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    Hiby R2Hiby R2

    Hiby R2

    GOOD TO KNOW:Operating System: HiBy OS DAC: ES9218 Battery size: 1000mAh Storage: Via MicroSD card slot supporting up to 2TB Play time: Up to 15 hours continuous 3.5mm output power: 70mW per channel


    Our Price | $129

    Cayin R01 ModuleCayin R01 Module

    Cayin R01 Module

    There seems to be no stopping Cayin Audio from breaking new ground. The N6II family cumulates in its crowning glory – R01, a discrete R2R ladder DAC built of 96 individual, precise resistors. It's hailed by Headfonics as "easily the most likable and natural-sounding motherboard". [See Product Desc. For More] READ ALSO The ultimate N6II: R01 rightfully raises the roof The modern formula for natural detail, soundstage and imaging free from the nasties of normal digital playback, the resurgence of discrete R2R ladder architectures comes as little surprise for listeners tired of hearing fatigue. It's only natural that Cayin, the premier pioneers in Head-Fi, would adopt the technology for portable use. And adopting it meant doing it thoroughly, with no shortcuts. Regular PCM and DSD audio data is oversampled to a high 24-bit, 768Khz stream by R01's FPGA, that is then fed on to a true 24-bit resolution resistor ladder DAC.  By building with the exact 96 resistors necessary to operate at the resolution – nothing more, nothing less – Cayin keep individual tolerances extremely precise. Any minute mismatch error remaining gets scrubbed out as random noise beyond the audible band thanks to its oversampled operation. R01 is a true labour – literally – of love that is cost, parts and time intensive. In the spirit of the N6II it's a module that is undisputedly high performance. Despite the use of oversampling, Cayin eschew the chance to attenuate signal digitally. You'll instead find a PGA2311 analog volume control in charge and maintaining the resolution of R01's resistor ladder the proper way. A signal-to-noise ratio of 115dB in a discrete DAC, built in-house from the ground up, is testament of the design's know-how. Twister6 reports that R01 sounds exactly like what we expect from typical R2R architecture. You'll be able to see everything from Cayin here and all our other music player options here. To look up Cayin's other modules for the N6II, view A01, T01, E01 and E02.


    Our Price | $779

    Hiby R5iiHiby R5ii

    Hiby R5ii

    It's devices like R5II that really change the game. HiBy Music disregard this Android 8 music player's entry-level status, taking it to giant-killing heights by building it with a Class A discrete transistor balanced amplifier outputting in 2.5mm and 4.4mm. Never mind that beginner DAPs have sounded good for the longest time – HiBy build R5II to sound great and punch way above its weight. It shows up in the sound, with a sense of vibrancy and vigour delivering notes with charged energy. There's a trademark HiBy accuracy to frequency response too, coloured yet always correct. Dual ESS Technology ES9219Cs supply the usual precision as a decoding backbone, allowing you to play back Apple Music Hi-Res Lossless, 16 times Tidal Masters and Spotify with no shortage of mobile fidelity. [See Product Desc. For More] What's special about the ES9219C is that it grants R5II access to its on-chip analog volume control – the baby of HiBy's bunch attenuates volume in the analog domain granting much better signal-to-noise performance than the average competitor's lossy digital volume control. You'll see that we're already discussing R5II as a much higher-end offering than it is. And there's still more. Small signal accuracy in the DAC and gain stage is key, because this flows on to a series of eight discrete dual bipolar transistors working in pure Class A. Differentiating itself from so many others who use op-amp ICs with inordinate amounts of gain, R5II's open-loop linearity remains excellent before application of feedback, owing to its Class A bias. That ensures individual transistors are working in optimum condition. Distortion and noise are kept low, without resorting to the excessive use of negative feedback. HiBy designed a true-balanced differential amplifier to further improve R5II's linearity, and you can count on common-mode rejection at its best whenever you plug in via 2.5mm or 4.4mm. Without adding cheaply-built, signal degrading adapters to your balanced connections to make something fit, even your flagships can be juiced to the max potential, signal integrity guaranteed via direct sockets soldered to PCB. R5II's current handling is impressive given its number of output transistors in parallel, meaning this HiBy remains unfazed driving even Odin and Legend Evo from Empire Ears, the Craft Ears Aurum, or Madoo's Type 711.  By putting such a high-performance circuit in the palms of people's hands, and offering them a Snapdragon 425 with full Google Play support with the ability to bypass Android sample-rate conversion for bit-perfect playback, music is truly accessible to anyone and everyone. TechPowerUp award their Highly Recommended and Innovation awards to R5ii. Discussing the above, it's so easy to forget we're talking about R5II as HiBy's entry-level offering. See what these forward-thinkers can really do higher up the range here, or view our other music players here.


