Hidition NT6 (UIEM)

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Hidition's most requested model. A classic that has been revered for a decade, Hidition's NT6 is the oft-mentioned favourite among audiophiles.

Standing the test of time to become representative of Hidition's house sound, and testament to their prowess in IEM design, takes some beating.

Never overlook the NT6 in your consideration for a top-profile IEM that's linear from top to bottom, with lots of engagement and polite emphasis through the mid-range.

NT6 is also available custom (CIEM) form. Otherwise, explore the rest of Zepp's Hidition range here or view our other universal (UIEM) options here.

/ Photography by Zepp Crew.

+ All Hidition UIEMs are built to order as design can be customised.
+ Price indicated does not include artwork fees.

+ For appointments on ear-impressions taking or to consult on your artwork, click here to reach the crew.


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