Why Consider Wireless Earphones in Singapore

Wireless earphones were always popular for their convenience, but their recent surge in popularity can be attributed to the improvement of technology. From the switch to the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) form-factor, noise cancelling, waterproofing and even aptX HD and low latency for the more discerning listeners, it has never been easier to get good sound on the go.

Singaporeans generally live a rather hectic lifestyle. From sitting and enjoying some food and beverage one moment to chasing after a bus or train the next, we appreciate the ability to get set up and moving as quickly and fuss-free as possible. With no cables to coil/uncoil or plugs to fiddle into a headphone jack, wireless earphones are a simple put-on-and-go affair that brings new meaning to the word “portability” and “on-the-go” [insert link to our On-The-Go page].

The lack of a cable to tangle with aside, features such as Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) helps bring up the level of sound quality by drastically lowering the noise floor. Working in tandem with the earphones’ seal and isolation, they provide a sonic barrier to the world outside letting you hear more of your music. With improvements in technology such as the latest iterations in Bluetooth versions and Qualcomm’s family of aptX codecs, wireless earphones are ever approaching the ability to properly receive and transmit fully lossless music with fewer compromises in latency and connection stability.

We’re no stranger to our climate, and living in Singapore means having to be prepared for the sun and the rain regardless of the situation and this is another area in which wireless earphones have become even more valuable in recent times. Many modern wireless earphones now come with at least an IPX2 or even IPX4 [splash waterproof] rating, which means that they’ll easily survive you being caught in the rain without that umbrella you thought you didn’t need as the weather flips from scorching hot to drenching wet potentially faster than your prata chef at work!

With all that said, how do you pick the right one for you when they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and prices? How do you decide what the right mix of features and sound quality is? The answer is that the right product is never the same for everyone thanks to a multitude of factors. Your subjective taste in sound can be compared to everyone’s subjective taste in food. Likewise, the features you value, the use cases you have and how you prioritize each of those factors all affect your decision. For instance, if you value call quality, consider the Sennheiser CX True Wireless or CX Plus True Wireless. Worry that your ears are small and want something tiny? How about the Technics AZ40 or the Anima ANW01? And if all you care about is going into your own world the moment you turn the noise-cancelling on, then perhaps the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds or the Technics AZ70 would do the trick.

These are all questions to ask yourself and keep in mind. There are a variety of factors at play here, and sieving through a ton of reviews doesn’t necessary lead to a conclusion. Not to mention the time invested must have been a major source of anxiety and frustration for many. So how do you exactly pick out a good pair of wireless earbuds that suits your need perfectly? As Asia’s first Audio café, we were founded on the core principle of bringing the soul back to retail, where music takes flight. Drop by and have a chat with our warm, friendly and knowledgeable Zepp crew who know all about the specifics of the products. The aim is to be able to guide you on what may or may not work for you, and fine-tune your decision that gets you the earphones with the best fit (literally and metaphorically)! 

Test while jamming to your favorite tracks, and enjoy yourself over a cup of coffee and some cakes to go along if you’d like! Call up a buddy for a mic check, or jump around to see if the earphones sit securely in your ears. The important thing is to have fun while making your choice, knowing you are in good hands.

With convenience at its core, even the most demanding of audiophiles these days can easily see the appeal in picking a pair of wireless earphones to travel light and fast whilst maintaining good sound quality all day long on something they don’t have to babysit and watch over.