    Our Price | $599

    Cayin N8iiCayin N8ii

    Cayin N8ii

    Cayin Audio, you keep outdoing yourself. When every release from these innovators is expected to be a revolution, N8II had to break significant new ground. This tube or solid-state flagship music player achieves exactly that, with upgrades on every front. N8II plays with a deftness of touch to dynamics, realistic distances and imaging, plus a soundstage bathed in a gentle light that is at the same time detailed but never fatiguing. After listening for just a few days, Twister6 heard "Cayin take their original N8 DAP to a whole new level ... beyond of 'everything but the kitchen sink'". Currawong says "N8II is for people who must have the best DAP of its kind, regardless of the cost". Ear Fidelity declares it a "masterclass of a DAP", with "tube and Class A a game changer". REVEALED What do ROHM DACs make N8II sound like? Dual ROHM BD34301EKV DAC chips make their debut in N8II and portable audio, fronted by a full Google Play Android 9 operating system. That all feeds Cayin's new timbre selector that applies to both balanced and single-ended discrete amplifier outputs. [See Product Desc. For More] Four years in the making since Cayin's original N8 made history as the first portable tube music player ever, N8II achieves what its predecessor couldn't even have begun to dream of. It doubles up on its 6P1 tube complement in its small signal gain stage, packing two of Nutube's direct-heated dual triodes for true balanced, differential, operation from either its 4.4mm or 3.5mm outputs.  N8II's Nutubes can be turned on or off on both outputs to match your listening preferences. If you choose to bypass tubes, signal direct from the DACs runs to the power stage, benefitting your gear that loves the precise, clean detail associated with transistors. READ ALSO DAPs have gone down the tube Taking inspiration from Cayin's tube/solid-state C9 portable amplifier, N8II's differential analog design relies heavily on common-mode rejection to serve as a clean, transparent – but never sterile – flagship reference with 125dB of signal-to-noise ratio. A marvel of miniaturisation, N8II packs C9's discrete power stage, operating in switchable Class A or Class AB to put out up to 1,200 milliwatts. This bias system ensures the output of watts that are supreme in quality – a result of individual transistors being turned on and operated where their open-loop linearity is optimal to further push distortion down. Cayin leave you the ability to boost N8II's operating voltage beyond seven volts, further ensuring transistor linearity while guaranteeing headroom for large dynamic swings on bigger cans that need it. However, it's not only about the quantity of power, but more importantly the quality. Signal integrity is key. N8II's volume control remains fully analog, eschewing a lossy digital control thanks to JRC's NJW1195A resistor ladder part, implemented only after the gain stage. Any attenuation is kept far away from the delicate output signal from new ROHM DACs – of which Cayin's implementation has been key. READ ALSO C9 – nothing is too extreme for Cayin BD34301EKV decodes DSD as a native 1-bit stream without PCM processing, owing to N8II's external analog volume control. ROHM's flagship chip's ability to output analog in current, pushing distortion figures down and upping tuning potential via N8II's extensive current-to-voltage I/V converter, also cannot be overlooked. This small-signal segment beginning from the ROHM DACs has been overbuilt for a music player. But what might be considered extreme elsewhere, is only expected from Cayin. ROHM's input signal processing via dither and advanced clock handling, plus a chip layout that's been streamlined for silent operation, are also talked up. N8II's FPGA feeds a pristine I2S signal to the dual DACs, after which they are upsampled by up to 32 times before being converted according to ROHM's linear-phase digital filters. Cayin have deployed the perfect Google Play-based Android 9 UI to feed every imaginable kind of content to its shiny new digital sub-system hardware. Direct Transport Audio bypasses otherwise mandatory sample rate conversion of stock Android. So play Tidal MQA, Qobuz and Hi-Res Lossless Apple Music as the file was originally encoded with full confidence, with no undue digital tampering. The flexibility yielded by Cayin's Snapdragon 660 CPU and 6GB of RAM running optimised Android 9 is phenomenal, and fully at the service of N8II – Head-Fi's most advanced and complete music player in 2022. Those wanting more horsepower yet from Cayin can look at C9 as a potential stacking option from N8II's balanced line-outs here, browse Cayin's other revolutionary products here, or view all our other music players here.


