Our Space


House Rules

Our Space

To be entirely honest, we built this space for ourselves because we love Audio, Coffee, and are looking to share with (like-minded) People.

We heard that the retail handbook to success says to build a place that is different, unlike others. — But being revolutionary did not come from a textbook. We figured the only way to be unique is by being honest, so this is our audio-café, our way, we love it and hope you will too.


  • Time Period: Post-War, where materials were scarce, creativity was at peak.
  • Influences: Scandinavian X Japanese.
  • Shape: Triangle and expanding.
  • Highlights: A sushi-bar inspired audio-bar.
  • Mission: Defy the wall clutter in traditional audio stores.
  • Personality: Lots of it.



We chose a minimal setting so our conversation can be based off what you need, what music you listen to, your ear shape and lifestyle instead of parading rows of irrelevant selection in front of you. You can choose to visit our space with friends, or come alone and experience audio like you would, over the sushi bar with the chef’s recommendations. Approach our crew, we’re always ready to help without intrusion.



The common area that’s designed to be open and comfortable anywhere you choose to sit. Here’s where you can order drinks, have cakes and test earphones or headphones that do not require full desktop amplification all in one session. Wave out to a crew when you need assistance in pairing a Bluetooth piece, or when you’re ready for your next set of recommendations. Family, friends gather around music listening, sound testing and keeps the happiness index high in the Zeppelin.

*During weekends or peak-hours, a 60-min dine-in/ listening time may apply to allow entry for more people to experience our space.

// THE FLIGHT DECK behind that yellow door (An invite-only space)

Built for open-back headphones listening and equipment requiring supervision. Find our curated range of flagship headphones and recommended pairings with amplifiers and DACs here. This is an intended quiet space so you can be transported to your music in your mind without disturbances. View our range of open-back headphones here.

Fun fact: Our founder loves A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and small bistros, so here’s a cross of it.

All you need to know about entry and rules:

1. Ask a crew / contact us via any of our channels, let us know what you'd like to audition so we can better prepare your visit.

2. Each listening session is blocked for 30mins, extensions can only be allowed if manpower or space is available.

3. We do not allow food and drinks in this area to keep our desktop equipment safe from possible spills and damages. (Also to avoid ugly "once damaged considered sold" signs)

4. To keep the Flight Deck a quiet listening experience so that the gear gets the deserved attention, you may bring one other person with you. Conversations in groups for three and above should be taken out to the main deck space.

5. Please respect the time limit, the crew's supervision or any other person sharing the space. Take care of our gear and space so you'd always get another invite instead of the blacklist.



7 Oz 9 Oz


Earl Grey Pu-erh with blue berries, blue corn flower & blue lavender.

Kukicha layered with lemongrass, ginger & fragrant pandan.

Jasmine green, black tea, cranberries, lychee pieces & lily blossoms

A seasonal fruit tea, fragrant and refreshing.

Milk oolong, coconut bits, forget-me-not blossoms, lotus stamen & bergamot.

Pure Japanese green tea from Uji, Kyoto prefecture.

Assam black tea, ceylon black tea

Peppermint, verbena, lemon peel

Chamomile flowers, lavender, marigold

We choose bottles these brews that are 100% all-natural & preservatives free.

Butterscotch Beer, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Black Cherry

When you really don’t feel like anything else.

House Rules

Welcome aboard the Zeppelin! It’s going to be amazing and here’s how to keep it that way:


We may limit dine-in or audition sessions to 60 minutes during busy hours due to limited seating capacity. That way, people who have set time apart to visit us can also enjoy the space and you wouldn’t find yourself stranded outside the door either.


Kindly finish your own takeaways before entering our space. You may check out our menu here.


Please consult the crew if necessary. We’d be happy if you bought something you like, not pay for something you’ve damaged.

Do also note that measuring (sonic frequency response, not dimensions) of our equipment is strictly NOT allowed unless approval is granted clearly in writing by the brand(s). Please inform the crew ahead of your visit if such permission has been granted so equipment can be made available at a suitable time.


We’re not librarians and you won’t have to whisper, but we’ve had groups who got carried away, talking loudly and disturbing the other customers. We don’t enjoy such reminders, so please be considerate of someone who may have come to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, or do some serious listening.


We take this seriously. Our crew gives their best everyday. Any disrespect or abuse to the crew will not be tolerated. Thank you for helping to keep Zepp a wonderful space for our customers.

The Crew reserves the right to deny service if house rules are ignored repeatedly.