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Are you a cafe or an audio store?

You won’t have to choose! We are both, and all in the same space.Talk to us about your playlist or favourite music, tell us where and how you will be using it (sports / on-the-go /home quality listening), and we’ll look for the best fit together.

Why choose to buy from Zepp?

We’re not just a retailer. We are consumers too, and we understand what it means to have a safe place to buy. We’re here to troubleshoot, advise, and find options with you even when the warranty period is over.

Instead of sifting through pages of irrelevant content and paid reviews on Google, trust our professionalism, our willingness to listen, and your own ears.

How long is the warranty period?

Warranty coverage depends on the brand or distributor policy. Standard warranty coverage typically ranges between one to two years. All manufacturing defects are covered and all wear and tear or misuse is excluded from policy.

Examples of inclusions due to manufacturing defects:
1. One side of your earphone / headphone stops working. Item otherwise in good condition.
2. Bluetooth stopped working.
3. Battery stopped charging.

Examples of exclusions due to user-induced defect:
1. Pet chewed on my cable.
2. Cable got caught in door, I pulled, and it broke.
3. Dropped non-IPX rated item in water

Let us know what happened, we’ll be happy to help the best we can, or advise on options. Honesty is the best policy.

Do you do price matching?

Yes, as long as the source is legitimate, and from an authorised retailer. Proof of price quoted is required. We will keep you anonymous, of course.

Which payment modes are available?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayNow, various buy-now-pay-later merchant schemes such as PACE, GrabPay, NETS and good old Cash. Cheques will need to be cleared before collection of item(s).

Credit card instalment plans for 6 to 12 months are also available as long as you own a DBS issued credit card.

I’m not an audiophile, why do I need your products?

This is our favourite question and our analogies are ready.

It’s about living better, hearing better. You can always enjoy a cup of coffee without going all the way to roast your own beans. You might not be able to describe its flavour, but we are certain you will know, if you like it more or less. What we’re saying is that it doesn’t have to be instant coffee 3-in-one sachets either. Respect our ears, protect our hearing — Because good sound reduces stress, bad sound is just noise and causes stress.

Are all your products genuine?

Yes, most definitely! At Zepp, we take a lot of care to source and curate brands from all over the world to your doorstep and convenience.

A good part of this sourcing involves dealing and communicating directly with the brand manufacturers or the official distributors. So rest assured, sit back, and enjoy the products at your disposal.

You have many channels, which is the best way to reach you?

In order of preference and response time [#1 being the best]

1. Visit our store. We always attend to people in our cafe first, before we attend to messages, because we appreciate them taking time to visit us. Conversations are always better and more efficient when face-to-face, that’s why we started with a brick and mortar store.

2. WhatsApp/ Call +65 9337 9655
3. Facebook / Instagram @zeppelinandco
4. Carousell @zeppelinandco
5. Email (2-3 working days)

Do you have a return policy?

We do not have a return / refund policy. We are not Amazon and don't pretend to be. One day, if there are enough audiophiles in the world and our scale allows us to, we may be able to.

Meantime, we strongly encourage testing before purchase and the crew will not be obliged to exchange, return, nor refund due to change of mind or for any other reasons.

***Made-to-order products are strictly non-refundable.

Extended wait times due to customs clearance, manufacturer's or distributor's fulfillment schedule that are unforeseen may not be allowed a refund.

What is your customer service policy?

We are all inclusive without discrimination, and do our best to put a smile on everyone's faces at the end of the day. This is a passion project, we hope everyone who comes to Zepp will continue to look forward to visiting us or being our customer again.

However, it is in our policy to protect our crew so they continue to work in a safe environment, helping everyone with their audio choices.

We have blacklisted unreasonable customers who are abusive to our crew or equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Audio Related Questions

Why can’t I plug certain headphones directly into my phone?

[Stay tuned for a for a full blog answer...]

My earpads are flaking, can you help?

Don’t be too quick to throw them away. Let us know which brand / make it is, and you might have the option to replace the earpads. Feel free to check out our extensive earpads range, which include boutique earpads providers under the Brand Kito, Yaxi, and many more.

Are we able to loan items?

We do not have a home-loan program currently. We also are allowed to purchase only one demo for the store, and need that to be available for customers who visit us. We’re always listening and look to be able to come up with a home-loan plan one day. Any suggestions may help to implement our future loan program.

Please email ideas to

Frequently Asked Questions

Overseas Shipment Info

Do you ship outside Singapore? I can’t seem to check out.

We would love to, but we chose to respect brand policies. There are certain brands that restrict sales to Singapore only, hence we’ve locked our website to keep it domestic. Leave us a message via any of our channels (, tell us which item(s) you are looking to purchase, and we’d be in touch with the next steps.
looking at and we will respond between 1-2 working days.

Please also take time to read this about warranty and service coverage outside Singapore before we ship to you.

• There will be no charge(s) for services and repairs if item(s) are within warranty period and terms.
• You’ll just have to cover the shipping costs to and fro Singapore. We will take care of shipping costs to and from the manufacturer/ service centre.

In cases where a replacement is necessary within 14 days of receiving the item, we will ship your replacement once your defective item is received, and a tracking number will be provided.

If warranty period is over, we continue to assist you in getting item(s) repaired or replaced. There may be a service fee if we are billed by the manufacturer. We will inform you of any charges before we proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refund/Return policy