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    iFi Zen DAC V2iFi Zen DAC V2

    iFi Zen DAC V2

    iFi Audio's Zen DAC sports a 4.4mm balanced headphone output unheard of at this price, and unfolds and decodes MQA; perfect for Tidal users. Now a 5 ⭐ hit on What Hi-Fi?. [See Product Desc. For More] HIFI Trends adored Zen DAC. With enough power to drive a 300 ohm Sennheiser or ZMF Headphones, and 420 ohm Audio-Technica, this is here to stay. As you continue upgrading your rig, this 32-bit/384kHz and DSD256 Zen DAC grows with you. Use it to decode digital and feed a balanced analog signal into your other devices as a hub! See the rest of iFi Audio's innovations here, or browse the rest of our collection of DACs and amplifiers here.


    Our Price | $265.05

    Benchmark AHB2 Power AmplifierBenchmark AHB2 Power Amplifier

    Benchmark AHB2 Power Amplifier

    From a company revered for their digital audio technology, Benchmark Media launched an all-out assault on stereo speaker amplification with their AHB2 power amplifier. Taking Stereophile's Product of the Year 2018 gong, this up-to-480-watt per channel Class AB amplifier depends on THX feed-forward AAA technology to deliver the widest dynamic range plus lowest signal-noise ratio of power amplifiers on the market, measuring perfectly on AudioScienceReview. [See Product Desc. For More] StereoNET rightfully called AHB2 a "class act that delivers an awful lot at its price" before it went on to take the publication's coveted Applause Award. Whether run as a stereo or monoblock amp, it's guaranteed to get the job done in any rig you place it in. Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity used an entire system together with the DAC3 and HPA4 THX-888 pre-amp to declare "Benchmark provides a textbook case of how good (read: superb) things can come in small packages". It got the Gold Award on Soundnews. The hallmarks of building a great power amplifier are all present here, with the ultra-efficient switching power supply of AHB2 stably and quietly juicing the amplifier regardless of load, before outputting into a power stage with peerless damping factor. You'll also be able to see everything from Benchmark here, our other digital and Roon Ready streaming sources from Matrix Audio here, and all our other DAC & amp options here.


    Our Price | $4,990

    Questyle CMA15Questyle CMA15

    Questyle CMA15

    CMA15 celebrates the 15th anniversary of Questyle Audio's inception with the use of ESS Technology's flagship ES9038Pro DAC. ecoustics say the benefits of a natural union of current-mode technologies are audible, placing CMA15 at the top for your consideration as a line source and headphone amplifier. CMA15 packs one of the most sophisticated pure Class A analog stages in a DAC available to market now, the strengths of an ES9038Pro and CMA15's current-mode amplification working hand in hand. CMA15 is alive with tone colour and saturation, notes propelled forth with a real zeal and macro-dynamic force about them. There is a tangible physicality about this Questyle flagship – listeners enjoy a palpable connection hearing familiar music again, as CMA15 heaves and breathes like it were a real, living, being. And still, in a reference DAC where neutrality is so prized, it presents tonal balance accurately. [See Product Desc. For More] In a throwback to Hi-Fi luminary Dan D'Agostino's work [using Texas Instruments] for Krell Industries at the beginning of the 21st century, Questyle designed CMA15's analog circuit path to operate transmitting signal solely in current instead of the standard voltage, starting from its ES9038Pro's 50mA analog current output. Manufacturers have long taken advantage of the ESS flagship's claim to be the most sophisticated DAC chip available, outputting in current for best distortion figures before traditionally voicing the circuit through the crucial I/V current-to-voltage converter stage. But D'Agostino understood then that no I/V stage could completely disappear sonically, colouring the sound artificially in ways unacceptable – he therefore removed the stage entirely, by employing Krell's own current-mode analog circuit. Transmission of signal, entirely in current, without prior conversion to voltage, has been revived by Questyle to the same effect here. Removal of the I/V aspect of CMA15's circuit therefore sees the purest expression ever of Questyle's current-mode philosophy, keeping affairs post-digital conversion magnificently and elegantly simple with fewer parts necessary.  Questyle's choice of current-mode signal is the stuff of legend by now. It eliminates the lag time that might otherwise occur when signal is transmitted in voltage, as it builds up at the capacitances in the circuit – current signal passes through unhindered by comparison, with speed and ease.  By doing away with the issue of transmission delay in CMA15, Questyle virtually eliminates any of the harshness caused by the intermodulation distortion associated with high capacitance, solid-state circuits.  Coloured yet correct, CMA15 presents detail smoothly and organically with a sense of vibrancy that's accurate and still entertaining. Another effect of being unhindered by capacitance in the signal path means that huge signal bandwidth is possible, leading to phase response being accurately preserved in the human hearing range. Indeed, to hear current-mode is to hear a naturalness to music not encountered before in a conventional circuit, and Questyle build CMA15 as the ultimate expression to such a topology.  A 4.4mm headphone output, a pure Class A small signal and power stage, and LDAC Bluetooth input, allow users to enjoy CMA15 in ever more scenarios. Current-mode will prove even more effective the closer a load is to ground. The results translate to an ultra-low distortion, linear, analog system in tandem with Class A, without resorting to the excessive use of negative feedback. CMA15 works as a perfect DAC for your Hi-Fi system into component input impedances that have been dropping ever more readily since the turn of this decade. Flip CMA15 to variable volume mode, and its analog potentiometer turns it into an excellent pre-amp. Everything above discusses the less-obvious about a true Questyle flagship, because the plain truth is that CMA15 functions as the perfect headphone amplifier first and Hi-Fi hub second. Check out Questyle's other headphone specialties here, or view our other DACs here.


