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    Acoustune AET07 EartipsAcoustune AET07 Eartips

    Acoustune AET07 Eartips

    The AET07 range is designed for wide-range clarity, giving an immediately noticeable space extension to your IEMs. They are soft and comfortable to wear, and a top favourite amongst our customers. Available in multiple colours, sold as single pairs. If you would like more bass focus on your IEMs, you might want to consider the AET08.


    Our Price | $8

    Acoustune AET08 Eartips

    Acoustune AET08 Eartips

    The AET08 model is designed for emphasis on bass, marked "bass reverb" on the package. They are soft and comfortable to wear, and a top favourite amongst our customers. Available in multiple colours, sold as single pairs. If you would like your IEMs to open up in soundstage and clarity, you might want to consider the AET07.


    Our Price | $8

    Acoustune HS1697TIAcoustune HS1697TI

    Acoustune HS1697TI

    Acoustune's got us now in a pickle. This new flagship in 2020 helms the Pentaconn campaign with new rumbling lows and everything worthy of a full Tolkien war scene. Retaining the Acoustune signature sound, re-discover the definition of timbre, tone, accuracy and what it means to have full gratification without notes indecisively bleeding into one another.  We don't know how to choose, so we'll let you. // Launched 28Jun2020 in Zepp alongside the HS1657Cu and HS1677Ss. The new Pentaconn-ear series is ready to face the Head-Fi competition, head-on. Click here for more engineered gems by Acoustune.


    Our Price | $1,119.20

    Acoustune AEX07 EartipsAcoustune AEX07 Eartips

    Acoustune AEX07 Eartips

    With a large-diameter bore, Acoustune's new reference eartips now comes improved fit and sound isolation while maintaining the wide-range clarity and balance of the earphones themslves.// SPECIFICATIONS- Inner nozzle diameter - 4.5mm- XS size: 8.9mm (height), 10mm (width)- S size: 8.9mm (height), 11mm (width)- M size: 9.2mm (height), 12mm (width)- L size: 9.2mm (height), 13mm (width)- XL size: 9.2mm (height), 14mm (width)


    Our Price | $21

    Acoustune HS1677SSAcoustune HS1677SS

    Acoustune HS1677SS

    Stainless Steel full glamour – this is a Billie Jean or a Thriller. A feet-tapper in full disco glamour, or one to make Doves Cry. Sweet dreams aren't made of this, but let's just say this is Big in Japan and we really are in Dire Straits with Acoustune's new trio band.  For those heading towards Zepp for a listen, start the HS1657Cu  and finish off with the new flagship, HS1697Ti. This time, they are all made equal and ready to impress. // Launched 28Jun2020 in Zepp.


    Our Price | $855.20

    Acoustune HS1657CUAcoustune HS1657CU

    Acoustune HS1657CU

    Propagated from the HS1650Cu, this is the dialogue and interplay if you had eavesdropped on the saxophone and trumpet. It unveils the full story of artists' emotions and where it has been to get here. Most initial impressions speak of an instantly wider soundstage than its MMCX predecessor, with Pentaconn Ear's snug connection for more resilience against wear and tear over time. Needless to say, it passed the most difficult test of them all: The Goosebump Test, Audiophile 101. For those heading towards Zepp for a listen, start with this, then the HS1677Ss, and finally the new flagship, HS1697Ti. This time, they are all made equal and ready to impress. // Launched 28Jun2020 in Zepp.Click here for more engineered gems by Acoustune.


    Our Price | $743.20

    Acoustune HS1300SSAcoustune HS1300SS

    Acoustune HS1300SS

    Acoustune slid this entry ticket on the last day of 2020 under the door so silently, subtly. Clean, velvet vocals crooning into a dark background, this is the moment before the curtain raises and you step into the grandeur where audiophilia lights up the music. It's a single Myrinx 10mm driver with a stainless steel chamber housed in a blue or red shell with Pentaconn connectors, a solid entry piece proudly made in Japan. This is a real crowd-pleaser with impactful bass and a sparkly treble adding excitement to spacious and natural mids. View Acoustune's other offerings here, or check out our other IEMs here. / Photography by ZeppCrew


