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    ADV. Model 3ADV. Model 3

    ADV. Model 3

    One of the releases that launched ADV. onto the global audio market, Model 3 raises expectations for what's to be expected from bluetooth sound quality with an exciting, driving performance perfect for rock tunes to get you pumped up on your commute to work. Read what Straits Times had to say about this feat. Available also in only wired form.


    Our Price | $145

    ADV. M4ADV. M4
    On sale

    ADV. M4

    Perfect for studio engineers or just lovers of reference, natural sound in an affordable package. A comfortable, fuss-free fit that's perfect for everyone.  Definitely one of the best sub-$100 earphones in Zepp. Move one up the ADV. range and check out the GT3 which comes with three filters to offer tuning options. 


    Our Price | $58

    ADV. Brass Headphone Stand (Limited Edition)ADV. Brass Headphone Stand (Limited Edition)

    ADV. Brass Headphone Stand (Limited Edition)

    ADV. X ZEPP in this green resin X wood project, linked by brass columns to construct a perch with a dainty footprint for any desk, any headphone. ***Limited Edition.


    Our Price | $128

    ADV. Model X True WirelessADV. Model X True Wireless

    ADV. Model X True Wireless

    Advanced's Model X are a true exercise in technology. With dynamic drivers built from miracle material graphene, these true wireless earbuds get connected and keep up with you with 25 hours total battery life, IPX 5 sweat rating and 23dB of passive noise isolation. ===========================================// HOW TO PAIR 1. Open the charging case. 2. Right earphone will begin flashing blue, and then flash red / blue.3. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone or Bluetooth device.4. Select "ADV. MODEL X".5. Pairing should be successful. 6. If pairing is not successful, put back in case to reset and try again. 7. Remember to "forget device" at the end if you're testing a demo set, so it does not confuse with your new unit when you purchase one.


    Our Price | $110

    On sale

    ADV. M51D UEIM

    ADV. started their project with Kickstarter and quickly gained traction and success after their Model 3, indulging customers with the option of a bluetooth cable and a wired with mic in the box.  This interpretation of monitoring sound came much later with experience and research to stretch their line up further, turning more heads, and bringing more material to Head-Fi than ever.*Now comes with a free gift [ M3 Bluetooth Cable ]


    Our Price | $388

    ADV. AlphaADV. Alpha

    ADV. Alpha

    Nobody said planar magnetic headphones had to break the bank. Advanced's Alpha is tuned with energy for the listeners it had in mind, offering budding audiophiles a way into this hobby with punchy, engaging sound for days and years.Also in picture: ADV. Limited Edition Brass Headphone stand.


    Our Price | $698

    ADV. GT3ADV. GT3
    On sale

    ADV. GT3

    ADV., a New York based company founded by musicians, designed for musicians. The GT3 was built to bring detail and transparency to the masses. Fielding a single dynamic driver that was tuned with reference listening in mind, the GT3 is an ear-opener for many looking to get started in the hobby.  Filters are included to allow switching between three tunings. 1 earphone, 3 tunings, it's a real deal you can't miss. Perfect for a gift when you cannot decide what your friend would like. Looking for a fuss-free plug and play with mic? Check out the ADV. M4 or the FOCAL Sphear.  


    Our Price | $250

    ADV. Powerpouch (800mAH)

    ADV. Powerpouch (800mAH)

    Slim, compact, charges & stores. It's the handiest pouch ever.


    Our Price | $40

    ADV. M3 MMCX BT Cable
    On sale

    ADV. M3 MMCX BT Cable

    Turn any MMCX connected In-Ear-Monitor of yours wireless with this bluetooth cable in an instant. 


    Our Price | $68

    ADV. M3 2PIN BT Cable
    On sale

    ADV. M3 2PIN BT Cable

    Turn any 2pin In-Ear-Monitor of yours wireless with this bluetooth cable in an instant.


    Our Price | $68