Focal Utopia (2020 Version)


Regularly mentioned in the consideration for the world's best headphone, few make music as exhilarating a ride as Focal's flagship Utopia. 2020 brings everything you know about the classic, and upgraded in value proposition with a carrying case plus balanced cables.

Building on their experience as pedigreed speaker manufacturers is Utopia's beryllium driver, capable of yielding some of the lowest bass and most resolving mids and highs you'll ever experience. 

One of Focal's senior managers loved the Utopia on Feliks Audio's Euforia tube amplifier so much that he asks for it to be demonstrated like that at shows across the world. If we're allowed our pick, we're going with Auris Audio's HA2-SE.

Till today, here's a technological tour de force that's entirely documented in its white paper. Also browse all Focal products here, or view our other open-back headphones plus the amplifiers to drive them with.

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