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Prepare for Flight

A grey wall was constructed, a door was placed. A triangular space that’s a cafe and an audio store emerged quietly amidst the flashing LED signs and clutter of Sim Lim Square. The lights come on, the coffee started brewing, and people stayed to talk, to listen to earphones, headphones. It was a queer beginning, but we loved it. It was our oasis.


The Zepp Story

We planted our flag as the first audio cafe in Singapore when the retail landscape was a crater, dry and dead. Serious listeners stream in during weekdays, weekends are buzzing with friends gathering, casual shoppers walking in for coffee. They call us audiophiles, but our crew curates the audio selection and reviews so you won’t have to plough through Google. A reputation has been achieved and recognition gained from selling consumer and enthusiast equipment from the world’s most renowned audiophile manufacturers. Our hearing is as good as our listening- we’ll find you something that fits your lifestyle and work through your checklist of criteria with you. 


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