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    [B-STOCK] Hiby R2  --SOLD--[B-STOCK] Hiby R2  --SOLD--
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    [B-STOCK] Hiby R2 --SOLD--

    --- SOLD! --- Looking to try out a DAP and see what it has to offer to start with? The R2 fits the bill at just $50.  In full working condition, with no box.  Warranty: Six months from the date of purchase. 


    Our Price | $50

    [B-STOCK] Hiby FC4 --SOLD--[B-STOCK] Hiby FC4 --SOLD--
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    [B-STOCK] Hiby FC4 --SOLD--

    --- SOLD! --- The HiBy FC4 is a portable USB DAC/headphone amp, with high driving power and MQA support. It has both 3.5mm and 4.4mm termination. Perfect for your first portable Dac/Amp with great value. It is in full working condition, with no box. Warranty: Six months from the date of purchase. 


    Our Price | $50

    [CLEARANCE] Earsonics ES3 UIEM[CLEARANCE] Earsonics ES3 UIEM
    On sale

    [CLEARANCE] Earsonics ES3 UIEM

    Combining innovative design and ultimate sound quality, Earsonics' ES3 offers to the greatest, specifications reserved only to the music professional market till now. It has become the worthy representative of EarSonics music range. Dine at France's top table with Earsonics' other IEMs here, or browse all our other earphones here.


    Our Price | $199

    On sale


    Our favourite HUM is now housed in pebble grey, subtle, understated and clean. It does not rush to immediately knock you out with the boomiest bass, because we know you would let it stir, sit, and understand what it means to listen without fatigue. Flutes, triangles, percussions are laid down nicely in front of you with no particular hurry. The TT does not aspire to be a rocker but the classical maestros and jazz cats are now finally smiling. Perfect for those who do not drown their steak in ketchup, nor bake without tasting water. A must-try when you visit us at Zepp.The TT is also available in the customised fit and deserves one of these HUM HYPNO perfections to go with it.  / Photography by Zepp Crew.---


    Our Price | $200

    [B-STOCK] iFi Zen Stream
    On sale

    [B-STOCK] iFi Zen Stream

    A perfect solution for consumers who wish to stream music via their DAC without streaming support.  Complete with box and in full working condition, the only item missing is the ethernet cable. Warranty Provided: One year from the date of purchase. 


    Our Price | $420

    [CLEARANCE] Craft Ears Craft FOUR (C4) UIEM ---1 LEFT---[CLEARANCE] Craft Ears Craft FOUR (C4) UIEM ---1 LEFT---

    [CLEARANCE] Craft Ears Craft FOUR (C4) UIEM ---1 LEFT---

    The sweetest take on what four drivers can sound like. Craft Four is the model that shot Craft Ears to fame, with its delicacy, detail and a very emotive mid-range. Lovers of the guitars and male or female voices will not get over this performance in a hurry. Craft Four lands at a perfect sweet spot, the Goldilocks of all IEMs that just sounds right whatever your mood or genre fix at current moment. Its four balanced armatures are celebrated around Head-Fi for a W-shaped portrayal with equal, energetic, emphasis of each key region. [See Product Desc. For More] Headfonia rates it a "terrific first CIEM", with earphonia adding its "rich low-end" and "intimate staging with solid musicality" was worthy of mention. It competes very well for less money to Headfonics, thanks to "a refined and sibilant free vocal delivery, with articulate percussion". The Headphone List concurs "Craft Four represents outstanding value and is best suited for those wanting a balanced, musical earphone with smooth, prominent vocals and airy highs". ***Listed price covers basic colours. Please consult crew for details.***Additional fees may apply depending on choice of design.  Craft Four is a low-impedance IEM that will excel when driven by Questyle Audio's current-mode M12, and is also available in custom (CIEM) form. Otherwise, explore the rest of Zepp's Craft Ears range here or view our other universal (UIEM) options here.


    Our Price | $729

    [B-STOCK] iBasso DX240[B-STOCK] iBasso DX240
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    [B-STOCK] iBasso DX240

    DX240 is so good, in fact, it displaces DX300 on Headfonia's Recommended Buy list and joined its big sibling there on Audiophile-Heaven. DX240's owners are entitled to three free amp card endplates and a matching leather case worth $149, while the upgrade to Amp8 MKII updates capabilities further.  This B-stock variant is 40% off new, and it is in full working condition.  Special Bundle Deal: We offer a special bundle deal with our DX240 [B-stock], at a cost of $3,400 in total [$3,700 if purchases individually]. Warranty: One year from the date of purchase.