    Our Price | $450

    Acoustune RS1Acoustune RS1

    Acoustune RS1

    Can Acoustune have your attention please. RS1 boils everything back down to the capabilities of a single dynamic driver, stripped bare. Take away metal construction. Take away brass, stainless steel and titanium. Take away cost. Even the relative affordability of HS1300SS. And you're left with raw Acoustune performance, a generous 9mm dynamic driver in a plastic shell, still generously built from Myrinx composite. RS1 is engineered for recording accuracy, its U-shape acting as a loudness contour for professionals – or a source of excitement for the newly-initiated.  Acoustune hallmarks, such as a sense of space, open highs and a cleanly rendered sub and mid-bass, show up at RS1's party, proof that this company is not one that distinguishes accurate and exciting musical reproduction on cost of ticket.  Tip roll to your heart's content with Final Audio's E-tips for greater voice presence, or see what else Acoustune have in store for you here and check out our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $165

    Acoustune ARS SPC CableAcoustune ARS SPC Cable

    Acoustune ARS SPC Cable

    Made to order, Lead time 2-3 weeks from order.


    Our Price | $319

    Acoustune ACT02 Brass Chamber (For HS2000MX)
    Ask The Crew

    Acoustune ACT02 Brass Chamber (For HS2000MX)

    Brass Chamber module for the Acoustune flagship, HS2000mx. *HS2000mx not included *ACT01 not included


    Our Price | $1,000

    Acoustune HS2000MX "笙 Sho"Acoustune HS2000MX "笙 Sho"

    Acoustune HS2000MX "笙 Sho"

    Groundbreaking flagship model from Acoustune took Head-Fi up a notch, creating a different level of modularity by their new capsule design. With the HS2000MX ("笙 Sho") you can look forward to future releases, such as the limited edition ACT02 in brass. // The Myrinx Composite Dynamic Driver Acoustune fans are familiar with the Myrinx composite dynamic driver with the past launches. In this HS2000MX "笙 Sho", add a Japanese beryllium thin-film dome, a material that is hardly used due to the combination of availability, mass production and cost. In addition to the smooth, linear reproduction and rich bass of the dynamic driver, the highly rigid metal dome suppresses resonance and delivers a tight, controlled bass, like a well-coordinated orchestra. // Acoustune Capsule Technology (A.C.T.) A key feature of the Acoustune range so far has been its modular construction, with the acoustic chamber and the mechanical housing completely separated. Now the modular construction has been further developed. By opening and closing the high-precision, rattle-free movable outer housing, the acoustic chamber can be replaced by the user, allowing for future options and upgrades. // ARS100 cable for "total balance" After much trial and error in terms of wire material, number of cores, and weaving method, we finally adopted the ARS100 series, which is equivalent to the standard product, considering the high level of perfection of the cable and the balance of the entire earphone. The ARS100 series is the same as the standard ARS100 series, but with a 16-core hybrid structure of silver-coated OFC wire and ultra-fine OFC wire, as well as NDICS Pentaconn Ear connectors. In addition to the high-precision metal parts, the colour of the earphone itself, indigo, is also used for the metal parts such as the connector, splitter and earphone jack to harmonise the entire aesthetic of the Sho.  


    Our Price | $2,379

    Acoustune ARC SPC Cable

    Acoustune ARC SPC Cable

    Shielded silver-coated OFC cable by Acoustune is made available for separate purchase after their launch of HS1650Cu and HS1670Ss series. Again a hit with the audiophiles who loved the Acoustune house sound. Note: Cable can acquire a greenish tinge over time due to oxidisation, but it will not be sonically impaired. 


    Our Price | $340

    Acoustune HS2000MX Mk.2Acoustune HS2000MX Mk.2

    Acoustune HS2000MX Mk.2

    HS2000MX MKII is a delicious red and houses a brand new chamber, the ACT05. This new ACT05 is made of Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) and worked with same Myrinx* Composite dynamic driver that has been highly evaluated chamber modules ACT01 and ACT02.*The Myrinx's diaphragm is made of a medical grade polymer biomaterial. The dome is made of a Japanese beryllium thin film. This is a material that has never been used in a conventional product due to the combination of availability, mass production andcost.