    Our Price | $3,199

    Benchmark LA4 Line AmplifierBenchmark LA4 Line Amplifier

    Benchmark LA4 Line Amplifier

    A 256-step relay volume control brings one of the market's most sophisticated line stages from Benchmark Media to Hi-Fi and full-size system enthusiasts. Stereophile gave this compact full-size Hi-Fi component a glowing review, appreciating its technology. The Absolute Sound praise it in full-system context alongside Benchmark's own DAC3. This supremely transparent and precise line-level control helped Positive Feedback hear "every change I made to my system". [See Product Desc. For More] Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity used an entire system with the AHB2 power amp to declare "Benchmark provides a textbook case of how good (read: superb) things can come in small packages".  Write to us about a demo in your own stereo set-up at home. Or view the THX-888 headphone amplifier version of the LA4, the HPA4, here. You'll also be able to see everything from Benchmark here and all our other DAC & amp options here.


    Our Price | $4,390

    iFi Zen Blue V2

    iFi Zen Blue V2

    iFi Audio's ultra-affordable Bluetooth streamer receives almost every signal from your computer, Mac, Android phone or mobile iOS device before decoding it to a balanced analog output signal. A 5 ⭐ hit on What Hi-Fi?, V2 boasts an improved antenna touting up to 80 per cent more range. [See Product Desc. For More] Zen Blue supports Qualcomm's aptX and aptX HD, LDAC and HWA, the latter hi-res codecs created by Sony and Huawei respectively. An improved clock means that jitter is reduced for better timing reproduced in your audio. Once received, that signal stands by to either go into your amplifier or speakers via balanced or single-ended analog, or digital SPDIF into a downstream decoder. That's flexibility at your fingertips! See the rest of iFi Audio's innovations here, or browse the rest of our collection of DACs and amplifiers here.


    Our Price | $265.05

    Audio-Technica AT-BHA100Audio-Technica AT-BHA100

    Audio-Technica AT-BHA100

    If you're going to add a tube to a circuit then put it on the input, and that's exactly what Audio-Technica have done with their hybrid AT-BHA100 headphone amplifier. Four ECC83S tubes take care of voltage gain, leaving the heavy lifting to a solid-state power stage built from discrete components. [See Product Desc. For More] With balanced connections back and front, AT-BHA100 promises source and especially headphone versatility from the Audio-Technica stable and beyond, those from Focal, Rosson Audio Design, Sennheiser and ZMF Headphones also being present. Alternatively, share the fun and listen with a partner through the use of two single-ended outputs each with their own volume knob! Tuned with a reference sound flat from bottom to top with beautiful sparkle in the highs, this is one infinitely pleasing listen your headphones will never tire of. We've been impressed by Benchmark Media's DAC3 supplying AT-BHA-100's signal. Also check out the rest of Audio-Technica's catalogue here, or view our other amplifiers here. 


