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    Dita Project MDita Project M

    Dita Project M

    Embracing a philosophy of continual progress and innovation, DITA Audio presents its inaugural resin-based hybrid earphone titled Project M. Everyday Listening says Dita's "usual strengths of their earphones are on full display here". The Project M departs from DITA's previous designs with a redesigned, ergonomic form that strikes a balance between familiarity and distinctiveness, embodying a new era for the brand. Equipped with DITA's revolutionary PM1+ Dynamic Driver and a balanced armature driver, the Project M showcases the prowess of the PM1+ Driver – a 9.8mm dynamic driver exclusively crafted for this model. Serving as the sonic heart of the Project M, the PM1+ Driver imparts the earphones with a signature characterised by texture, clarity, speed, and punchy bass, delivering a full-range sound experience. [See Product Desc. For More] To further enhance the audio landscape, the Project M integrates a single Knowles balanced armature Driver alongside the PM1+ Driver, both housed within a meticulously optimised stainless-steel chamber. Project M does not run contrary to DITA's belief in the use of single-dynamic drivers. This mini-marvel's dynamic driver still operates full-range, with its balanced armature counterpart only picking up where it's been assigned, contributing further in the high-frequencies. The sound produced by the Project M emanates through a custom-molded transfer tube terminating in an aluminum nozzle, maintaining DITA's tradition of tailoring cables for each earphone. Its MOCCA cable, featuring conductors by Cardas from the USA, consists of 16 strands twisted to DITA's specifications and jacketed in a flexible PVC outer layer. MOCCA is future-proofed with DITA's APV2 technology, ensuring compatibility with evolving audio setups. Leveraging Acoustic FEA, objective tests, and subjective listening experiences, the sound tube profile is finely tuned for the Project M's dynamic driver, delivering a coherent, full-range experience reminiscent of 2-channel systems. Encased in a slow-pour transparent resin mix, the entire assembly results in an earpiece with an elegant and captivating visual appeal—distinctive hallmarks of a DITA product now positioned in a new price range. Adhering to the Project M's minimalist industrial aesthetics, each unit is accompanied by a Systainer case, crafted by Tanos exclusively for DITA Audio. The Tanos case includes custom-made silicone inserts to safeguard your contents during everyday life. Owners can choose to freely remove the top and bottom linings, which are moulded to fit the case with the addition of double-sided tape for extra security, easily removable at the user's discretion. Check out DITA's other human-first products here, or browse our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $479

    Dita Oslo cableDita Oslo cable

    Dita Oslo cable

    This is one immersive cable literally speaking! Dita Audio's Oslo appears to be a standard copper cable on first glance, except it's also soaked in a squalene oil-based solution laced with gold and silver nano particles. These precious metals seep into any microscopic surface cracks on the copper conductors, offering a purer transmission of signal. Oslo brings the smoothness to pair with any IEM, or player. 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm awesome plugs are all available within the kit. Look up the technicalities of Oslo laid out by The Headphone List here, or our other cables from Acoustune, Ares Audio, Audio-Genetic, Dita Audio and Effect Audio.


    Our Price | $750

    Dita Dream XLSDita Dream XLS
    Ask The Crew

    Dita Dream XLS

    The cumulation of a decade of dynamic driver IEM work by Dita Audio: Dream XLS combines the best of both their Fidelity and Fealty and adds dollops of space and soundstage. Twister6 lauded Dream XLS as a complete package that offers everything from excellent build quality and sound to a great selection of accessories and the convenience of the Awesome plug" with "a neutral-natural tonality that is very easy-going". This arrives one of the purest expressions of what a single dynamic driver IEM can do, reproducing every genre of music you feed it effortlessly. Check out the rest of Dita's work here, or browse our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $2,488

    Dita NavigatorDita Navigator

    Dita Navigator

    Designed for durability and ease of use, DITA Audio's Navigator is more than just a portable 4.4mm USB-C DAC/amp, but a compact audio tool that effortlessly fits into pockets and bags. It's poised to become your trusted companion, guiding you through both familiar and unexplored sonic landscapes and serving as a robust ally for discovering new dimensions in your music and gear. Crafted with precision using 5-Axis CNC technology, DITA's Navigator is constructed from 6000 Series Aluminium – a resilient aluminum-silicone alloy also employed in aircraft and marine applications. [See Product Desc. For More] Recognised for its exceptional strength and high corrosion resistance, the 6000 Series Aluminium Alloys contribute to the Navigator's sturdy build. With an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, DITA emerges as an ideal portable audio partner, ready to accompany you wherever your musical journey takes you. Navigator boasts a robust design that seamlessly blends rigid and flexible elements, optimising both ergonomics and functionality. The result is an unassuming yet powerful DITA dongle, perfectly tailored for everyday use. Enhancing your multimedia experience, the Navigator comes equipped with built-in phone stands, facilitating comfortable viewing or reading sessions – whether you're outdoors or indoors. Browse the DITA earphones you can use Navigator with here, or view our other DAC/amps here.


    Our Price | $439

    Dita FidelityDita Fidelity
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    Dita Fidelity

    Outright transparency and detail are unrivalled on Dita Audio's Fidelity. This single dynamic driver IEM excavates anything and everything you might have previously been missing in your music, making the old all new again. Those seeking a slightly more relaxed listen will swoon over the Fealty, meanwhile. Also check out the rest of Dita's work here, or browse our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $1,450

    Dita FealtyDita Fealty

    Dita Fealty

    Dita Audio's Fealty offers all the resolution their signature single dynamic drivers can eke out but adds a hint of warmth and emotion to the experience ideal for a prolonged listen. For those seeking ultimate transparency, look no further than Fealty's sibling, the Fidelity. Also check out the rest of Dita's work here, or browse our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $1,450