    Our Price | $4,799

    iBasso AMP12iBasso AMP12

    iBasso AMP12

    iBasso Audio's Amp12 is now released as an ultimate separate amplifier module for their flagship DX300 music player, its large, dual batteries ensuring iBasso could take this module's analog circuit to town. Clean, precise and infinitely detailed, with plenty of headstage, air and also a rumbling, authoritative bass, Amp12 is a product of the comprehensive discrete circuit built within, one Headfonia says "enhances the player signature in many ways, giving you a more natural approach to the sound", complete with pictures. [See Product Desc. For More] Indeed, iBasso built Amp12 to act as a most faithful conduit to your music, allowing it to remain truthful to the way it was recorded. The voltage gain stage is tuned to provide a vast and open soundstage, while the power stage takes that and preserves all the low-end authority in your music. Headfonics throws this back to when iBasso championed the term neutral, in days gone by, Audio-PH talking about its perfect balance. Audiophile Heaven adds Amp12 gave DX300 new life. Plug any big can from Sennheiser or ZMF Headphones straight in to be immediately impressed, or use its dedicated hardware line-out as the ultimate source for Cayin Audio's C9. Also view all our products from iBasso here or our other music players here.


    Our Price | $315

    HiBy New R6HiBy New R6

    HiBy New R6

    A New R6, for a bright new future for HiBy Music. This Head-Fi favourite for easy Google Play usability gets the 2021 refresh with new Android 9.0 software and, critically, audio hardware upgrades. Two of ESS Technology's flagship ES9038Q2M mobile decoders supply a baseline of portable fidelity upon which the rest of the New R6 is built upon. Dual power supplies are separated to individually feed this palm powerhouse's digital and analog sections with the cleanest, most stable DC. [See Product Desc. For More] The latter is critically a stage that outputs the same 750 milliwatts that distinguished its R6 Pro predecessor, pushing all matter of Focal, Rosson Audio Design, Sennheiser and ZMF Headphones. An I/V stage built with the OPA1612 from Texas Instruments optimises small signal from the DACs, pushing distortion specs down at the beginning of New R6's analog circuit to help it maintain overall composure under load. Big can aficionados are well served with New R6's MQA decoding capability.. Headfonics praise its "design, size, overall performance" as "more complete than any other DAP at this price point in terms of OS experience". Twister6 call this a "V6 with twin turbo"! Headfonia echo it's a no-brainer in its segment, presenting it a 'Recommended Buy' award, something Currawong concluded after analysis in context of New R6's rivals. Also check out the R2R RS6, R8 and R3 Pro Saber from HiBy here, or view our other music players here.


    Our Price | $1,090

    Cayin N3 ProCayin N3 Pro

    Cayin N3 Pro

    "Anticipated but unpredictable" is the slogan that fronts Cayin Audio's N3 Pro tube music player, and isn't that an apt statement. This actual Raytheon JAN6418 vacuum tube entry-level music player from Head-Fi's tube specialists packs a dual operation (triode or ultra-linear) mode from its 3.5mm output. [See Product Desc. For More] READ ALSO DAPs just went down the tube with Cayin's N3 Pro That's before you want to enjoy the detail its 4.4mm solid-state output unearths from dual AKM4493 DAC chips. The switch from emotion to precision is stark. The expectations that follow from the entry tier of portable players completely surpassed. Sheer versatility had Headfonia impressed. Headfonics "noticed just how many different IEMs I was trying with the N3 Pro's various timbre modes just to see which came out on top". The Headphone List recognised Cayin's need to innovate again. Naturally open, tube mode isn't shy passing high-frequency information. It's perfect for opening up the sound of Acoustune's HS1300SS and HS1695TI, Campfire Audio's Solaris 2020, DUNU's Luna, Grado Labs' Hemp Headphone, Ikko Audio's OH7, Sony's IER-M9, and even the Empire Ears Legend X and Valkyrie II. It's a story that sells itself before its sound does, another on Cayin's long list of firsts told in the form of 10 pages that you can read here. Not content to say they offer the first vacuum tubes in a music player, the ability to toggle amounts of negative feedback via triode and ultra-linear mode is unsurpassed and documented separately here. Also look at N3 Pro's flagship N8 brother here, browse the rest of Cayin's offerings here, or check out the rest of our music players here.