    Our Price | $1,300.14

    Matrix X-SPDIF 2Matrix X-SPDIF 2
    Ask The Crew

    Matrix X-SPDIF 2

    Transforms your computer into a high-end audio transport, capable of outputting digital signals via I2S by HDMI, AES/EBU and SPDIF to your DAC. *Price mentioned in video is in USD. All our website prices are in SGD. 


    Our Price | $659

    Benchmark DAC3 DAC

    Benchmark DAC3 DAC

    Benchmark have furthered their long line of Digital-to-Analog Converters with the DAC3. Stereophile commented that DAC3 was evidence that "science works". Enough, clearly, for this bargain in high-end audio to take the magazine's Product of the Year 2018. That elevates this pro audio powerhouse further in the minds of home Hi-Fi enthusiasts, and it's no surprise that Benchmark's sonic transparency and muscular, dynamic plus honest delivery fit any genre of music thrown at it. Five ⭐ came easily from What Hi-Fi?. [See Product Desc. For More] The Absolute Sound praise DAC3 in full-system context alongside the HPA4 and LA4 line controls. Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity used an entire system alongside the AHB2 power amp to declare "Benchmark provides a textbook case of how good (read: superb) things can come in small packages".  You'll also be able to see everything from Benchmark here and all our other DAC & amp options here.


    Our Price | $2,790

    Benchmark HPA4 Headphone Amplifier / Pre-amplifierBenchmark HPA4 Headphone Amplifier / Pre-amplifier

    Benchmark HPA4 Headphone Amplifier / Pre-amplifier

    Bringing THX-patented AAA technology to headphone amplification, Benchmark released their HPA4 as a statement product to take the personal audio world by storm. Personal audio enthusiasts have been able to count upon household name Benchmark's engineering prowess, says AudioScienceReview. It's an approach to engineering The Ear note can be heard in their listening. [See Product Desc. For More] A 256-step relay volume control additionally brings one of the market's most sophisticated line stages to headphone enthusiasts. Stereophile's Herb Reichert thanks this statement piece for helping "this old triode-tube lover to first acknowledge, then accept, and finally enjoy a new type of engagement, one that satisfied my engineering mind and my audiophile lust to look and listen into the hidden nooks and distant corners of every recording". The Absolute Sound praise HPA4 in full-system context alongside Benchmark's DAC3. Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity used an entire system with the AHB2 power amp to declare "Benchmark provides a textbook case of how good (read: superb) things can come in small packages".  Write to us about a demo in your own stereo set-up at home, or view the pre-amp-only version of HPA4, the LA4, here. You'll also be able to see everything from Benchmark here and all our other DAC & amp options here.