    Our Price | $800

    [CLEARANCE] Beyerdynamic XELENTO remote 2nd Generation[CLEARANCE] Beyerdynamic XELENTO remote 2nd Generation
    On sale

    [CLEARANCE] Beyerdynamic XELENTO remote 2nd Generation

    Beyerdynamic take their XELENTO Remote 2nd Generation slogan of being an audible piece of jewelry to new levels. This classic earphone updates its Tesla single dynamic drivers to second gen Tesla.11 standards and packages them in an immaculate, ergonomic metal shell – handmade entirely in Germany. Ready to wow a new era of audiophiles, Beyerdynamic package a 4.4mm balanced cable for use with portable DAC/amps and music players, on top of a standard 3.5mm one with mic.


    Our Price | $899

    [EX-DEMO] Feliks Echo II[EX-DEMO] Feliks Echo II
    On sale

    [EX-DEMO] Feliks Echo II

    One of our favourite Feliks Audio amps that we're letting go since it's discontinued. Perfect working condition, beautifully built and a rare gem since Feliks Audios won't be making an entry level model like this again.Warranty: 6 months


    Our Price | $900

    [CLEARANCE] HiBy R8 ---SOLD---[CLEARANCE] HiBy R8 ---SOLD---
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    [CLEARANCE] HiBy R8 ---SOLD---

    --- SOLD! --- HiBy Music's R8 release comes as a sign of assurance, a bid at challenging for the top of the DAP market. If you've found a niche make it yours, and HiBy's uber-powerful Android 9 and MQA 16X player is a showcase of electronics engineering brilliance. [See Product Desc. For More] R8's dual AKM4497s bring out the best of your online and offline Tidal MQA files, with a headphone amplifier Turbo Mode that puts out desktop amplifier leagues of power to drive Sennheiser and ZMF Headphones with ease. Here is a DAP that's all about the big experience. Such as the biggest, most speaker-like performance from Sennheiser's HD800S driven 4.4mm balanced: two strong tower images playing from in front of you. Even desktop amplifiers struggle to portray the same cues in spatial depth with this headphone legend, certainly never matching full-size stereo listening...until now. R8 leapt onto Headfonia's 'Recommended Buys' list for its supremacy in powering virtually all manner of headphones, being elevated to a 'Best of 2020' award given it's no small task for a portable device. Yet Twister6 hailed HiBy for giving us a flagship music player not all about brute force, but beautiful sound as well. This all led to Headfonics proclaiming R8 the most complete DAP on the market at time of writing. For the music player that does it all comes with a full suite of accessories including its own premium leather-bound carry box and exclusive Dignis case in tow. It's an unboxing experience to behold. Porta Fi called it – HiBy nailed it with R8. Now at Zepp, whet your appetites with the rest of HiBy's releases here first, or browse our other music players here.


    Our Price | $1,359

    [B-STOCK] Empire Ears Evo UIEM[B-STOCK] Empire Ears Evo UIEM
    On sale

    [B-STOCK] Empire Ears Evo UIEM

    Empire Ear's EVO, probably one of the best IEMs on the market especially for the rock genre due to its full, yet controlled sub-bass execution.  This B-stock variant is in the 4.4mm termination, and in mint condition, with no dents or scratches of any kind. Special Bundle Deal: We offer a special bundle deal with our DX240 [B-stock], at a cost of $3,400 in total [$3,700 if purchases individually]. Warranty: One year from the date of purchase. 


    Our Price | $2,859

    [B-STOCK] Cayin N8ii ---SOLD---[B-STOCK] Cayin N8ii ---SOLD---
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    [B-STOCK] Cayin N8ii ---SOLD---

    --- SOLD! --- Cayin's flagship N8ii, this tube or solid-state flagship music player plays with a deftness of touch to dynamics, realistic distances and imaging, plus a soundstage bathed in a gentle light that is at the same time detailed but never fatiguing. This B-stock variant is more than 30% off, in full working condition.  Warranty: Full one year from the date of purchase.


    Our Price | $3,400

    [B-STOCK] Empire Ears Odin UIEM[B-STOCK] Empire Ears Odin UIEM

    [B-STOCK] Empire Ears Odin UIEM

    A special deal for a special IEM, Empire Ears' flagship IEM, the Odin. It is in mint condition, with no difference to a new set. Warranty: One year from the date of purchase.   


    Our Price | $3,899