    Our Price | $669

    HiBy RS6HiBy RS6

    HiBy RS6

    Listeners just can't resist resistor-ladder DACs, and the same can entirely be said for HiBy Music's discrete R2R RS6. Headfonia rates it a "very good statement from the brand". It's a worthy introduction for analog lovers says Headfonics, and R2R was just the first step in building a supreme Android DAP experience to Twister6. READ ALSO Evolve or go extinct with RS6's R2R Your music will be decoded up and down RS6's ladder of individual resistors. And with the work and skill it takes to design one's own R2R resistor DAC from scratch, we must say: RS6 is proof of how far up the ladder HiBy have climbed. [See Product Desc. For More] We've heard multiple times it's not a matter of parts but the implementation that counts. So we pay attention when RS6 coverts PCM and DSD via separate circuit paths, doing so for the former ala typical R2R – NOS (non-oversampling).  That's double the feat because the precision demanded in exact resistor values – for the buttery, natural and resolving ability that R2R DAC topology is known for – goes up. Lovers of reference sound need not fret, however, with the ability to switch PCM decoding from NOS to oversampling mode for the cleanest possible result. That scrubs any last distortion and artifacts beyond the audible human hearing range. HiBy make the distinction between PCM and DSD, because RS6 separately converts the latter with the most purity ever encountered in a portable device till date. Instead of pre-conversion to PCM as many other off-the-shelf DAC chips do, RS6 preserves the original DSD file throughout the process.  Believe it: HiBy decode natively in DSD's true 1-bit process. RS6 calls for a simple low-pass filter for the purest, most elegant portable DSD conversion that preserves the simplicity of the process and original waveform. Amidst minimal digital filtering, the format's analog-like goodness gets delivered unmolested to your ears. RS6's dedicated and separate R2R PCM and DSD circuit paths mean you stand to enjoy the best sound you thought possible from either form – impossible to this extent, till now. It gets a Gold Award from Soundnews for its performance and innovation. The final product goes through an analog volume control before reaching the output amp, for preservation of your music's true resolution, and that very special, discrete, native DSD decode. No detail is too small for HiBy, and it stretches to software. With Head-Fi's best Google Play Store and Android 9 UI at your fingertips, audiophiles will enjoy the natural, fatigue-free detail of RS6. Use any streamed music service ranging from 16X Tidal MQA, Spotify, full Hi-Res Lossless Apple Music and Roon, to YouTube, Plexamp and Soundcloud.  This is innovation that saw Headfonics name RS6 on its prestigious Top Gear 2021 Editor's Choice list. Hear this in tandem with C9 – owners of Cayin Audio's flagship portable tube amp should also seek out RS6 for a tremendously thorough R2R source complete with hardware line-out port. Also check out HiBy's New R6 here, all of HiBy's releases here, or view our other music players here.


    Our Price | $1,899

    HiBy R8HiBy R8

    HiBy R8

    HiBy Music's R8 release comes as a sign of assurance, a bid at challenging for the top of the DAP market. If you've found a niche make it yours, and HiBy's uber-powerful Android 9 and MQA 16X player is a showcase of electronics engineering brilliance. [See Product Desc. For More] R8's dual AKM4497s bring out the best of your online and offline Tidal MQA files, with a headphone amplifier Turbo Mode that puts out desktop amplifier leagues of power to drive Sennheiser and ZMF Headphones with ease. Here is a DAP that's all about the big experience. Such as the biggest, most speaker-like performance from Sennheiser's HD800S driven 4.4mm balanced: two strong tower images playing from in front of you. Even desktop amplifiers struggle to portray the same cues in spatial depth with this headphone legend, certainly never matching full-size stereo listening...until now. R8 leapt onto Headfonia's 'Recommended Buys' list for its supremacy in powering virtually all manner of headphones, being elevated to a 'Best of 2020' award given it's no small task for a portable device. Yet Twister6 hailed HiBy for giving us a flagship music player not all about brute force, but beautiful sound as well. This all led to Headfonics proclaiming R8 the most complete DAP on the market at time of writing. For the music player that does it all comes with a full suite of accessories including its own premium leather-bound carry box and exclusive Dignis case in tow. It's an unboxing experience to behold. Porta Fi called it – HiBy nailed it with R8. Now at Zepp, whet your appetites with the rest of HiBy's releases here first, or browse our other music players here.