    Our Price | $5,090

    DCS Lina Headphone AmpDCS Lina Headphone Amp

    DCS Lina Headphone Amp

    No one knew exactly what to expect from dCS Data Conversion Systems' first separate analog power amplifier, but neither is anyone surprised by the excellence of Lina headphone amplifier anyway.  Exhibiting remarkable specs on paper, it's immediately apparent how Lina's discrete transistor solid-state reference amplifier product translates those into spectacular audible results – an analog product that proves worthy of bearing the dCS name. A pinnacle of frequency extension and transparency, Lina headphone amplifier makes its case to be the ultimate, final headphone source you'll ever need – conjuring macro and micro dynamics before your ears while always sounding relaxed and completely natural in its tonality. READ ALSO How Lina is the perfect amp for Susvara When fed by dCS' accompanying Lina network DAC, Lina amp's fully-balanced, differential design encased in solid aluminium brings out even more than you thought your flagship headphones could produce. [See Product Desc. For More] Headfonia didn't do a very good job, trying to prevent their jaw from dropping at Lina's performance. From "planar headphone fan" Headfonics, "this is a tremendously satisfying and engrossing world-class solid-state amplifier". Lina saw Headphone Guru's headphones replace his speakers over a month of testing.  She was a Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product. Lina amp outputs in excess of 4 watts with enough current-handling ability for loads like the Abyss AB1266 Phi TC, Hedd Audio HEDDphone and HIFIMAN's Susvara. At the drawing board, dCS invest every effort in building Lina amp as a linear open-loop design.  READ ALSO Building a dCS statement in analog design Rather than achieving current-handling capability via the usual technique of building with more output transistors in parallel, Lina amp opts for quality over quantity and a lower parts count. Less is more, and dCS elegantly selects fewer but more unconventionally capable devices with 8 ampere current capability exceeding the normal needs of headphone amplifiers. Feeding this potent array of beastly power transistors is a proprietary driver stage that dCS designed to operate linearly with low open-loop distortion, unfazed by pushing the large output devices. This secret voltage gain circuit is more than up to the task of passing along and upsizing the signal of Lina DAC transparently without adding noise and distortion, thanks in part to cascodes operating supplementary and reducing voltage-induced non-linearities. Said cascodes also play a part reducing capacitance at the bases of transistors where they operate, which provides tremendous high-frequency performance with Lina amplifier extending out to 100Khz at -3dB. Meanwhile, Lina amp's DC-coupled nature also means bass extends down to subterranean levels – this kind of frequency performance down low and up top guarantees superbly flat phase reproduction in the audible human hearing range for potent and realistic musical dynamics. Through the audio microscopes that are flagship headphones, Lina's perfect phase response is undisputedly audible. The above – low output impedance, excellent current-handling, low distortion and frequency extension – all remarkably achieved in the open-loop. After getting these basics of an excellent analog circuit right, dCS then apply the cherry on the cake – closing the loop with negative feedback to make an already good design great. dCS thus achieves the amplifier ideal of a straight wire with gain, adding as little colouration as possible to let your transducers speak freely, to the fullest of their potential. It's been thoroughly thought out. When used with Lina DAC, Lina amp takes advantage of the former's high-current line-stage. The latter boasts an unbuffered balanced input, bypassing unnecessary active input stage devices and simplifying the circuit further for less chance of error.  Now we see – with the gargantuan task of creating a standalone amplifying product that lived up to the dCS name, these digital specialists pulled off a masterclass in analog design. A true testament to the skill of the designers, for the benefit of the most dedicated headphone listeners. Elsewhere, explore the digital chops from the rest of Lina here, or browse our other desktop products here.


