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Sony NW-ZX707Sony NW-ZX707

Sony NW-ZX707

The latest NW-ZX707 is a premium Sony Walkman combining incredible sound quality...


Our Price | $1,199

Sennheiser IE200Sennheiser IE200

Sennheiser IE200

EDC has a new name – Sennheiser's IE200. Taking IE600 and IE900's DNA to new heig...


Our Price | $219

Vision Ears Phonix LE 2023Vision Ears Phonix LE 2023

Vision Ears Phonix LE 2023

From the embers of Erlkönig a new Vision Ears Phönix LE rose. The former awoke a ...


Our Price | $5,999

Acoustune HS2000MX Mk.2Acoustune HS2000MX Mk.2

Acoustune HS2000MX Mk.2

HS2000MX MKII is a delicious red and houses a brand new chamber, the ACT05. This ...


Our Price | $2,379

Sony NW-A306Sony NW-A306

Sony NW-A306

In the spirit of the Walkman is Sony's entry-level NW-A306, such that anyone can ...


Our Price | $479

iBasso AMP14iBasso AMP14

iBasso AMP14

By popular request – iBasso Audio send DX300 and DX320 further down the tube with...


Our Price | $399

Final Audio UX3000Final Audio UX3000

Final Audio UX3000

UX3000 is Final Audio's continued exploration of the Bluetooth market, this noise...


Our Price | $229

Feliks Audio Euforia EvoFeliks Audio Euforia Evo

Feliks Audio Euforia Evo

Purity of sound is everything that Feliks Audio is about, and Euforia EVO is the...


Our Price | $4,399

What People Are Saying...

Google Reviews

I had an amazing experience here while shopping for headphones and enjoying the coffee. One of their staff members was very accommodating and helpful as I sat there and tried various headphones for about an hour...

I encourage everyone to visit this place, even if you're not into audio gear. It has a great atmosphere and seems like a very chill place to hang out with friends, not to mention the great service from the staff. I had a blast and hope to come back soon.

- Ryan Jansen

Excellent experience overall purchasing from them. These guys are the go-to store in Singapore for anything audio related. They take extreme care and patience in explaining everything, making sure you make the right decisions. Very knowledgeable about the product they sell, and super responsive. Thank you for the great experience once again!!

- Sean Ng

First time here but left a deep impression. Superb place for auditioning a wide range of earphones and headphones from standard to boutique levels over, in my opinion, some of the best coffee in town.

The knowledgeable and clearly passionate staff are absolute rockstars. They patiently explained and recommended headphones to my taste and style. Though I'm no Mr Golden Ears, they made it work for me as a relatively noob listener.
Cheers to the team, keep up the wonderful spirit!

- Alan Pang

Amazing place and amazing people! It's always good to know that you are in good and professional hands when it comes to audio advice and purchases. The staff at the shop are knowledgeable and helpful. I did learn quite a few things! Most important of all - if you are buying ZMF, buy it here via the only official dealer in SG. Wonderful experience. Two thumbs up!

- Marcus Tong

Best service I've ever got from any store, not just audio stuff. They really know their stuff and will cater to your specific needs. Don't ever doubt when considering their ZMF lineup because it's just like buying from ZMF itself, no need to worry about warranty and options, they got it covered.

- Raymond Budiman

The staff here are unironically the most friendly and passionate about music I have interacted with. I came to this store with a list of IEMs I wanted to demo but before I even revealed my list to them, the staff that attended to me my first day there already brought out 2 of the 3 IEMs on said list just by hearing about my music preferences. A chill environment to demo all the IEMs they have to offer under the sun. Will be going there again to search for an audio player to pair with the IEMs I got today.

- Kenneth Feng

Prepare for Flight

A grey wall was constructed, a door was placed. A triangular space that’s a cafe and an audio store emerged quietly amidst the flashing LED signs and clutter of Sim Lim Square in Singapore. The lights came on, the coffee started brewing, and people stayed to talk, to listen to earphones, headphones. It was a queer beginning, but we loved it. It was our oasis.

The Zepp Story

We planted our flag as the first audio cafe in Singapore when the retail landscape was a crater, dry and dead. Serious listeners stream in during weekdays, weekends are buzzing with friends gathering, and casual shoppers walking in for coffee. They call us audiophiles, but our crew curates the audio selection and reviews so you won’t have to plough through Google. A reputation has been achieved and recognition gained from selling consumer and enthusiast equipment from the world’s most renowned audiophile manufacturers. Our hearing is as good as our listening- we’ll find you something that fits your lifestyle and work through your checklist of criteria with you.

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Got Questions?

Are you a cafe or an audio store?

You won’t have to choose! We are both, and all in the same space. Talk to us about your playlist or favourite music, tell us where and how you will be using it (sports / on-the-go /home quality listening), and we’ll look for the best fit together.

When you would like a break, put down the music gear, and have a cup of coffee, tea, or cakes that we have on our menu.

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How long is the warranty period?

Warranty coverage depends on the brand or distributor policy. Standard warranty coverage typically ranges between one to two years. All manufacturing defects are covered and all wear and tear or misuse is excluded from policy.

Examples of inclusions due to manufacturing defects:
1. One side of your earphone / headphone stops working. Item otherwise in good condition.
2. Bluetooth stopped working.
3. Battery stopped charging.

Examples of exclusions due to user-induced defect:
1. Pet chewed on my cable.
2. Cable got caught in door, I pulled, and it broke.
3. Dropped non-IPX rated item in water

Let us know what happened, we’ll be happy to help the best we can, or advise on options. Honesty is the best policy.

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Do you do price matching?

Yes, as long as the source is legitimate, and from an authorised retailer. Proof of price quoted is required. We will keep you anonymous, of course.

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Do you ship outside Singapore? I can’t seem to check out.

We would love to, but we chose to respect brand policies. There are certain brands that restrict sales to Singapore only, hence we’ve locked our website to keep it domestic. However, do contact us here, or drop us a WhatsApp at +65 93379655, and let us know which item(s) you are looking to purchase. We will be in touch with the next steps.

Please also take time to read this about warranty and service coverage outside Singapore before we ship to you.

• There will be no charge(s) for services and repairs if item(s) are within warranty period and terms.
• You’ll just have to cover the shipping costs to and fro Singapore. We will take care of shipping costs to and from the manufacturer/ service centre.

In cases where a replacement is necessary within 14 days of receiving the item, we will ship your replacement once your defective item is received, and a tracking number will be provided.

If warranty period is over, we continue to assist you in getting item(s) repaired or replaced. There may be a service fee if we are billed by the manufacturer. We will inform you of any charges before we proceed.

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My earpads are flaking, can you help?

Don’t be too quick to throw them away. Let us know which brand / make it is, and you might have the option to replace the earpads from our accessories collection.

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Why choose to buy from Zepp?

We’re not just a retailer. We are consumers too, and we understand what it means to have a safe place to buy. We’re here to troubleshoot, advise, and find options with you even when the warranty period is over.

Instead of sifting through pages of irrelevant content and paid reviews on Google, trust our professionalism, our willingness to listen, and your own ears.

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Do you have a refund policy?

We do not have a return / refund policy. That is why we strongly encourage testing before purchase and the crew will not be obliged to exchange, return, nor refund due to change of mind or for any other reasons.

For pre-orders with expected wait times such as customised in-ear-monitors or any item(s) that is /are built to order, we can make exceptions if the mistake is by Zeppelin & Co. Extended wait times due to customs clearance or manufacturer, distributor’s fulfillment schedule plus anything further considered unforeseen will not be granted refunds.

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Are your products all genuine?

Yes, most definitely! At Zepp, we take a lot of care to source and curate brands from all over the world to your doorstep and convenience.

A good part of this sourcing involves dealing and communicating directly with the brand manufacturers or the official distributors. So rest assured, sit back, and enjoy the products at your disposal.

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Why can’t I plug certain headphones directly into my phone?

[A full writeup is coming your way soon...!]

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Are we able to loan items?

We do not have a home-loan program currently. We also are allowed to purchase only one demo for the store, and need that to be available for customers who visit us. We’re always listening and look to be able to come up with a home-loan plan one day. Any suggestions may help to implement our future audio gear loan program.

Please email ideas to

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