    Our Price | $2,599

    iBasso AMP8 Mk. 2iBasso AMP8 Mk. 2

    iBasso AMP8 Mk. 2

    iBasso Audio didn't just add a 3.5mm output to its classic 4.4mm discrete Amp8, MKII also injects some DX300 magic straight into the DX240 music player. Twister6 thinks this completes iBasso's mainstay with a "resolving dynamic sound". Headfonia says it adds to DX240's flagship feel.  Audio-PH believes the ease of the Amp8 MKII upgrade was "to embody your skills and demonstrate them to a large audience", and MOONSTAR Reviews definitely seconds the added variety and sound quality. [See Product Desc. For More] Based off the stock Amp11 MKII of DX300, a high 8 volt operating voltage grants AMP8 MKII excellent open-loop linearity, with the ability to effortlessly reproduce large dynamic swings in your music.  That's all backed by discrete buffers capable of 2 amperes output to form a potent power stage, able to maintain excellent drive into the ever decreasing impedances that are typical of bone conduction or electrostatic IEM hybrids.  Add Amp8 MKII to your DX240 for a controlled sub-bass boost and detailed emphasis in your upper midrange, while giving your big, transparent, Craft Ears and Empire Ears flagships the footing necessary for them to show everything they can do.  Also browse the rest of iBasso's line-up here, or our other music players here.


    Our Price | $279

    Cayin E02 ModuleCayin E02 Module

    Cayin E02 Module

    Dual ESS Sabre ES9038Q2Ms with fully discrete, balanced 4.4mm amplifier and dedicated hardware line-output checked out by Headfonics and Twister6, for Cayin's N6II. [See Product Desc. For More] You'll be able to see everything from Cayin here and all our other music player options here.  To look up Cayin's other modules for the N6II, view A01, T01, E01 and R01. Before proceeding, you'll also need to check out Headfonia's lowdown on all of the N6II's motherboards released to date!


    Our Price | $539

    iBasso DX120iBasso DX120
    On sale

    iBasso DX120

    ***Free Miter Case The music player to get you started. Accommodating two MicroSD card slots, a balanced output jack with enough power to handle all your needs, and the resolving ability of AKM's 4495 DAC, iBasso's DX120 takes you awfully far for awfully little. You'll be able to see everything from iBasso here and all our other music player options here.