    Our Price | $14,500

    DCS Lina Network DACDCS Lina Network DAC

    DCS Lina Network DAC

    The Lina network streaming DAC boasting Ring DAC technology is both a continuation and a new beginning for dCS Data Conversion Systems. Lina DAC's design combines renowned dCS technologies with new innovations developed for headphone listeners – resulting in a bold new interpretation of the dCS experience, and a complete re-imaging of form and function alongside Lina headphone amp and Lina master clock. READ ALSO The inside story behind Lina DAC's creation What doesn't change, however, is a level of new immersion, resolution and realism that accompanies any dCS; even at Lina's new entry-level point. There are multiple ways to get your music aboard Lina DAC, with Spotify and Tidal Connect, plus Roon Ready status, standing by for easy connectivity right from set-up. With Lina DAC, dCS took core playback technologies, including the dCS Ring DAC and Digital Processing Platform, and added new innovations developed for headphone listeners. [See Product Desc. For More] Headfonia didn't do a very good job, trying to prevent their jaw from dropping at Lina's performance. Lina's "energy, dynamics, and a very strong level of detail retrieval" floored Headfonics. It saw Headphone Guru's headphones replace his speakers over a month of testing. She was a Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product. These impressive results translated to speakers too, for Steve Huff. A sensible flex-ridged circuit board allows dCS to deliver all of the features you’d expect from a dCS DAC in a much smaller chassis that would sit handsomely on a desktop or coffee table. READ ALSO The exhaustive breakdown of dCS Ring DAC technology At the heart of all dCS DACs is the Ring DAC, and Lina is no different. Ring DAC denotes a proprietary digital-to-analog conversion system. Ring DAC is renowned for its ultra-wide bandwidth, technical accuracy, and ability to reveal astonishing levels of detail in digital recordings – from the subtlest of sounds, to the sense of time and harmonic movement, and the atmosphere that surrounds a musical performance. A Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA comes loaded with the dCS Ring DAC mapping algorithm, and custom dCS oversampling linear-phase filters. FPGA technology allows dCS to supply constant firmware updates with time, by way of network updates. This showcases Lina's status as a true software product with each firmware upgrade yielding audible and functional improvements that sees dCS DACs always stay relevant. READ ALSO Software-driven hardware design at dCS After digital signal processing at Lina DAC's FPGA, the oversampled signal is then processed by a high-performance array of resistors and current latches controlled by the Ring DAC mapping algorithm, to form the basis of Lina's supreme performance discrete delta-sigma DAC. Designed from the ground up by dCS, not relying on performance-limiting off-the-shelf DAC chips, there is literally nothing out there like Lina DAC.  Lina gives all listeners the capability to expand its potential beyond a single box – its high-current discrete analog line output stage, fully balanced and differential – is designed to preserve the transparency of the Ring DAC. It can feed directly the unbuffered input section of Lina headphone amp, for full resolution and best signal-to-noise ratio.  Lina master clock meanwhile sits alongside ready to supply a reference clock source via dual BNCs for Lina DAC. Pushing phase noise and jitter far below audibility, the difference Lina master clock makes is profound, even on a decoder already as supreme as Lina DAC – and must be heard to be believed. The result is a powerful, supremely capable product designed for use in a wide range of environments, from living rooms to studios and workspaces.  With its wide dynamic range, crisp, clear playback, expansive soundstage, and tonal neutrality, Lina DAC provides a deeply natural, highly detailed, and profoundly musical sound that encapsulates our singular approach to audio. Add unique headphone optimisation technology like digital crossfeed, an elegant and tactile design, and a high-performance streaming platform, and you have a hugely versatile source that delivers spectacular sound, however you choose to listen.  READ ALSO Expanse – digital crossfeed done right View the rest of the Lina family here so that you may build on the magnificent performance of this network DAC, or view our other desktop products here.


    Our Price | $20,500

    DCS Lina Master ClockDCS Lina Master Clock

    DCS Lina Master Clock

    The Lina master clock is a product inspired by dCS Data Conversion Systems' absolute dedication to achieving the highest possible standards of sound reproduction.  Headfonia didn't do a very good job, trying to prevent their jaw from dropping at Lina's performance. Lina saw Headphone Guru's headphones replace his speakers over a month of testing. She was a Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product. Design of Lina clock, to operate in tandem with Lina network DAC connected by dual BNCs, is informed by dCS experience developing master clocks for professional and home use. Headfonics clearly heard an improvement, certainly in a way he didn't miss Rossini clock. READ ALSO Lina a timely addition to dCS heritage Designed to further suppress jitter and phase noise in Lina DAC, it uses two oven-controlled crystal oscillators to deliver a precise and stable clocking reference for all audio formats and frequencies. [See Product Desc. For More] When paired with Lina DAC, Lina clock allows its sibling's internal clock system to be locked to a master signal, for even greater precision and enhanced audio performance. READ ALSO The scientific basis of dCS master clocks Its standalone design ensures sensitive clocking components are protected from factors that can cause interference. Each crystal oscillator is oven-controlled to ensure its performance remains consistent, even under changing conditions and temperatures. With its own dedicated chassis and power supplies, clock signals are thus protected from power interference, crosstalk and other factors that can affect integrity and in turn, audio quality. The feedback dCS received from listeners and audio experts who’ve experienced significant sonic benefits after adding such a master of time to their system clearly advised their design for the most thorough headphone reference rig available to market. Designed for maximum reliability and longevity, Lina clock is a silent but powerful component engineered to operate with absolute precision and consistency, so you can experience the best possible performance from your system. Combined with the rest of the Lina system that you can view here, Lina clock delivers an even more profound and immersive dCS listening experience, and helps ensure the audio you hear sounds exactly as it should.


