, resolution and technical ability impressed MOONSTAR Reviews. It makes Audiophile-Heaven's Hall of Fame. If it's excitement and editorialisation you crave on the other hand, look up Mammoth here. Otherwise, explore the rest of Campfire's offerings here, or our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $854

    Campfire HoneydewCampfire Honeydew

    Campfire Honeydew

    Campfire Audio is like a bowl of fruits, and you always know what you're going to get: a good dose of competent design at any price. Honeydew invites you to take a bite of their sound, proudly made in Portland, Oregon USA, like any premium Campfire offering. [See Product Desc. For More] Honeydew produces a bass-first focus unlike any other IEM sub-$400. A single 10mm dynamic driver mounted in a 3D-printed acoustic enclosure and shell leading to a stainless steel spout underlines a holistic approach to engineering: no corners have been cut materially, or sonically. Listeners new to the hobby can choose to align with a specific topology. Explore the potential Honeydew's dynamic driver lends it, or choose its cousin Satsuma's balanced armature approach.  You may also view all of Campfire's offerings here, or our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $349