Top 10 new releases to hear as Zepp reopens

Now we get to the unboxing we've been waiting for the most this week.

It's what we call The ZEPP'BOXING.

Pretty much because we're unboxing ourselves as something virtually new for the second half of the year, re-opening doors to the public and our patrons on Friday, June 19, 2020.

So what've you missed – first of all, make sure you don't miss our safe-distancing guidelines that strictly apply.

On to the fun part because we couldn't stay that serious long. Ladies & gentlemen, your list of new arrivals that await to be put through their paces:

  1. AAW Halcyon UIEM
  2. Campfire Audio Andromeda 2020
  3. Campfire Audio Ara
  4. Campfire Audio Solaris 2020
  5. Cayin Audio N6II / E02
  6. iBasso Audio IT00
  7. iBasso Audio DX160
  8. iBasso Audio DX220 Max
  10. Lotoo PAW S1

That's a list that ensures you'll be keeping busy. We trust you've been keeping up with our unboxings on IGTV.

A privileged few have already been able to enjoy their first experience with the above on home loan. Nothing beats being able to sit down (a distance apart) at a table in community and discussion, though. We bring the gears – you bring your ears.

The direct audiophile's voice is one we've missed in the last three months. It's something we'll savour with newfound enthusiasm. Not that Circuit Breaker kept us off the air on social media.

So we've honed our written voice and our blog is something we enjoy running continuously – we don't see that changing so you can anticipate more anecdotes along the lines of:

Do everything you can add to it, in website comments, on Facebook or Instagram.

Key, you can make your renewed vocal contribution, your moral contribution, and your social contribution to a different Zepp. A Zepp that returns more confident. More articulate. More assured of your love, trust and support.

Importantly, a Zepp that returns to being a better Audio.Coffee.People.