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    Acoustune AET07 EartipsAcoustune AET07 Eartips

    Acoustune AET07 Eartips

    The AET07 range is designed for wide-range clarity, giving an immediately noticeable space extension to your IEMs. They are soft and comfortable to wear, and a top favourite amongst our customers. Available in multiple colours, sold as single pairs. If you would like more bass focus on your IEMs, you might want to consider the AET08.


    Our Price | $8

    Lepic DAC PocketLepic DAC Pocket

    Lepic DAC Pocket

    LEPIC is a brand by DIGNIS with a new design language. Keeping pace with modern living and music lovers who care enough to go wired, the DAC Pocket is made to answer a specific use-case of a dac-dongle. Why use a Dac-Dongle? Visit us to find out more on how to improve your on-the-go sound quality for music, podcasts, etc.


    Our Price | $39

    Cayin RU6Cayin RU6

    Cayin RU6

    Cayin Audio were R2R pioneers in a smart music player, but the advent of the R2R RU6 USB-C DAC/amp dongle establishes them as masters of the fully-discrete resistor DAC topology in portable audio. Entering 2022, this is all it takes to achieve the buttery, natural and resolving sound, plus imaging depth, R2R is known for. Building a discrete R2R DAC in N6II/R01 had already been no mean feat. Yet to have gone one further, and implemented a 4.4mm DAC dongle for Android, iPads and laptops is a most ambitious step for R2R. It's worth it to Headfonics who cite RU6's "analog" approach, and the innovation extending to its volume control is lauded by Headfonia. [See Product Desc. For More] It gets harder every time it gets smaller, so RU6 marks Cayin as masters showcasing how they can make it work. Descended from R01, RU6's boasts a chain of 96 0.1% precision, temperature stable, resistors. That imparts a fidelity to mobile audio not yet experienced. Over 200 mW of balanced power gets most earphones and headphones loud, on the move. ecoustics say RU6 "is not only very unique but also one of the best of its kind". Everyday Listening rates "RU6’s wide stage and analogue-like note presentation granting it one of the sweetest and most euphonic sounds I’ve encountered". After thorough comparisons with other options, Twister6 qualifies RU6 as capable of replacing entry-level music players. Prime Audio Reviews confirms it differentiates itself from other DAC/amps, and it's Ear Fidelity's Best Portable DAC of 2021. Your music will be decoded up and down RU6's 24-bit ladder of individual resistors, crammed into its thumb-sized chassis over two separate six-layer PCBs. The actual R2R ladder DAC is kept apart from signal processing to lower noise. We pay attention when Cayin implement RU6 ala typical R2R – with a NOS (non-oversampling) mode. That's double the feat because the precision demanded goes up. Amidst minimal digital filtering, R2R's analog-like goodness gets delivered unmolested to your ears. Lovers of reference sound need not fret, however, with RU6's ability to switch from NOS to oversampling mode for the cleanest possible result. That scrubs any last distortion and artifacts beyond the audible human hearing range, leaving you to just enjoy your music, naturally, via one more Cayin innovation yet. That precision is backed up by a low-power, fully analog, volume control solution. A series resistor operates with shunts as voltage dividers in tandem with relays, to maintain near-perfect resolution of your music and a signal-to-noise ratio of over 110 dB. A totally novel volume solution has made this a feat for a USB-powered dongle DAC; let alone a R2R one.  Take all 30g of the RU6 built from CNC aluminium with you in your pocket, bundled with a USB-C cable as stock for all your mobile devices, with additional leather cases and Lightning-to-USB-C cable (not MFI-certified) sold separately.  Also check out the rest of Cayin's releases here, or view our other DAC/amps here.


    Our Price | $249

    Final Audio MMCX Assist

    Final Audio MMCX Assist

    We've seen lots of faces turn blue, pink, purple, green from trying to detach a cable from IEMs with MMCX connection. Corners of shirts were pulled, fingers getting dented from pure brute force. Nails broken- but agony's over when the colour of genius is yellow, yellow like these little helpful clips so you retain your composure during an extreme cable test launch event, or when you're braids shopping. Why do we spend time writing about a wee clip like this? We don't know, but we hope you enjoyed reading about it. #wesodrama


    Our Price | $15.90

    ZMF Pilot PadZMF Pilot Pad

    ZMF Pilot Pad

    Additional cushioning on headbands has never hurt anyone. Velcro around your original headband for extra protection against wear and tear, and also comfort during your long hours of listening.  ***All pad sales are final. No returns, refunds, or exchanges.


