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    Hidition Viento ABCD (UIEM)Hidition Viento ABCD (UIEM)

    Hidition Viento ABCD (UIEM)

    ***Switchless version of the Viento-R ***Please take a moment read through the following guidelines regarding Hidition orders with us The model that captures the most unawares: Hidition's Viento may not be the most glamorous, but it's proof that how you use four balanced armature drivers, and not how many you have, is what leads to final sound quality. Seemingly unfailing in all aspects, Viento's customisable nature is yet another surprise up its sleeve... Viento can be made to order in custom (CIEM) form. You can also explore the rest of Zepp's Hidition range or view our other universal (UIEM) options here. / Photography by Zepp Crew.===+ All Hidition UIEMs are built to order as design can be customised.+ Price indicated does not include artwork fees.+ For appointments on ear-impressions taking or to consult on your artwork, click here to reach the crew.


    Our Price | $1,399

    Final Audio ZE3000Final Audio ZE3000
    Ask The Crew

    Final Audio ZE3000

    Final Audio's ZE3000 takes its name from its wired namesake's E3000, the brand's most widely recognised wired earphones. It's "a perfect companion for long listens without any fatigue" to Headfonics. Headfonia welcomed this wireless wonder, and Major HiFi gave it a Gold Award. ZE3000's sweet, intense vocal emphasis follows its owner where ever they may go. Overcoming the issues of distortion levels and space constraints in each earbud were carried out in typically novel Final manner. [See Product Desc. For More] f-Core for Wireless is what ZE3000's 6mm dynamic driver has been christened, its ability to act as if it was a much wider radiating surface a particular breakthrough. ZE3000 also brings f-LINK Damping System to bear, optimising the pressure in the acoustic space inside the earbuds housing to create a sound equivalent to wired earphones without the need for external vents. This makes it possible to properly control the low frequencies and reproduce vocals simultaneously, both issues that have been traditionally difficult to achieve with true wireless earbuds. The usual TWS paraphernalia accompanies ZE3000 here, with Final adding Qualcomm aptX, aptX Adaptive and IPX4 water resistance so it keeps up fully with the times on connectivity and function. Also view the rest of Final's offerings here, or our other wireless options here.


    Our Price | $219

    Hidition Viento ABCD (CIEM)Hidition Viento ABCD (CIEM)
    Ask The Crew

    Hidition Viento ABCD (CIEM)

    ***Switchless version of the Viento-R ***Please take a moment read through the following guidelines regarding Hidition orders with us The model that captures the most unawares: Hidition's Viento may not be the most glamorous, but it's proof that how you use four balanced armature drivers, and not how many you have, is what leads to final sound quality. Seemingly unfailing in all aspects, Viento's customisable nature is yet another surprise up its sleeve... Please email for lookbooks and impressions taking. Viento can also be bought in universal (UIEM) form. Otherwise, explore the rest of Zepp's Hidition range or view our other custom (CIEM) options here. / Photography by Zepp Crew.===+ Price indicated does not include artwork fees.+ For appointments on ear-impressions taking or to consult on your artwork, click here to reach the crew.


    Our Price | $1,499

    Anima ANW01Anima ANW01
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    Anima ANW01

    ANIMA name dropping reads like this: ACOUSTUNE, Taku Inoue, Hidekazku Tanaka, Koiwai Kotori, Azumi Waki, Fukuhara Ayaka, etc. If you're looking to cut the wires but not your love for Acoustune, here's Acoustune's sub-brand, ANIMA. Customise your sound with EQ/DSP presets tuned by Taku Inoue, Hidekazku Tanaka and Koiwai Kotori and choose notification voices voiced by Azumi Waki, Fukuhara Ayaka and more with Anima Studio app content updates. Voted as the most "kawaiiii" wireless earbuds in Zepp, all that's left to do now is to tell us Shiro (White) or Kuro (Black) when you pick up yours.


