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    Final x Dita Shichiku KangenFinal x Dita Shichiku Kangen
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    Final x Dita Shichiku Kangen

    The collaboration everyone was waiting for: Final Audio's SHICHIKU.KANGEN, released in collaboration with Dita Audio. Respectively last releasing A8000 and Dream XLS broke new ground for Asia's most engineering-forward companies but also served as a new bridge for collaboration, born of mutual respect.  SHICHIKU.KANGEN's resulting sonic feats are partly derived from its front-runners. But this 500-piece-worldwide, limited-edition collaboration largely walks its own path. You'd be right to expect the same correct yet coloured tone their inventors are famed for, yet there's more than meets the eye. In SHICHIKU.KANGEN, a deeper inner resolution only possible due to its effortless presentation, in an infinite soundstage, makes its presence felt: this is an unbridled success story, set to go down in the annals of both companies.  Lovers of both A8000 and Dream XLS thus have an entirely unique creation �E€�E carved in its own identity, for lovers of music, sound and artisanal objects �E€�E to ponder. To release something totally exclusive and capable of surpassing what had been previously thought possible for a single driver IEM was a task laid down for the finest engineering minds from both sides. Final and Dita poured over the A8000's pure beryllium driver at the genesis of SHICHIKU.KANGEN. Eventually Final decided to adopt a new voice coil partly made up of Dita's OSLO-composed copper, attached to the driver with adhesive techniques specially devised for such challenging materials. A worthwhile endeavour that bore fruit, SHICHIKU.KANGEN was subsequently cabled with the limited Oslo Gen.SK. It's the ultimate symbol of sonic coherence, hidden below hand-lacquered shells carved by Wajima's Chinkin craftsmen with the symbolic Asanoha pattern in gold powder and sealed in an Urushi process, that you can discover more of here. To perceive it is a total exercise of the brain, and the heart. When you're done, view the rest of Final Audio's creations here and Dita's releases here, or browse our other IEMs here.>pic


    Our Price | $3,899

    Dita Oslo cableDita Oslo cable
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    Dita Oslo cable

    This is one immersive cable literally speaking! Dita Audio's Oslo appears to be a standard copper cable on first glance, except it's also soaked in a squalene oil-based solution laced with gold and silver nano particles. These precious metals seep into any microscopic surface cracks on the copper conductors, offering a purer transmission of signal. Oslo brings the smoothness to pair with any IEM, or player. 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm awesome plugs are all available within the kit. Look up the technicalities of Oslo laid out by The Headphone List here, or our other cables from Acoustune, Ares Audio, Audio-Genetic, Dita Audio and Effect Audio.


    Our Price | $750

    Dita FidelityDita Fidelity
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    Dita Fidelity

    Outright transparency and detail are unrivalled on Dita Audio's Fidelity. This single dynamic driver IEM excavates anything and everything you might have previously been missing in your music, making the old all new again. Those seeking a slightly more relaxed listen will swoon over the Fealty, meanwhile. Also check out the rest of Dita's work here, or browse our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $1,450

    Dita FealtyDita Fealty

    Dita Fealty

    Dita Audio's Fealty offers all the resolution their signature single dynamic drivers can eke out but adds a hint of warmth and emotion to the experience ideal for a prolonged listen. For those seeking ultimate transparency, look no further than Fealty's sibling, the Fidelity. Also check out the rest of Dita's work here, or browse our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $1,450

    Dita Dream XLSDita Dream XLS

    Dita Dream XLS

    The cumulation of a decade of dynamic driver IEM work by Dita Audio: Dream XLS combines the best of both their Fidelity and Fealty and adds dollops of space and soundstage. Twister6 lauded Dream XLS as a complete package that offers everything from excellent build quality and sound to a great selection of accessories and the convenience of the Awesome plug" with "a neutral-natural tonality that is very easy-going". This arrives one of the purest expressions of what a single dynamic driver IEM can do, reproducing every genre of music you feed it effortlessly. Check out the rest of Dita's work here, or browse our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $2,888