    Our Price | $59

    Zeppelin & Co. Omega Wooden Headphone StandZeppelin & Co. Omega Wooden Headphone Stand

    Zeppelin & Co. Omega Wooden Headphone Stand

    Everyone needs one. We picked the top quality compressed wood with our favourite finishes in Walnut, Zebra & Ashwood and made them in a regular omega shape, or a 2-piece X cross stand for you to tuck the cable away in the middle. What do our customers think:1. Stax customers prefer the X-stand so the cable rests in the cradle.2. Classic walnut omega is a perpetual favourite.3. Zebra pops the colour on your headphones if they're plain in design. It's the classic finishing piece to your desktop set up, and a perfect gift for a friend's birthday or Christmas, or anything, really. 


    Our Price | $49

    Yaxi PortaPro EarpadsYaxi PortaPro Earpads

    Yaxi PortaPro Earpads

    YAXI is the Sony of earpads. Four lettered Japanese brand names is our thing, especially when they make earpads for legacy headphones such as the Koss Porta Pro, and Grados.Fit Chart:KossPortaPro, SportaPro, KSC75, KSC35, KPH30iSennheiserPXC300, PX-200-II


    Our Price | $20

    Lepic Jukebox Earphone CaseLepic Jukebox Earphone Case

    Lepic Jukebox Earphone Case

    LEPIC is a brand by DIGNIS for non-leather goods. Starting with the JUKEBOX this year(2024), this case will keep your earphones dry, clean, smelling great, and house it with this anti-lock, anti-shock box. Air-control sheet, antibacterial qualities, deodorising abilities all in one case. The Jukebox has also been tested up to 100,000 times of usage, so there is no need to replace the air-control sheet, for those who are concerned. Fits most CIEMs and IEMs* up to 8core wires. *For irregular shaped IEMs and non-standard cables, please try at the store before purchase as product is non-refundable.


    Our Price | $59

    Null Audio Ethos MK.V (IEM)Null Audio Ethos MK.V (IEM)

    Null Audio Ethos MK.V (IEM)

    1.5 week turnaround time, check with us for a more exact quote


    Our Price | $109

    ZMF Co-Pilot Pad

    ZMF Co-Pilot Pad

    The Best Naming Award goes to ZMF Headphones in 2020! Every ZMF owner with Zepp gets the Pilot Pad, and sometimes they get it for other headphones too, but there were some that did not fit. Well, not anymore. Read what ZMF Headphones had to say about it:  "We designed the Co-Pilot to make your headphones feel weightless and it’s true! When the Co-Pilot is attached, your headphones feel like they're floating! Compared to the original Pilot Pad, the Co-Pilot offers more surface area, larger foam pads, and two-sided Velcro attachment with a thinner, sleeker profile. This design will work with headphone bands that range from 1.95in (48mm) wide and 0.1in (2.5mm) thick to 1in (25.4mm) wide and 0.5in (12.2mm) thick. The total area allotted for headband attachment is 2in (50.8mm). The Co-Pilot was designed to work with most headphones, but it’s not guaranteed to work for every headphone. If you’re one the fence, the Co-Pilot is the safer choice regarding fit." ===All pad sales are final. No returns, refunds, or exchanges for hygiene reasons. 


    Our Price | $69

    Stax CPC-1 CoverStax CPC-1 Cover
    Ask The Crew

    Stax CPC-1 Cover

    Designed and made for STAX, but loved by all headphone owners. Toss the cover on to minimise dust or dirt settling on the earspeakers. Complete the STAX look with a HPS-2 STAX stand, or pick one of our walnut finish headphone stands here.


    Our Price | $39

    Acoustune AET08 Eartips

    Acoustune AET08 Eartips

    The AET08 model is designed for emphasis on bass, marked "bass reverb" on the package. They are soft and comfortable to wear, and a top favourite amongst our customers. Available in multiple colours, sold as single pairs. If you would like your IEMs to open up in soundstage and clarity, you might want to consider the AET07.