    Our Price | $2,379

    Acoustune RS3Acoustune RS3

    Acoustune RS3

    The RS3 is the second Acoustune monitor earphone product that combines high durability and monitoring performance.Based on the RS1, this model is further infused with the sound quality technology of the HS series to create a sound suitable for music production. The compact, lightweight and fatigue-free design allows you to build a small, comfortable monitoring environment that you can carry with you anywhere. On the practical side, it has a small body that can be worn by anyone, while clearing up the parts that are prone to problems such as broken spouts, broken connectors and housing parts, and poor cable contact. Furthermore, the cable has been improved to a length that is easy to handle in studios and other locations, with less tangling and less microphonics.// FEATURES- Tuned with the input of well-known professional composers to deliver sound monitoring performance that can be used in conjunction with speakers and headphones to further enhance the quality of songs.- New Myrinx EL-S driver improves upon the old design with a more closely controlled diaphragm to deliver a more accurate sound.- Highly robust body resistant to shock, heat and sweat.- Uses the highly reliable Pentaconn EAR connectors, with superior conduction performance and robustness compared to conventional MMCX connectors.- Newly developed cable (ARM011L) uses high purity Litz and Kevlar wires braided together and covered with PU material to enhance its handling and reliability.- In consideration of the expected usage environment of the product and connection to various equipment, a 1.8 m long cable is included as standard equipment. A 6.3 mm stereo standard plug conversion adapter is also included. // IN THE BOX- RS3 Earphones- Carrying Case- AET07 silicone eartips (S/M/L)- AET02 foam eartips- 3.5mm to 1/4"" adapter"


    Our Price | $189

    Acoustune AEX70 EartipsAcoustune AEX70 Eartips

    Acoustune AEX70 Eartips

    Adopting the use of SMP (Shape Memory Polymer) iFit material from SMP Technologies, Inc. of Japan, the highly biocompatible material reduces discomfort when worn for long periods of time and also has excellent shape retention. While the shape is based on the shape of the "AEX07" ear tips already on the market, the shape has been fine-tuned and the wall thickness has been changed to take into account differences in materials and other factors.// SPECIFICATIONS- Inner nozzle diameter - 3.7mm ~ 4.8mm- XS size: 8.9mm (total height), 10mm (width at tip)- S size: 8.9mm (total height), 11mm (width at tip)- M size: 8.9mm (total height), 12mm (width at tip)- L size: 8.9mm (total height), 13mm (width at tip)- XL size: 8.9mm (total height), 14mm (width at tip)


    Our Price | $25

    Acoustune HS1790TIAcoustune HS1790TI

    Acoustune HS1790TI

    2022 brightened up with the announcement of this HS1790Ti, bearing the machining marks inspired by 枯山水/Karesansui*.  Stocks arrive in mid-July Contemplative silence in the background with crystal clear notes in full expressivity of dynamics sets this Master series apart from the previous launches. Chassis is reduced in size but continues the design DNA used in the HS1300SS and modular-chamber flagship, HS2000MX SHO - 笙 -.The HS1790 Titanium is launched together with the HS1750 Copper in complete binary distinction so you can decide which chamber resonates with you. "The second generation Myrinx Composite driver is a dynamic driver with a composite membrane structure that combines a diaphragm made of thin-film moulded Myrinx, a synthetic base material for medical use, and an ultra-thin-film processed metal dome. The design concept is to utilise the flexibility of the Myrinx diaphragm and prevent resonance by using a highly rigid material for the dome, which is the key component." — Acoustune*The karesansui style of Japanese gardening is founded on Zen ideology, and uses rocks and sand to express nature and the universe. --- 


