ZMF Headphones Vérité Closed


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Managing the complicated acoustic design for the Vérité driver in a closed-back headphone may have been ZMF Headphones' toughest challenge to date. But the way they pulled it off with aplomb would have given little hint to that.

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Expect nearly all the Vérité's beryllium-coated transparency and detail in this closed model, with the benefits of privacy and isolation to boot. Positive Feedback were rendered "speechless at how you achieved the performance you achieved with these".

Its driver starts with a sandwich driver core of softer plastic PEN for effective damping at higher frequencies, this surface being coated with beryllium for the metal's stiffness, lightness and air acceleration properties. 

That means Vérité Closed's driver moves as a perfect piston over all frequencies up to and above its working range, keeping distortion down due to cone and modal break-up.

Audiophile Style compared the closed version against its open brethren, publishing a comprehensive study complete with measurements to conclude "they're as good as anything on the market today" and what "ZMF have achieved with the Vérité is truly remarkable".

Stereophile's Herb Reichert says the "Vérités come closer to [Sony's] MDR-R10s in basic sonic character than any other headphones I've auditioned ... may even exceed Sony's cult classics in their illusion of speed and transparency". It's rightfully Headfonia's "best-of-the-best in the closed-back world".

Make the headphone that made Stereophile's shortlist of Headphone Product of the Year 2020 yours today. OR... enjoy a smoother, more relaxed sound with ZMF's Eikon and ZMF's Atticus, or browse our other closed-back options here!

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