    Our Price | $179

    Nightjar Acoustics Singularity UIEMNightjar Acoustics Singularity UIEM

    Nightjar Acoustics Singularity UIEM

    Representing a generational leap in Nightjar Acoustics performance, Singularity is the cumulation of years of development on single dynamic driver earphones. Nightjar's 10mm Timbre+ dynamic driver let's listeners experience massive bass along with natural midrange and treble timbre. These two characteristics that usually oppose each other are balanced to perfection with Singularity and projected onto Singularity's expansive and dimensional soundscape. Embrace the entrancing pull of Singularity as it takes dynamic driver earphones to a whole new level of excellence. [See Product Desc. For More] Nightjar's proprietary method of driver design for Timbre+ allows Singularity to achieve a leap in performance without the usual metallic, lean or bright tuning usually required to achieve a high level of technical capability in a single DD. Singularity achieves this through a meticulously designed diaphragm, drive assembly and internal chamber. Nightjar's bespoke solution optimises airflow while balancing the moving mass and magnetic flux of the driver to achieve a technical yet natural presentation, with robust bass performance and properly extended highs. Said-acoustic know-how has been dubbed CAthedral – a custom chambering solution meticulously crafted to deliver a vast and natural soundstage that feels remarkably authentic, boasting impressive intricacy and layering. Unlike most IEMs, Singularity ensures an exceptional emphasis on stage depth, taking your listening experience to the next level. Check out Nightjar's other releases including their cables here, or view our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $1,750

    Technics EAH-AZ80Technics EAH-AZ80

    Technics EAH-AZ80

    Technics crystalised what it demanded from a flagship TWS in AZ60M2, and fully realised its dreams with the LDAC release of AZ80. A 10mm aluminium driver works as advertised in delivering superb bass performance that's top in quality and quantity. Here's a technological marvel that shows Head-Fi how far Bluetooth has come. Technics know-how working with the acoustics of its large driver sees them bring an acoustic control chamber and a harmoniser for bass punch, and a low-distortion expansive soundstage. AZ80 is a Bluetooth flagship from the future, packed with Bluetooth 5.3 granting it Multipoint connection to three devices simultaneously. Together with JustMyVoice™ microphone pick-up technology, Technics set you up with yet another productivity monster. [See Product Desc. For More] Far from being all about work, though, Technics rock hard too. A 10mm aluminium free-edge dynamic driver brings its enhanced stiffness to move extra air down in the low frequencies, in pistonic manner. LDAC and an IPX4 rating take you outdoors with confidence. Technics build on that by turning their most affordable TWS option into a work-from-home facilitator, adding eight mics and wind noise reduction managed by JustMyVoice™ DSP that isolates and amplifies words while minimising surrounding disturbances. Enjoy an audible upgrade to your homeworking set-up with EAH-AZ80, or browse the other releases from Technics here and our other Bluetooth options here.


    Our Price | $419

    Technics EAH-AZ70WTechnics EAH-AZ70W
    On sale

    Technics EAH-AZ70W

    Technics did not decide to enter the market for fun. Whilst the world has claimed "audiophile quality" for almost every true wireless earbud out there, this one gets the Zepp stamp of approval and our highest recommendation. It's not just us: Headfonics rate this one of the top TWS options out there.Technical specifications on paper are available at a glance, but we all know that discernment in sound is more abstract, and nuanced, but not less instinctive. We are all capable of the differentiation, so now give yourself a chance and have a listen. "More", you say? [See Product Desc. For More] ===  // GOOD TO KNOW  + Industry leading noise-cancelling technology+ Impeccable call clarity+ "Find my buds" function+ Technics Audio Connect App + Bluetooth 5.1+ Ambient sound mode+ Clean, quality designed to fit comfortably. + 19.5 hours including charging case+ 7.5 hours playtime (6.5 hours with noise-cancelling on)+ Sweat resistant IPX4  Read detailed specifications > here.