    Our Price | $11,500

    Feliks EliseFeliks Elise

    Feliks Elise

    Adding scale and stage to Feliks Audio's impressive Echo II is Elise. Tube character abounds but never enough to take away the life-like realism of actual music in this OTL amplifier in single-ended triode format, based on the 6SN7 driver stalwart. You'll struggle to dispute Elise's quality at portraying an orchestral piece of work, or its magic synergy with Audio-Technica, Sennheiser or ZMF Headphones. Give it one listen, or many. Rarely will a single piece of gear fit as many sources, genres or set-ups. [See Product Desc. For More] Its mids are liquid and forward, great to address any flaws still present in your flagship cans. Warm, natural and wholesome even harmonic sound dominates – a direct result of Elise's single-ended Class A topology. The holy grail of all bias schemes isn't undertaken lightly, and new current sources ensure Feliks Audio's classic single-ended triode amplifier runs stably fully biased at all output levels. This is a decidedly low-distortion affair in an inherently linear amplifier given high tube operating voltages and current. Transconductance increasing with bias current is optimal. And while tube imaging, emotiveness and liquidity is de facto, Elise always sounds natural and fully transparent. Indeed, despite its mid-range vivacity, a massive audio bandwidth is guaranteed given its output transformer-less OTL construction. Literally nothing separates you from your music. Pairs of 6SN7 and NOS 6N13S tubes power your headphones directly, without any chunk of iron in the signal path.  Elise champions frequency extension – the fast, deep bass and airy, open highs from the best OTL associations to perfect phase reproduction and respectable damping factor – therefore. Long tube operating lifespans come courtesy of improved thermal management and more efficient passive cooling driving up to 60 per cent lower operating temperatures in the incumbant, versus its predecessor. Really, it's never only about the parts, and Elise is further proof boasting a new tube cathode heater and power supply design derived from the flagship Euforia. Great design nous gives a premium, Polish-built amplifier the platform to perform quietly and transparently.  Whether you go up or down, you'll be served browsing the rest of Feliks Audio's offerings here, or all our other DAC & amp options here.


    Our Price | $2,799

    Matrix Audio Element SMatrix Audio Element S

    Matrix Audio Element S

    As much as Matrix Audio have been on the digital ascendancy in recent years, sometimes you just want to share that goodness with other DACs. Enter Element S, Matrix’s first pure network music streamer that delivers digital I2S and AES/EBU to another DAC. Begin your signal path, your entire audio chain, the right way. As the source Element S accepts audio data from any of its Ethernet or Wi-Fi inputs, putting its Roon Ready status at your disposal or its growing, diversifying Matrix’s MA Remote OS – most lately adding the HIGHRESAUDIO streaming service to Tidal and Qobuz. The freeware of your choice may be used too, with first-choices Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect and UPnP/DLNA augmented with Apple AirPlay 2. After FPGA processing, Element S generates pure I2S data and outputs it via HDMI to any Matrix, Denafrips, Holo Audio or other DAC complying with PS Audio’s pin-out standard. Otherwise, this I2S data as well as the source bit, master and word clock presided over by Accusilicon crystal oscillators may be packaged into S/PDIF with the premier standard of AES/EBU – perfect for dCS Data Conversion Systems Lina – backed up by co-axial RCA and optical outputs. [See Product Desc. For More] Even the tricky topic of USB output is navigated expertly by Matrix, who built their interface with a 5 volt ultra-low noise power output that’s processed by a multi-stage ultra-low noise linear regulator and a power filter circuit. Even for downstream USB devices that are self-powered, a clean USB power line can make a world of difference. Certainly, listeners of MQA-certified USB DACs wanting to get a stream onto their downstream devices will be capably served by Element S unlike any other. Low noise is certainly a theme throughout, with the I2S output over HDMI galvanically isolated from power supply noise with fast optocouplers to prevent any power supply or ARM Cortex CPU noise from interfering with each clock type traveling to destination.  That plays a big part in Element S jitter reduction – yielding gains in imaging and soundstage realism on something as transparent as Denafrips and Holo Audio’s R2R DAC flagships. It’s not just DACs that comply to the PS Audio I2S over HDMI format that can enjoy Matrix’s quality. Up to four different pin-outs configurations can be chosen from in the settings of Element S. It’s in this way that Matrix don’t hog all the glory converting digital to analog themselves, but share the stage with others enabling them to perform the final step to analog with the best chance of success possible through Element S.  If you want Matrix to perform the whole process themselves then view their other sources here, or check out our other DACs here.