    Our Price | $349

    iBasso DX320iBasso DX320

    iBasso DX320

    DX320 exploits every ethos of iBasso Audio's flagship series to reach the zenith of DAP development. The Android 11 DX320 makes full use of its massive power supply and circuit board real-estate for an extreme discrete analog circuit, to give two new ROHM BD34301EKV DAC chips the platform to perform. iBasso's latest and greatest rewards those who don't look only for the obvious – those who appreciate that a wonderful music player starts with its DAC chips but arrives at the finish line with their implementation. The long-awaited successor to the ever-popular DX300 pays tribute to its predecessor, pushing boundaries in the same spirit. Yet it very much touts its own identity, packing a deep bass that is commanding, and dynamics that are resolute. iBasso's newest spawn is proudly liquid and coloured – accurate yet veering from sterility. Sweetly indulgent, like an information-rich fruit cake of a DAP. Soundstage spans forward and spherically for deep immersion and involvement, so the whole musical experience feels unified by a connective tissue. [See Product Desc. For More] DX320 trades up its digital decoding backbone to a pair of the well-received BD34301EKV. An in-house designed FPGA acting as a clock and data-marshaling master supplies pristine I2S to the DACs, which then oversample and decode at a 16X internal rate for peak Nyquist performance and shallow ROHM linear-phase digital filters to be employed. Crucially, DX320's BD34301EKVs output analog in current, as demanded by a DAP that claims to be of flagship status. iBasso are therefore afforded the opportunity to tailor the DAP's sonic profile as they wish with a current-to-voltage I/V converter, and the added measure of ensuring that small-signal is of the lowest distortion to begin with. Thus begins DX320's fully-balanced, true differential analog circuit that runs at a massive 8 volt operating voltage for linear open-loop operation. Its power stage is fully discrete and boasts buffers capable of putting out 2 amperes of current. DX320's bridge-tied load operation halves impedance per output phase, but the potent output transistors comprising the power stage mean it's never fazed driving low impedances. Happily use DX320 with anything ranging from the 3ohm Empire Ears Odin, up to the 300ohm ZMF Headphones Atrium on stock Amp11 module, or switch out the modular analog card for the yet-more potent Amp12 or upcoming Amp13. With 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced outputs removing need for cheaply-built, signal degrading adapters for connections to make something fit, even your flagships can be juiced to the max potential, signal integrity guaranteed via direct sockets soldered to PCB. The quantity of output power has been discussed, but the quality's not yet mentioned. DX320's total 6,000mAh power supply component is split into a 4,000mAh battery for the digital sub-system, and separate 2,000mAh unit for the afore-mentioned analog circuit. Doing so cleans up the lifeblood for clean, quiet audio available system-wide, iBasso touting their custom-made bypass capacitors as a DC filter for purer power yet.  All the above would mean little if DX320 wasn't built with the future of music consumption in mind. But thankfully Android 11 makes its appearance to be at the cutting-edge of DAP UI, processed by the speedy Snapdragon 660 SOC plus 6GB of RAM for smooth operation.  16X Tidal MQA and Apple Music will be streamed at bit-perfect level via Direct Transport Authority (DTA), bypassing otherwise mandatory and detrimental Android re-sampling.  Thus is DX320 – iBasso's most complete and most advanced line music player – released, designed to tackle every one of the modern audiophile's needs. Also shop iBasso's other releases here, or all our other music players here.


    Our Price | $2,029

    iBasso DX240iBasso DX240

    iBasso DX240

    iBasso Audio have shown Head-Fi what the entry-level DX160 and flagship DX320 are capable of. And it's been left to the DX240 to act as the crossroads of them all, bringing together all the best traits of iBasso's DAP prowess into one single device.  DX240 is so good, in fact, it displaces DX300 on Headfonia's Recommended Buy list and joined its big sibling there on Audiophile-Heaven. DX240's owners are entitled to three free amp card endplates and a matching leather case worth $149, while the upgrade to Amp8 MKII updates capabilities further! [See Product Desc. For More] Revitalising the popular form factor that the original genre-defining DX200 and DX220 packed, the DX240 is another cumulation of the progress iBasso have made. With stock Amp1 MKIII, this versatile player promises an abundance of transparency and plenty of involvement through a liquid mid-range, particularly with female vocals. ESS Technology's ES9038Pro top-dog – outputting in current to a proper I/V stage for best distortion characteristics – arrives as the decoding backbone. The refinements made around this DAC chip bring DX240 into portable audio's future.  Trickling down from the DX300, a FPGA acts as a clock and data master, presenting raw I2S for the ES9038Pro in the cleanest, quietest and most precise manner. Joining those are the Snapdragon 660 CPU, along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.  Headfonics say DX240 lands with real purpose in the world of modern music players. Major HiFi met "really no setbacks to this device whatsoever". MOONSTAR Reviews says DX240 delivers sonically, and in terms of usability. "Every dollar works out completely" to Audio-PH.  Twister6 found this iBasso a jack of all trades and master of them all too. Full Google Play Services and Android 9 usability is a breeze when viewed through DX240's 1080p screen. Play up to DSD512, 16X Tidal MQA and full Hi-Res Lossless Apple Music online or offline – entirely bit-perfect through iBasso's bypass of Android sample-rate conversion. Truly, DX300 miniaturised desktop DAC/amps – and DX240 miniaturised DX300. With a palm-and-pocket-friendly form factor, DX240 is reminiscent of DX160 – but with added amp card modules. Amps1 through 8, developed for iBasso's DX2xx line, are compatible here, so your collection of cards will find a new lease of life. At the same time, enjoy the new Amp8 MKII, developed for and only for the DX240. But really, iBasso's DX240 is a new lease of life for the entire music player category, balancing fidelity, power, portability and access in one stroke. Bravo – also shop iBasso's other releases here, or all our other music players here.