    Our Price | $199

    Oriolus Szalayi UIEMOriolus Szalayi UIEM

    Oriolus Szalayi UIEM

    The comfort zone. Oriolus build Szalayi with a planar-magnetic driver to sit at the epicentre of everyone's listening tastes and budget. This tri-brid enlists a 14mm planar for mids and flanks it with one dynamic driver and balanced armature, meeting Head-Fi's sweet spot for performance. It's typical that Oriolus blended three vastly different transducer topologies so seamlessly. Szalayi's three drivers sing in unison, and its coherency leads to a mid-price pinnacle of performance. For that it made its way onto Headfonia's Recommended Buys list. Headfonics say it's "an impressive IEM for bass heads ... capable of delivering a thunderous bass response with a clean and crisp mid-range". Bass and mids are convincingly portrayed with palpable dynamics and presence, topped off by a sprinkling of treble air that is ever delicate and finessed. Szalayi's authoritative, downward-sloping performance never strays out of our sonic comfort zone. [See Product Desc. For More] What a heavyweight Oriolus have on their hands, the clever utilisation of drivers perfect for rendering their assigned frequencies with excellent realism and resolution. Szalayi's star is undoubtedly its 14mm planar-magnetic mid-range driver. With a diaphragm less than two microns thick, mid-range frequencies are rendered with vanishingly low distortion. Despite its large surface area, the low mass of Oriolus's planar unit means it's always under the control of its magnetic array. Transients are produced instantly and effortlessly, without having to worry about modal break-up.  Indeed, Szalayi's thin vibrating surface needs minimal excursion to move plenty of air, reproducing tons of information, as a straight plane. This grants the simultaneous sense of presence and articulation balanced armature counterparts comparatively struggle to balance. With planar-magnetic drivers on the ascendency in multi-ways, Oriolus weighed in quickly and convincingly to define a new era in IEMs. That's because the sum of Szalayi's strengths lies in the contributions of its supporting cast. A stiff 10mm dynamic driver plumbs the lows, with the excellent excursion of audio's oldest transducer technology – perfect for producing a long, slow bass wave that descends in frequency and rumbles away in Szalayi's sub regions. Up high, a balanced armature takes over as the planar mid driver becomes directional and rolls off. Freed from having to move air beyond its means, this specialised tweeter's low distortion is the reason Oriolus's trademark clean, airy and refined treble can be implemented in the brand's latest star. Certainly, the story of Szalayi is one that produces music as it was recorded, adding few artifacts of its own and being true in its playback. There's always a demand for accuracy, and the sheer competence of Oriolus's latest child is bound to show up played through Questyle Audio's M15i, HiBy Music's R6III and iBasso Audio's Amp8 MKII for DX240. For those wanting to move beyond mere proficiency and instead be held spellbound by their music, the flagships from Oriolus await here. Otherwise, browse the rest of our IEMs here.


    Our Price | $1,150

    Sennheiser IE600Sennheiser IE600

    Sennheiser IE600

    600 means so much more than a number to Sennheiser. After the HD600 proved so much of a generational product, naming the IE600 shows exactly the expectations Sennheiser have for their next genre-defining IEM. StereoNET gave it an Applause Award and didn't expect Sennheiser's middle-child to mount such a shot at the top. Headfonics found it the "most credible-sounding monitor I have tested from Sennheiser in a while".  "Ad perfectum compromissum" is what Headfonia say "IE600 really is, the perfect blend between the reference IE900 and the super-fun IE300". Sure enough, IE600 is the name on every audiophile's lips. The iconic number permeates all levels of Head-Fi, and it's impossible not to be excited by another watershed release that will become so much more than a great transducer to gravitate around. [See Product Desc. For More] We know we've reached another height of research and development – Sennheiser's buzzwords – when this single dynamic driver wonder swept to multiple awards at launch. T3 and LBTechreviews both score IE600 full marks. the Ear cites it's a great example of a premium wired earbud's supremacy. That shouldn't come as a surprise. Sennheiser have tuned IE600 with the best form of neutrality, the kind that every discerning – even mildly – music lover can come to enjoy. Universally. Because there is always something to love from a transducer that can simultaneously render accurate bass, and properly judged vocals. Being able to deliver detail without compromise, yet not needing to die by being able to hear everything as its only asset. IE600 gets so much right without even trying, a veritable sweet spot everyone loves. The real significance of the 600 moniker, on show. Darko.Audio podcast · Sennheiser IE 900, IE 600 & IE 200: the what & the why Pairs of by-now standard 7mm TrueResponse drivers built in Wedemark, Germany, form IE600's beating heart. An acoustic back volume to the dynamic driver's rear, and dual resonator chambers to the front, give this the basis to perform.  Sennheiser unlock IE600's tuning potential from the drawing board, 7mm diameter small enough to climb in frequency without cone or modal break-up, while supplying it with enough air volume to move and manifest a long, slow bass wave with full authority. Moving up, IE600 wouldn't be a Sennheiser if it was without soundstage. So its dual resonator chambers D2CA manage airflow to your ear such that voices and instruments in a realistic headspace get delivered with solid images to your ear. Close your eyes, listen with your ears, and you're there at the venue. Delicately assembled in Ireland, these Sennheisers are built tough. The zirconium alloy IE600 is encased in has triple the hardness and flexural strength of high-performance steel: truly a space-age material found on the drill of the Mars Rover. A 4.4mm balanced cable comes in the package, ensuring your prized IE600 is ready for use up to its full potential immediately from our range of music players and portable DAC/amps. To rediscover your music through the newly-iconic IE600 is to invite you to listen to the IE300 and IE900 for different views into your tunes too. Or, check out all of Sennheiser's other historic releases here, and our other IEMs here too.