    Our Price | $1,199

    Acoustune HS1750CUAcoustune HS1750CU
    Ask The Crew

    Acoustune HS1750CU

    Bassheads, things are looking up in 2022. For those who require no politely thin mids and frown upon splashy bass, the HS1750Cu sounds as solid as it looks. Stocks arrive in mid-July.The machining marks inspired by 枯山水/Karesansui* is home to a sound that allows the fullness of saxophones, brass instruments, and vocals that sing openly without restraint. Bass drops are fully gratifying while giving full attention while transitioning to the highs. Chassis is reduced in size but continues the design DNA used in the HS1300SS and modular-chamber flagship, HS2000MX SHO - 笙 -.The HS1750 Copper/Brass is launched together with the HS1790 Titanium to complete the binary spectrum so you can decide which chamber resonates with you. "The unique Myrinx driver technology enables high resolution and a rich soundstage thatsurpasses that of the HS1600 series. The HS1750CU is equipped with a 5th generation Myrinx driver, which is a refined version of the 4th generation Myrinx driver used in the HS1600 series, utilising technology and knowledge gained from the development of the HS1300SS and flagship HS2000MX "Sho"-笙- . In addition, the modular metal body structure completely separates the acoustic chamber (housing the driver) from the mechanical housing (housing the connectors), reducing mutual interference between the acoustic and mechanical parts and thereby suppressing sound quality degradation, a feature that has been retained in the SHO. The next-generation design identity from HS1300SS onwards has also been adopted, resulting in a product that has evolved in every aspect, including acoustic characteristics, appearance and fit." — Acoustune*The karesansui style of Japanese gardening is founded on Zen ideology, and uses rocks and sand to express nature and the universe. ---


    Our Price | $769

    Acoustune AEX50 EartipsAcoustune AEX50 Eartips

    Acoustune AEX50 Eartips

    Adopting the use of SMP (Shape Memory Polymer) iFit material from SMP Technologies, Inc. of Japan, the highly biocompatible material reduces discomfort when worn for long periods of time and also has excellent shape retention. Together with the double-winged design to hold onto the outer ear canal when worn, these eartips have a snug and stable fit without needing a deep insertion.// SPECIFICATIONS- Inner nozzle diameter - 3.7mm- XS size: 9.75mm (total height), 9mm (width at tip)- S size: 10.25mm (total height), 10mm (width at tip)- M size: 10.75mm (total height), 11mm (width at tip)- L size: 11.25mm (total height), 12mm (width at tip)- XL size: 11.75mm (total height), 13mm (width at tip)


    Our Price | $25

    Acoustune HS1004
    Ask The Crew

    Acoustune HS1004

    Smallest fit in the Acoustune family, this pea-sized IEM sits nicely in most ears, and retains the rich tone Acoustune is known for. Acoustune does not count drivers, it focuses on implementation of that one dynamic driver, and stands as a firm testimonial against the driver count race. Dynamic, full mids are in play when you put these on. It's not shy, not brash. It is full gratification, the japanese way. A very protected family member by the Acoustune Fans. Check out the full range of Acoustune products here.


    Our Price | $319

    Acoustune ARC Shielded OFC Cable
    Ask The Crew

    Acoustune ARC Shielded OFC Cable

    Shielded OFC cable that brings fullness in sound while tamping sibilance and noise. An interesting match with most IEMs that can get fatiguing to listen to. Read more about Acoustune's new Silver Plated Copper cable that comes with the HS1650Cu and HS1670Ss as stock cable, available for separate purchase.


    Our Price | $225

    Acoustune AS2000Acoustune AS2000

    Acoustune AS2000

    MFi* (Made for iPhone) dongle-type Lightning connector DAC/AMP made for those who prefer the bitten apple over the green robot. Acoustune did not stop after the Apple certification, but also included 2.5, 3.5, 4.4mm adaptors all in the package. Audiophiles can focus on the search for the earphone to complete their collection, in whichever termination available.  Measures 11cm PCM 24bit/48kHz Certified for Apple (MFi*) means your can update your iOS and the product will continue to work. 


    Our Price | $189

    Acoustune AET16 EartipsAcoustune AET16 Eartips

    Acoustune AET16 Eartips

    Extremely soft and comfortable eartips by Acoustune Japan, known to give an easy fit to the ears, and also wider sound and clarity.  Fits most Westones, Etymotic Research earphones. Testers are available in store. Bring your own earphones to ensure fit, as eartips are non-exchangeable nor refundable due to hygiene reasons. Testers are swabbed clean with disinfecting wipes after use. === // Each pack contains three pairs of eartips of the same size.   


    Our Price | $21