    Our Price | $1,249

    Hiby R3 Pro SaberHiby R3 Pro Saber
    Ask The Crew

    Hiby R3 Pro Saber

    The little player that will do it all with Mastery MasterHIFI�E�E¢! Featuring dual ES9218P, Bluetooth 5.0, and 5G Wi-Fi, the world's smallest online streaming music player delivers quality sound from a tiny body. HiBy R3 Pro features the custom lightweight HiBy OS and professional features while supporting MQA and two-way LDAC. If you prefer more analytical performance and enjoy ACG and electronic music more, the HiBy R3 Pro Saber is a good choice for sure.// FEATURES- Ultraportable touchscreen Hi-Fi network music player featuring Tidal and Qobuz online streaming- With four independent amplification channels, the 2.5mm balanced output brings more powerful amplification, wider soundstage and exquisite detail- The Saber edition R3 Pro brings out the edge in aggressive genres like metal, electro and ACG- Powered by HiBy OS, Hiby Music's platform product. An extensible platform tailored for the audio industry, it is continually updated for the latest audio formats and features and is the choice of over 40 pieces of smart audio equipement across different brands- Capable of MQA rendering to 4x- Pedometer to accompany every step you take on your run- Extensive connectivity options! Coaxial and line-out, USB DAC for your phones and computers, Bluetooth receiver & transmitter, - All day playtime with up to 19hours of local playback via PO and 14hours via the BAL out// SPECIFICATIONS- DAC chip: Dual ES9218P- Battery: Local playback via PO up to 19Hours; via BAL up to 14Hours- Output voltage (32 Ohm load): 1.6Vrms (PO), 3Vrms (BAL)- Output power (32 Ohm load): 80mW+80mW (PO), 280mW+280mW (BAL)- Output voltage (line out): 2V (PO), 4V (BAL)- Supported formats: Up to DSD256 decoding (native)>>


    Our Price | $309

    Cayin T01 ModuleCayin T01 Module

    Cayin T01 Module

    Dual Texas Instruments PCM1792s, a heritage chip brought into the future as examined by Headfonics, Headfonia and The Headphone List, for Cayin's N6II. [See Product Desc. For More] You'll be able to see everything from Cayin here and all our other music player options here.  To look up Cayin's other modules for the N6II, view A01, E01, E02 and R01. Before proceeding, you'll also need to check out Headfonia's lowdown on all of the N6II's motherboards released to date!


    Our Price | $449

    Shanling M8Shanling M8
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    Shanling M8

    It's Shanling Audio's time to shine with their flagship M8 music player. An epitome of what's possible with dual AKM AK4499 DAC chips, this portable behemoth of resolution and power comes with your usability in mind.  Included, swappable headphone output jacks of the 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm variety come for you to plug and play from an Android operating system putting Tidal and Spotify in your palms and pockets. There's attention to the detail in your music, through Shanling's attention to detail. AKM's state-of-the-art DACs get the platform to perform upon, with this manufacturer touting in particular a proprietary I/V stage that just begins to showcase M8's analog acumen. A totally transparent window into your music is a given, and M8's inherent sweetness and palpable tone isn't traded in for dynamic purity. This flagship is fast, precise and pulls no punches with reproducing detail. Porta Fi hail it as an interesting and worthy device. Swinging from ultra-quiet for IEMs to ear-splitting on Turbo Gain, it's already earned recognition at Headfonics for "distinct resolution, excellent headroom and a strong dense character that does not compromise dynamics" to be declared the "most expressive DAP heard so far". In terms of sheer wow factor, Headfonia ranked Shanling's top dog in their top three music players tested. Twister6 also hailed M8 as the complete offering when it comes to sound quality. Really, you know it's special when Soundnews summed its review up in two words �E€�E "P king". View the rest of Shanling's products here, or our other music players here.>o


    Our Price | $2,100

    Hiby R5 SaberHiby R5 Saber
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    Hiby R5 Saber

    // GOOD TO KNOW  Android 8.1 Dual CS43198 DAC chips Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 SoC Native DSD256 MQA 8x unfolding 4.4mm + 3.5mm dual outputs


    Our Price | $549

    Cayin E01 ModuleCayin E01 Module
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    Cayin E01 Module

    ESS Sabre ES9038Pro with fully discrete, Class A amplifier dissected by Headfonics and Twister6 for Cayin's N6II. [See Product Desc. For More] You'll be able to see everything from Cayin here and all our other music player options here.  To look up Cayin's other modules for the N6II, view A01, T01, E02 and R01. Before proceeding, you'll also need to check out Headfonia's lowdown on all of the N6II's motherboards released to date!