    Our Price | $8

    Kito CD058 Sennheiser HD6X0 (Velour) Pads

    Kito CD058 Sennheiser HD6X0 (Velour) Pads

    KITO EarpadsWe recommend changing your earpads yearly for hygiene reasons.+ Black+ Velour+ Fits HD600, HD650, HD660S// Check out the full range of KITO Earpads here.   / Photography by Zepp Crew.


    Our Price | $45

    Yaxi Grado S EarpadsYaxi Grado S Earpads

    Yaxi Grado S Earpads

    YAXI does it best when it comes to earpads, and we're so glad they did this for the Grado favourites:  SR80e, classic SR325e, limited edition Hemp, or the new GW100. Most users prefer them for comfort and quality. Go Fanta Grape for a bit of fun, or keep it classic with black.


    Our Price | $30

    Acoustune AEX07 EartipsAcoustune AEX07 Eartips

    Acoustune AEX07 Eartips

    With a large-diameter bore, Acoustune's new reference eartips now comes improved fit and sound isolation while maintaining the wide-range clarity and balance of the earphones themslves.// SPECIFICATIONS- Inner nozzle diameter - 4.5mm- XS size: 8.9mm (height), 10mm (width)- S size: 8.9mm (height), 11mm (width)- M size: 9.2mm (height), 12mm (width)- L size: 9.2mm (height), 13mm (width)- XL size: 9.2mm (height), 14mm (width)


    Our Price | $21

    Nobunaga Labs Inspire SeriesNobunaga Labs Inspire Series

    Nobunaga Labs Inspire Series

    // GOOD TO KNOW:  "33 cores per core, 4 cores structure brings out a rich sound with depth and a high range that is transparent and draws out a low range with a quick response and a lively feeling, overall bands."  Cable: 4cores of Mixed cable Material per 1 wire : Gold plated 4N silver cable + 4N pure silver cable+ 6N OCC copper Cable length: 120cm Ear hook: No wire Cable slider: black slider Impedance: Less than 0.3Ω Cryogenic processed : Put in -156 ºC low temperature for 72 hours.


    Our Price | $259

    Ares Audio DaybreakAres Audio Daybreak

    Ares Audio Daybreak

    // GOOD TO KNOW 24AWG 4-Core 6N OCC Copper Nylon core with PVC coat + Nylon outer sleeve Available in brown or full black sleeving Also check out our other cables from Acoustune, Ares Audio, Audio-Genetic, Dita Audio and Effect Audio.


    Our Price | $219

    iFi GO podiFi GO pod

    iFi GO pod

    iFi Audio's hotly-anticipated GO pod turns your prized wired earphones wireless! These Bluetooth adapters fill a niche to make your flagships even more convenient, and better sounding than before. Stock arrives end-July 2023. Never has Bluetooth promised to be this flexible and high-quality. From the makers of the acclaimed GO blu comes wearable Bluetooth DAC/headphone amps that you can attach to MMCX and 2-pin IEMs – dispensing with those messy cables in the process.  And praise has been pouring in for iFi. Headfonia place GO pod on their Recommended Buys list. Headfonics found it wanting for nothing. GO pod gets highly recommended on Ear Fidelity. And John Grandberg writes "nobody else has so far managed to execute the idea to such a high standard" on Darko.Audio. Twister6 compares them to wired sound quality. [See Product Desc. For More] iFi's headline act is how GO pod is the first device in the world to support Hi-Res transmission of 24/96kHz audio, with LDAC, Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive and Snapdragon Sound codecs built on the Bluetooth 5.2 standard. That's possible with iFi separating the Bluetooth receiver, DAC and amp modules even in the featherweight, space-limited GO pods.  Qualcomm’s top-tier QCC5144 receiver maxes out Bluetooth quality, and that data stream gets sent to a separate Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC for no-compromise decoding.  It's not just about the GO pod's fidelity, but also its ability to deliver that signal as pristinely as possible into IEM impedances that have been steadily dropping. Despite its miniature battery power supply, this iFi is rated into loads as low as 16ohms – right after USB DAC/amp dongles, GO pod is the very next credible DAP replacement. Indeed, Bluetooth just got serious. Naturally you'd want to get these attached to as many as your prized IEMs as possible. And in addition to stock MMCX and 2-pin attachments, Pentaconn Ear, T2 IPX and A2DC GO pod connectors are sold separately.  Even GO pod's charging case reeks of iFi's attention to detail. With each storage compartment roomy enough to accommodate the largest CIEMs, there's also a 1,500mAh battery that's large enough to offer up to 35 hours of play time. Check out all of iFi Audio's gear here, or all our other wireless equipment here.