    Our Price | $1,139

    Dita Project MDita Project M

    Dita Project M

    Embracing a philosophy of continual progress and innovation, DITA Audio presents its inaugural resin-based hybrid earphone titled Project M. Everyday Listening says Dita's "usual strengths of their earphones are on full display here". The Project M departs from DITA's previous designs with a redesigned, ergonomic form that strikes a balance between familiarity and distinctiveness, embodying a new era for the brand. Equipped with DITA's revolutionary PM1+ Dynamic Driver and a balanced armature driver, the Project M showcases the prowess of the PM1+ Driver – a 9.8mm dynamic driver exclusively crafted for this model. Serving as the sonic heart of the Project M, the PM1+ Driver imparts the earphones with a signature characterised by texture, clarity, speed, and punchy bass, delivering a full-range sound experience. [See Product Desc. For More] To further enhance the audio landscape, the Project M integrates a single Knowles balanced armature Driver alongside the PM1+ Driver, both housed within a meticulously optimised stainless-steel chamber. Project M does not run contrary to DITA's belief in the use of single-dynamic drivers. This mini-marvel's dynamic driver still operates full-range, with its balanced armature counterpart only picking up where it's been assigned, contributing further in the high-frequencies. The sound produced by the Project M emanates through a custom-molded transfer tube terminating in an aluminum nozzle, maintaining DITA's tradition of tailoring cables for each earphone. Its MOCCA cable, featuring conductors by Cardas from the USA, consists of 16 strands twisted to DITA's specifications and jacketed in a flexible PVC outer layer. MOCCA is future-proofed with DITA's APV2 technology, ensuring compatibility with evolving audio setups. Leveraging Acoustic FEA, objective tests, and subjective listening experiences, the sound tube profile is finely tuned for the Project M's dynamic driver, delivering a coherent, full-range experience reminiscent of 2-channel systems. Encased in a slow-pour transparent resin mix, the entire assembly results in an earpiece with an elegant and captivating visual appeal—distinctive hallmarks of a DITA product now positioned in a new price range. Adhering to the Project M's minimalist industrial aesthetics, each unit is accompanied by a Systainer case, crafted by Tanos exclusively for DITA Audio. The Tanos case includes custom-made silicone inserts to safeguard your contents during everyday life. Owners can choose to freely remove the top and bottom linings, which are moulded to fit the case with the addition of double-sided tape for extra security, easily removable at the user's discretion. Check out DITA's other human-first products here, or browse our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $479

    Final Audio Make 4 (DIY Session)
    Ask The Crew

    Final Audio Make 4 (DIY Session)

    Happening: Saturday, April 1 2023. 1100-1230h Zeppelin & Co. (Sim Lim Square #02-78 Singapore 188504) Ticket entitles you to one Make 4 earphone kit, a set of detailed instructions and guidance, and one complete Make 4 earphone at the end. Make 4 is a DIY earphone series that allows you to find your own sound. A model equipped with a "MAKE dial" that can adjust the final tuning of your kit, without disassembling the earphone body, and a newly developed driver "f-Core for MAKE" gives you a unique, one-of-a-kind DIY experience ... and an earphone that you can truly call your own. Hosted by Zeppelin & Co. and conducted by Final Audio and Project Perfection, this Make 4 DIY event will be the perfect way to spend the weekend for audio enthusiasts, with a timeless product and an experience that you will take away at the end.