    Our Price | $2,299

    Matrix Audio Element X2 PureMatrix Audio Element X2 Pure

    Matrix Audio Element X2 Pure

    Matrix Audio lead the way. These digital mainstays take advantage of their close relationship with ESS Technology, to release Element X2 Pure – the first elite network-streaming DAC pre-amp to bring not one, but two, new flagship ES9039Pro DAC chips to bear. Element X2 Pure is not merely an advertisement for Matrix, but for ESS. ES9039Pro's patented Hyperstream pulse-width modulation technology is already a one-up on standard delta-sigma modulation, and now enters its fourth iteration pushing nigh inaudible high-order distortion levels post-conversion further down. Perfectly exploiting the dynamic range and distortion headroom these futuristic ESS DACs provide is Matrix's implementation. A direct-coupled analog stage, an O-core power supply, galvanic isolation and a hybrid, relay-based, analog resistor volume control for pre-amp duty means Element X2 Pure sets the standard now, and for the future. Take advantage of Element X2 Pure's overbuilt hardware platform by getting all your music aboard via ethernet or Wi-Fi inputs. Matrix's streaming function is the modern audiophile's best friend. Its Roon Ready, Tidal Connect, UPnP/DLNA plus Apple AirPlay 2 functions will keep your tunes playing all day. [See Product Desc. For More] You'll absolutely want to hear your music from this Matrix pinnacle, and Element X2 Pure ensures it's easy getting your tracks aboard. Part of Element X2 Pure's point is input from this decade's generation of smart TVs. HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) transfers audio from the signal to this Matrix for higher quality playback. The bustling conduit of inputs means electronic noise is inevitable from Element X2 Pure's CPU. That's why Matrix have built in full galvanic isolation with independent power supplies for general system CPU operation, and DSP audio processing work carried on a Xilinx FPGA. This isolation is provided through optocouplers – and with total galvanic isolation consisting not just of separate power supplies, but separate grounds, Matrix have covered all bases. Quite literally too, with the chassis of Element X2 Pure dampened to vibrations and sitting pretty on ceramic ball vibration buffers. Six ceramic balls sit in each silicone pad to minimise the noise caused by mechanical interference – and there are 24 balls to turn vibration into harmless heat as they distribute pressure evenly around. As for the essence of pure audio, power supply is overbuilt. The ARM CPU draws from a switch-mode power supply. Meanwhile, a dedicated linear power supply built around a proprietary O-core transformer taking the place of a traditional toroid juices Element X2 Pure's FPGA, clock, and analog line and pre-amp. Matrix's circular O-core cross-section reduces the resistance of the transformer, which increases efficiency and response speed of the power supply in responding to sudden demands across its windings to charge a bank of premium Nichicon KG capacitors – increasing the quality of the lifeblood of great audio. All this plummets Element X2 Pure's noise floor, with this digital specimen touting over 130dB of dynamic range resolution. This is preserved even at lower volume levels running as a pre-amp with efficient speakers – Matrix's Hyper Control volume solution gives you all the low-level detail hidden in your music.  This combines the precision of a fine digital volume control with a relay-controlled analog solution for large steps. Hyper Control keeps the dual ES9039Pros in a position where the chips always maintain their full dynamic range capability, in tandem with the low noise of Element X2 Pure, for a wide range of listening volumes low to high. Element X2 Pure's potent DC-coupled line stage is transferred to its XLR and RCA outputs in this case, packing +10dB of extra gain for up to 15.8Vrms output to match various power amplifier input sensitivities. No pre-amp needed – this flagship Matrix solution fits all. Digitally a dedicated master of time is derived via a Crystek CCHD-950 clock that pushes phase noise and jitter down for a clean and precise decode. Matrix even give you the option to run Element X2 Pure in asynchronous or synchronous mode. It's not the clock that's always in charge of the music – it's you. Because you could choose to run Element X2 Pure as you've usually done, beyond arm's length using Roon Remote, the stock MA Remote software, and Tidal Connect. But now Matrix add a 3.46 inch LCD touch screen for anyone keen to take advantage of Element X2 Pure in a desktop setting. With so many options at one's disposal, and all of equivalent quality, Element X2 Pure promises to take up pride of place in a stereo system or one's headphone booth, outputting the best small signal to elevate the potential of your painstakingly assembled chain. Or headphone listeners can see what they can achieve with the rest of Matrix Audio's 4.4mm balanced output Element line here, and all our other full-sized DAC/amps here.


