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    HYLA SardaHYLA Sarda
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    HYLA Sarda

    Two purple halves to make one beating Hyla flagship called <<Sarda>>. Tuned to bring coherence and definition to the Hyla signature, this retains the balance of the CE-5's bass and treble, the fullness of the TE-5B's vocals and the sweetness in the TE-5T. Definitely deserving of its flagship title, and priced perfectly to hold its own spot in the 1k-2k fleet of champions with 2 BA drivers, 1 dynamic, and 1 ceramic piezoelectric driver. ***Small quantities available by order only. Limited edition, 300pcs worldwide.


    Our Price | $1,599

    Hyla CE-5 Stock CableHyla CE-5 Stock Cable
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    Hyla CE-5 Stock Cable

    We don't know what it's made of, but it's got the popular vote by our customers-  It's black sleeved for subtlety, 2pin to fit most CIEMs, and a happy replacement cable for most looking not to spend over $100.  We'll loosely add that it sounds clean with 9/10 pairings we've heard.  


    Our Price | $99

    Hyla TE-5T (Treble)Hyla TE-5T (Treble)
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    Hyla TE-5T (Treble)

    Taking Hyla's classic CE-5 as a platform and upping the excitement and immediacy of the midrange and treble regions, the TE-5T (Treble) was born. Vocals come to the fore, cymbals sizzle, and pairing is excellent running balanced with Cayin's N6II (T01).


    Our Price | $1,199

    Hyla LA-1 Nerva XHyla LA-1 Nerva X
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    Hyla LA-1 Nerva X

    Hyla goes full silver with its specially incorporated vented drivers, ten per side to push the parameters of audiophilia. Smooth, creamy without losing details, there is little to fault except its price tag and being a little harder to drive then the rest of the Hyla range. Strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion come alive, vocals are intimate and it's all liquid metal flowing through the notes. A must-try when you visit, perhaps with the Astell & Kern AK380SS or the Ibasso DX220 Max. 


    Our Price | $3,999