    Our Price | $549

    Sennheiser IE600Sennheiser IE600

    Sennheiser IE600

    600 means so much more than a number to Sennheiser. After the HD600 proved so much of a generational product, naming the IE600 shows exactly the expectations Sennheiser have for their next genre-defining IEM. StereoNET gave it an Applause Award and didn't expect Sennheiser's middle-child to mount such a shot at the top. Headfonics found it the "most credible-sounding monitor I have tested from Sennheiser in a while".  "Ad perfectum compromissum" is what Headfonia say "IE600 really is, the perfect blend between the reference IE900 and the super-fun IE300". Sure enough, IE600 is the name on every audiophile's lips. The iconic number permeates all levels of Head-Fi, and it's impossible not to be excited by another watershed release that will become so much more than a great transducer to gravitate around. [See Product Desc. For More] We know we've reached another height of research and development – Sennheiser's buzzwords – when this single dynamic driver wonder swept to multiple awards at launch. T3 and LBTechreviews both score IE600 full marks. the Ear cites it's a great example of a premium wired earbud's supremacy. That shouldn't come as a surprise. Sennheiser have tuned IE600 with the best form of neutrality, the kind that every discerning – even mildly – music lover can come to enjoy. Universally. Because there is always something to love from a transducer that can simultaneously render accurate bass, and properly judged vocals. Being able to deliver detail without compromise, yet not needing to die by being able to hear everything as its only asset. IE600 gets so much right without even trying, a veritable sweet spot everyone loves. The real significance of the 600 moniker, on show. Darko.Audio podcast · Sennheiser IE 900, IE 600 & IE 200: the what & the why Pairs of by-now standard 7mm TrueResponse drivers built in Wedemark, Germany, form IE600's beating heart. An acoustic back volume to the dynamic driver's rear, and dual resonator chambers to the front, give this the basis to perform.  Sennheiser unlock IE600's tuning potential from the drawing board, 7mm diameter small enough to climb in frequency without cone or modal break-up, while supplying it with enough air volume to move and manifest a long, slow bass wave with full authority. Moving up, IE600 wouldn't be a Sennheiser if it was without soundstage. So its dual resonator chambers D2CA manage airflow to your ear such that voices and instruments in a realistic headspace get delivered with solid images to your ear. Close your eyes, listen with your ears, and you're there at the venue. Delicately assembled in Ireland, these Sennheisers are built tough. The zirconium alloy IE600 is encased in has triple the hardness and flexural strength of high-performance steel: truly a space-age material found on the drill of the Mars Rover. A 4.4mm balanced cable comes in the package, ensuring your prized IE600 is ready for use up to its full potential immediately from our range of music players and portable DAC/amps. To rediscover your music through the newly-iconic IE600 is to invite you to listen to the IE300 and IE900 for different views into your tunes too. Or, check out all of Sennheiser's other historic releases here, and our other IEMs here too.