    Our Price | $299

    Madoo Type 512Madoo Type 512

    Madoo Type 512

    MADOO is a Japanese earphone brand born in 2020. MADOO is a new independent brand of earphones based on a research project by an engineer who studied at Acoustune, a Japanese brand of hi-fi earphones mainly using a single dynamic driver, to create earphones that can compete with their own products, using a different driver configuration. The development of hi-fi earphones began in Japan in 1981 and will celebrate its 40thanniversary in 2021. The concept of MADOO is to create a product that will be able tocompete in the next 10 years, something that has never been done before in the 40 years of earphone history.The first model was developed over a period of about one year, looking at various speaker units and their drive systems, both analogue and digital.High-rigidity housingThe rigidity of the housing is essential to maximize the potential of the driver unit. Thehousing was designed by engineers who have extensive knowledge of metalworking,having worked on cutting tools for Swiss and Japanese luxury watches and German cars.The housing is produced by machining a SUS block using high-precision CNC machining. The housing surface is sandblasted for hardness and the shell is thick enough for most earphones.MIAA" housing architecture and precision controlled schematic designFor maximum reliability and performance, we have developed a unique housingarchitecture called MIAA: MADOO In-ear Acoustic Architecture. All our products aredeveloped based on this architecture. We named the component that holds the drivers together the Driver Box. This driver box is manufactured using a 3D printing process and has a complex function called schematic design.Many multi-driver earphones have a sound tube made of vinyl tubing. However, vinyl tubes suffer from a number of problems, such as the softness of the material itself, the loss of sound due to crushing caused by curvature, and the lack of reproducibility due to inconsistent manufacturing. To solve these problems we have developed a housingarchitecture called "MIAA" and the driver box.Each driver is firmly fixed in place and the sound is guided by an acoustically engineered sound tube. The sound tube is designed using a schematic design and is acoustically optimized with a range of hole diameters, lengths, filters and bores. This makes it possible to deliver great sound. In addition, the 3D printed parts are very precise, controlled to the 0.01mm level. This ensures that the quality of the 3D printed parts is strictly controlled,reducing manufacturing variations and allowing the user to enjoy the sound quality forwhich they were designed.Micro Square PM drivers and customized BA driversThe Micro Square Planar Magnetic is in principle a planar dynamic technology driver. Inside a highly engineered metal box, a planar coil is bonded to a diaphragm made from a highly rigid composite of lightweight metal alloy and super engineering plastics in a membrane shape, driven by a powerful magnet.The diaphragm is driven by a powerful magnet. The direct drive of the coil gives the driver a dynamic tone, while the use of a highly rigid composite diaphragm produces a tight, clear sound. For this project, we used three customized drivers, one for the low frequencies, one for the mid-low frequencies and one for the high frequencies. In order to get the best out of the Micro PM drivers, we used a second-order crossover network with high-capacity capacitors and customized Dual BAs. This gives the sound the right amount of wetness to enhance the Micro PM'S timbre.Sapphire crystal cover to control exhaust pressureSapphire crystal is used to control the pressure at the back, while ensuring a rigidity that cannot be achieved with glass or plastic materials. Manufactured in Japan by Adamant Namiki Precision, a company that produces components for luxury watches and high-end audio accessories, the three planar drivers deliver their full potential and deliver clear bass.


    Our Price | $849

    Nightjar Acoustics Meteor UIEMNightjar Acoustics Meteor UIEM

    Nightjar Acoustics Meteor UIEM

    A little red earphone from a little red dot called Singapore. Designed to fit as many ears as possible with its small ergonomic shell but create a massive sound, the Meteor is a phenomenon to be reckoned with.  Driver Crossover - Custom Tuned True 3-Way Crossover with PHAT Technology Frequency Response - 12Hz - 21kHz, ± 3 dB Sensitivity - 111dB/Vrms @ 1 kHz Impedance - 9.7 Ohms @ 1 kHz Socket - Spring Loaded 0.78mm 2-Pin Cable - 26 AWG OCC Copper Cable Impedance - 0.20 Ohms (2.5mm), 0.25 Ohms (3.5mm), 0.28 Ohms (4.4mm) @ 1kHz


    Our Price | $769

    Acoustune HS1697TIAcoustune HS1697TI

    Acoustune HS1697TI

    Acoustune's got us now in a pickle. This new flagship in 2020 helms the Pentaconn campaign with new rumbling lows and everything worthy of a full Tolkien war scene. Retaining the Acoustune signature sound, re-discover the definition of timbre, tone, accuracy and what it means to have full gratification without notes indecisively bleeding into one another.  We don't know how to choose, so we'll let you. // Launched 28Jun2020 in Zepp alongside the HS1657Cu and HS1677Ss. The new Pentaconn-ear series is ready to face the Head-Fi competition, head-on. Click here for more engineered gems by Acoustune.