    Our Price | $539

    Lotoo Paw 6000Lotoo Paw 6000
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    Lotoo Paw 6000

    Lotoo honour their pro heritage with their tuning of the PAW 6000. Reminiscent of newer Sony Walkman models in terms of their character and detail retrieval, Lotoo's application of potent amplification and the decoding capabilities of AKM's AK4493 DAC chip sees Paw 6000 offer both entertainment and a reference sound you can trust. You'll be able to see everything from Lotoo here and all our other music player options here.


    Our Price | $1,699

    Cayin A01 ModuleCayin A01 Module
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    Cayin A01 Module

    AKM AK4497, based on the winning Cayin N8 flagship formula and celebrated by Headfonics, Headfonia, The Headphone List and Twister6, for Cayin's N6II. [See Product Desc. For More] You'll be able to see everything from Cayin here and all our other music player options here.  To look up Cayin's other modules for the N6II, view T01, E01, E02 and R01. Before proceeding, you'll also need to check out Headfonia's lowdown on all of the N6II's motherboards released to date!


    Our Price | $399

    Hiby R5Hiby R5

    Hiby R5

    HiBy Music's R5 explores the use of new Cirrus Logic CS43198 DACs to promote a mobile-friendly, power efficient music player proficient in technicalities and above all user experience, supported by an open Android O OS supporting offline Spotify, Tidal and Xiami streaming. You'll be able to see everything from HiBy here and all our other music player options here.


    Our Price | $549

    Questyle QP2RQuestyle QP2R

    Questyle QP2R

    The Questyle QP2R is one born of professional descent. Questyle is known for its Golden Reference System which is used in China's largest concert hall, the Xinghai Concert Hall, and in the heart of that music, sits the Current Mode Amplification technology. Users notice an immediate effortless presentation of notes in a dark background. It's liquid, silent, precise. Further, turn on the BIAS control for a smooth drive, and allow the music to flow with richness in tone and clarity of notes. It is a refined, powerful player for the purists. It does not stream, it does not allow WIFI. It waits for the right listener, and then it gives back. The QP2R is reference class for many of our users. It is fully balanced, and its exquisite finish is attributed to the Fanuc CNC machine at Foxconn. For those who do not stream, and are sibilance-intolerant, we recommend anchoring your portable listening with this, or dock it at home with the CMA Twelve Master for an smooth evening of uninterrupted listening. Pour yourself your favourite drink.===Full specifications here.=== Curiosity did not kill the cat. It lead to modernisation. Read about the flagship DAP from Questyle, the QPM, or look back at history to see how it all started, with the QP1R. 


    Our Price | $1,699

    Questyle QP1RQuestyle QP1R
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    Questyle QP1R

    There was a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. There was also a time when any QP1R owner who walked through a sea of audiophiles earned the highest respect. That was the time before Questyle earned its place in the DAP(Digital Audio Player) market, before Singapore heard of it, but followers multiplied in the quest of sound, and they all lead to QP1R. Its singled ended 3.5mm output and a dedicated line out still produces one of the cleanest bass kicks. Synth poppers be warned, it would be hard to find another like this. We're writing this in 2020, the age of 4.4mm (read about the QP Master), knowing that the QP1R has earned its place and for those who do not intend to start re-terminating all of the current headphones and IEMs into 4.4mm, you can still arm yourself with the QP1R to pure, fun, sound promising full dynamics without struggling with bugs that come with android enabled phones, or music players. From sensitive IEMs (In-Ear-Monitors) to power-hungry headphones, the QP1R is fully capable with three gain settings to toggle. This is plug-and-play at its best, so forgive our love for dinosaur analogies and non-smart players.===Read more about full specifications and technology here > Questyle Official Page===    


    Our Price | $599