    Our Price | $1,139

    Cayin RU7Cayin RU7
    Ask The Crew

    Cayin RU7

    1-bit, multiple possibilities. After the debut of Head-Fi's first discrete 1-bit, all-to-DSD, music player in N7, Cayin Audio have miniaturised the technology further in RU7. This latest novel 4.4mm USB DAC/amp from innovators Cayin therefore promises to upsize your enjoyment of music with the same decoding topology that saw N7 greeted with aplomb. Built of 128 individual resistors, RU7 converts all your normal PCM playback – via CD rips, Hi-Res downloads and Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music streaming – into DSD before decoding to analog. Its size is proof that no task is too big for Cayin. Outputting in 4.4mm, RU7 is Cayin's perfect complement to the PCM, R2R, RU6. Headfonics says RU7 is "the best of the lot". Headfonia elected this mini DSD masterpiece to its Recommended Buys list. eCoustics add "it's the best dongle DAC we’ve tried yet". "RU7 continues the company’s hot streak of breaking new ground in DAC design ... 1-bit DAC in the RU7 is even more impressive than the R2R DAC [in RU6]" says The Headphone List. To Twister6 and ichos-reviews, RU7 even challenges DAPs. Bringing up to 400 milliwatts power to bear, the goodness of an all-to-DSD approach to decoding can be heard with all manner of portable Head-Fi. [See Product Desc. For More] All audio formats are passed as DSD through RU7's precise 1-bit decode. Cayin returns to Sony's Scarlet Book SACD revolution of the 1990s and elevates that conversion philosophy with modern mobile dongle hardware. RU7's highlight is its 1-bit decoder, converting all PCM files to quad-rate DSD first via DSP logic, while letting native DSD material flow on to the 128 discrete resistors in its DAC – in actuality a simple analog low-pass filter. There's zero error at the point of conversion in a 1-bit DAC. There, Cayin relies on Pulse-Density Modulation (PDM)'s total accuracy, and sheer ease of decoding. The pitch for DSD's 1-bit conversion is digital at its simplest and closest point to analog – level represented only either as a 1 or a 0, switching on or off. To achieve analog, the bitstream is simply low-pass filtered. Cayin's all-to-DSD discrete DAC is accurate ... and also elegant, breakthrough and historic in personal audio. It draws inspiration from the illustrious halls of Hi-Fi, where each EMM Labs, Nagra Audio, Playback Designs, PS Audio and of course, N7's, 1-bit DAC release has been greeted with accolades and fanfare. RU7's discrete proprietary tech immediately differentiates itself from commercial DAC chips, where IC packages are often too small to perform an ideal 1-bit conversion. RU7 also avoids the errors of dynamic element matching inherent to 2-7 bit delta-sigma decoders. The decoded analog goes through Cayin's specially designed resistor-based analog volume control for perfect channel matching at any level – facilitating that very special 1-bit discrete DSD decode and importantly preserving your music's true dynamic range resolution. A series resistor operates with shunts as voltage dividers in tandem with relays, to maintain near-perfect resolution of your music and a signal-to-noise ratio of over 110 dB. A totally novel volume solution has made this feat possible on a USB-powered dongle DAC. Cayin differentiates RU7 from RU6 in offering the former a line-out option whereby the volume control is bypassed for a fixed voltage out, perfect for listening into motor stereo systems as well as handy and portable personal speakers.  Meanwhile, RU7's 400mW output power is doubled compared to RU6's, such that this DSD DAC is capable of transferring all its forward-thinking fidelity into your prized transducers. Never fear for leaving your reference gear behind for Cayin's latest and greatest every-day carry.  There ends the list of exploits worthy of celebrating Cayin's 30th anniversary in arguably more ambitious a way than even N7 offered. Check out the rest of Cayin's gear here, or view our other USB dongle DACs here.


    Our Price | $389

    Cayin RU6 CaseCayin RU6 Case

    Cayin RU6 Case

    Protect your RU6 from scratches with one of these — Tangerine Orange or Cobalt blue, your choice.


    Our Price | $29

    Yaxi stPad2 EarpadsYaxi stPad2 Earpads

    Yaxi stPad2 Earpads

    YAXI is the Sony of earpads. Four lettered Japanese brand names is our thing, especially when they make earpads for legacy headphones.Fits the following headphones:Audio-TechnicaMSR7 / MSR7B, M20X, M30X, M40X, M50XSonyMDR-CD900ST, 7506, CD700, V6JVCHA-MX100-Z, MX10-B, Class-S Wood HA-SW01, SW02UltrasoneSignature Studio, DJ, HFI-580SoundwarriorSW-HP10, HP11, HP20Mitchell & JohnsonGL2, GL1, JP1PioneerSE-MSST-K, HRM-6 ProTago Studio TakasakiT3-01SennheiserHD280 Pro Mk. 2YamahaHPH-MT8, MT120BeyerdynamicDJ250, 80maxwellMXH-MD5000Meze99 Classics


    Our Price | $65

    Dekoni NuggetsDekoni Nuggets

    Dekoni Nuggets

    Perfect for cushioning your headbands and giving it the comfort required for long hours of listening. The Nuggets are made with Dekoni Choice Leather, a synthetic vegan alternative to real leather. The soft leather is paired with Dekoni�E€�Es signature high density, slow rebound memory foam for a great fit for long listening sessions �E€�E even if you wear glasses.Each pack contains 4 pieces. 


    Our Price | $40