    Our Price | $1,119.20


    Shozy BG (BLACKGOLD)

    Some sounds are bigger than their price tags here in Zepp, and Shozy BG is one of them. For those who like the details laid out in their layers without overpowering or losing vocals in the middle, this one checks across any rock, pop, jazz and more. [See Product Desc. For More] Bonus: It fits most ears snug and nice. Cons: It's always sold out, expect a short wait when that happens. You might also be interested in the Form 1.1, another spectacular product that is easily labelled #bestbangforbuck. 


    Our Price | $369

    Elysian Annihilator 2023 UIEMElysian Annihilator 2023 UIEM

    Elysian Annihilator 2023 UIEM

    Just as intriguing in profile as the original Elysian Acoustics Labs flagship, Annihilator 2023 has reigned for a long time. If the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, he did it avoid being annihilated. Annihilator 2023 was immediately added to Headfonia's Recommended Buys list. Fast, nimble, dynamic so it would never be caught stagnant with lethargy, or over romanticised with long decays to create haze and daze. This is a triple hybrid housing a single Foster DD for bass, four balanced armature drivers for mids, and two electrostatic (EST) drivers for the treble. The speed, the air, the details and transparency are ready for your Stravinskys, Vivaldis, Rage against the Machine, or whichever suits your fancy.  A dry finish that was never safe to start with, but definitely a memorable profile in our line up. 


    Our Price | $3,999

    Sennheiser IE200Sennheiser IE200

    Sennheiser IE200

    EDC has a new name – Sennheiser's IE200. Taking IE600 and IE900's DNA to new heights of affordable excellence is Sennheiser's long-awaited entry-level earphone release, with performance exceeding its humble origins. It confidently takes StereoNET's Applause Award. And Headfonics praises IE200 for "this very competitive price point ... get a slice of their higher-end models". Pairs of by-now standard 7mm TrueResponse drivers form IE200's beating heart. And contemporary, exciting, bass and treble response disguises just how friendly its tuning is, for Sennheiser enabled owners to tune their pairs. Whether you're listening on your commute or monitoring with IE200, Sennheiser built in adjustable tuning profiles – by shifting eartip presentations one can enjoy bass reproduction of varying intensity in the same IEM! [See Product Desc. For More] Sennheiser are on a mission to expose the masses to great, balanced sound. Despite being the most affordable entry of the line-up, these German giants unlock IE200's potential from the drawing board. A polymer TrueResponse 7mm driver small and damped enough to climb in frequency without cone or modal break-up, while supplying it with enough air volume to move and manifest a long, slow bass wave with full authority, shows up as standard to give IE200 the basis to perform. Sennheiser apply cost-effective acoustic fleece in IE200's nozzle for much the same purpose as their dual and tri-chamber absorbers found in the IE600 and IE900. Expertly calculated damping material dials in treble performance for diffuse-field equalisation, great soundstage and fatigue-free highs without frequency peaks or troughs that cause masking. And IE200 hides its most unique tuning feature up its sleeve, for owners can position eartips at pre-determined lengths of the nozzle to expose an auxiliary bass vent Sennheiser snuck into the nozzle.  Fully-attached eartips sees IE200 default to type with tastefully emphasised bass and treble responses. But sliding them out exposes a vent that tunes down bass quantity, still maintaining the great low-frequency foundation Sennheiser birthed IE200 with – yet giving mid and high frequency detail even more room to shine. Darko.Audio podcast · Sennheiser IE 900, IE 600 & IE 200: the what & the why For those missing their Bluetooth wire-less, worry not – Sennheiser's high quality 3.5mm cable braided for strength and IE200's ergonomic excellence just enhances comfort. And convenience. Not to mention sound quality. Indeed, those who have made Bluetooth modus operandi and are looking for wired quality should make IE200 their first stop. Otherwise, look up all of Sennheiser's legends here, or view our other earphones here.


    Our Price | $209

    Final Audio A4000Final Audio A4000

    Final Audio A4000

    Final Audio continue to prove that audio innovation can take place at all price levels with the new A4000.  This single dynamic driver IEM takes lessons from the beryllium flagship A8000, aiming to be more versatile in servicing all genres of music and playback sources so you can wear and listen to it without undue fuss or hassle. Its 6mm dynamic driver comes built with an internal brass housing to combine speed and control with an exciting emphasis in its bass and treble as satisfying as its fit. These made quite the impression on Everyday Listening. A4000 is a gem for lovers of pop and other modern music and Headfonics praises its "strong treble performance that makes J-pop and K-pop thrilling". "More bass engagement, a clean and presentable midrange, and most of all, a highly detailed treble rendering" gets Ear Fidelity's nod. View its brother, the A3000, here, Final's other products here, or our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $219

