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    Shanling M8Shanling M8
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    Shanling M8

    It's Shanling Audio's time to shine with their flagship M8 music player. An epitome of what's possible with dual AKM AK4499 DAC chips, this portable behemoth of resolution and power comes with your usability in mind.  Included, swappable headphone output jacks of the 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm variety come for you to plug and play from an Android operating system putting Tidal and Spotify in your palms and pockets. There's attention to the detail in your music, through Shanling's attention to detail. AKM's state-of-the-art DACs get the platform to perform upon, with this manufacturer touting in particular a proprietary I/V stage that just begins to showcase M8's analog acumen. A totally transparent window into your music is a given, and M8's inherent sweetness and palpable tone isn't traded in for dynamic purity. This flagship is fast, precise and pulls no punches with reproducing detail. Porta Fi hail it as an interesting and worthy device. Swinging from ultra-quiet for IEMs to ear-splitting on Turbo Gain, it's already earned recognition at Headfonics for "distinct resolution, excellent headroom and a strong dense character that does not compromise dynamics" to be declared the "most expressive DAP heard so far". In terms of sheer wow factor, Headfonia ranked Shanling's top dog in their top three music players tested. Twister6 also hailed M8 as the complete offering when it comes to sound quality. Really, you know it's special when Soundnews summed its review up in two words �E€�E "P king". View the rest of Shanling's products here, or our other music players here.>o


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