    Our Price | $6,699

    Feliks Audio Euforia EvoFeliks Audio Euforia Evo

    Feliks Audio Euforia Evo

    Purity of sound is everything that Feliks Audio is about, and Euforia EVO is the full realisation of that legacy. This uber-revealing output transformer-less OTL tube amplifier built on the CV-181 (6SN7 derivative) unearths every detail in your music. Now with a 4-pin XLR output for balanced connections, EVO bears similar upgraded parts broadly carried over from the Feliks Euforia Anniversary Edition. EVO is a Headfonia Recommended Buy, and "wildly recommended" by Ear Fidelity. UPOCC copper wiring in the signal path, enhanced coupling capacitors and a power transformer with great AC line performance come as standard. EVO sets a new benchmark of stock transparency that will serve you well with many an Audio-Technica, Sennheiser or ZMF Headphones. Feliks present the Euforia line its latest, timeless, new member ... in a beautiful satin gloss black finish packing sound quality that will remain unrivalled for years. [See Product Desc. For More] As another single-ended triode amplifying in Class A, EVO remains fully transparent and yet never overbearing in its presentation of detail. Natural and wholesome even harmonic sound dominates – a direct result of EVO's single-ended Class A topology. The holy grail of all bias schemes isn't undertaken lightly, and rock-solid current sources ensure Feliks Audio's flagship OTL runs stably fully biased at all output levels. This is a decidedly low-distortion affair in an inherently linear amplifier given high tube operating voltages and current. Transconductance increasing with bias current is optimal. And while tube imaging, emotiveness and liquidity is de facto, EVO always sounds natural and fully transparent. Certainly, a massive audio bandwidth is guaranteed given its output transformer-less OTL construction. Literally nothing separates you from your music. Pairs of transparent CV-181 drivers and NOS 6N13S tubes power your headphones directly, without any chunk of transformer iron in the signal path.  This Feliks champions frequency extension – the fast, deep bass and airy, open highs from the best OTL associations. Phase reproduction in the audible human hearing range is stellar, and dynamics crash especially potently bottom to top, rivalling even the best solid-state competition. Boasting a new 4-pin XLR connection, EVO eschews the headphone cable adapter you might have used with its predecessors, powering your flagship cans even more directly in the spirit of maintaining total purity. This makes the case of EVO being the only amplifier you need – at least, till you aim for the extreme Envy... Whether you go up or down, you'll be served browsing the rest of Feliks Audio's offerings here, or all our other DAC & amp options here.


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    Cayin HA-3ACayin HA-3A

    Cayin HA-3A

    If HA-6A and HA-300 MKII were amps you would argue for, HA-3A is the one that's impossible to argue against. Cayin Audio managed to w