    iBasso IT07iBasso IT07
    On sale

    iBasso IT07

    iBasso Audio releasing a flagship UIEM is exciting, and certainly tuned for excitement is the brand-new IT07.  This seven-driver hybrid puts top quality components at your service, as a graphene dynamic driver for bass props up six premium Knowles balanced armatures. [See Product Desc. For More] IT07 proves its worth at the bottom and at the top of the spectrum, thrilling with its bass and treble performance. There's the option to dial these in further yet, with included interchangeable acoustic filters within reach to suit multiple sources, tastes and music genres. Tasteful emphasis of the frequency extremes flank a lucid and spacious mid-range performance that flows effortlessly, its liquidity reminiscent of AM05. Emotive vocals never risk being overshadowed.  Audio123 sees this as a legitimate step up from iBasso's previous IT04 in a comparison with today's popular flagship UIEMs. Headfonics has "no complaints because it does so many things very well ... Tesla driver can dig deep into the bass, the vocals sound very smooth and clear and the highs are clean and crisp with an overall balanced frequency response". MOONSTAR Reviews and Twister6 compare it favouribly with other flagships of its day, with IT07 holding its own against Meze's Rai Penta and 64 Audio's tia Trió, among the rest. An excellent stock cable terminated in balanced 2.5mm comes included, to work from the box with iBasso's DC01 USB-C DAC dongle, or one of our music players here.  // RECOMMENDED: Upgrade with the IBASSO CB16 if you're part of the 4.4mm club. View the rest of iBasso's releases here, or check out our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $799



    The most wanted Chi-Fi in 2022 because it's entry into the planar-driver world. Pick a 4.4mm version, plug it into the Questyle M15 dac-amp dongle for a whole new listening experience. 


    Our Price | $159

    Empire Ears Odin UIEMEmpire Ears Odin UIEM

    Empire Ears Odin UIEM

    Empire Ears launched Odin as the cumulation of all their dreams. With development beginning in 2017, this 11-driver tri-brid pushed every boundary to firmly establish itself as the best IEM Dean and Jack Vang know how to build. Darko Audio says Odin "is really the very summit of what’s possible with portable audio”. READ ALSO Odin & Hero ultimate Empire Ears successors to Zeus Tuned with a linear frequency response in mind to complement the bass-driven Legend EVO, the Odin flanks five balanced armatures with dual W9+ dynamic drivers and four electrostatic drivers for the most complete, lucid sound ever heard. [See Product Desc. For More] Sheer audio resolution, particularly through the mid-range, was subsequently achieved. Even more remarkable is that that was not done at the expense of musicality or cohesiveness; the sweetness to the voices and instruments that populate the mid-ranges of your music has to be heard to be believed.  Cayin Audio's N8II, iBasso Audio's DX240 or DX320, and HiBy Music's R5II propel the frequency gamut along with force, as the DAP of choice to drive Odin's 3ohm load. No stone was left unturned in Odin's design. From PW Audio 1960 cable inclusion to thorough acoustic and crossover engineering, this Viking god is arguably Head-Fi's most complete flagship IEM. Spectacular sound awaits below bespoke, individually unique 'Bifrost' faceplates. Praise has been pouring in: Headfonia immediately elected Odin to its shortlist of best UIEM of 2020, while Twister6 hails this monolith as "the mashup of [Empire Ears] greatest hits". The Headphone List recommends it unabatedly "to those who crave a grand, towering sound ... the Odin will prove as much a technical masterclass as it is a riveting listen". Headfonics declare Odin "a technical beast bar none with masterful levels of control from the dual subwoofer configuration right up to that nuanced treble tuning". In a shoot-out with other flagships, Positive Feedback crowned this a "transparency and sound-staging champion". Odin can also be bought in custom (CIEM) form. Also view the rest of our Empire Ears line-up here, or check out our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $4,599

    Final Audio E1000Final Audio E1000

    Final Audio E1000

    Final Audio tuned E1000 to be clear and well-balanced, from low through to high tones, achieving a realistic soundstage much like you are listening to live music. This is a new entry model from final that Final encourage those exploring genuine earphones for the first time to try. Find the rest of Final's Audio's extensive range here, or shop our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $39