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    Campfire ARA

    ARA might grab your attention as the IEM built with the most drivers by Campfire Audio ... as if mere driver count was the only factor leading to sound quality in one of Ken Ball's works. Each of ARA's seven drivers is given freedom to showcase its best once again, with T.A.E.C. remaining prominent in a full titanium body. [See Product Desc. For More] Four bass balanced armatures are dedicated to creating a low-end Campfire describe as "the warmth and naturalism reminiscent of classic Hi-Fi". Twister6 calls ARA very coherent. Darko.Audio podcast · Alessandro Cortini on Campfire Audio Ara, Solaris 2020, Andromeda 2020 Headfonics add ARA is "Campfire Audio's most refined and studied creation to date"ith its "reference-like timbre and excellent headroom appealing hugely to discerning audiophiles looking for something with more of a deft control on detailed recordings".  Darko.Audio was left rummaging through his audiophile vocabulary to describe what he was hearing. ARA's sound is one Ball knows and loves, and reason to get into the Campfire 2020 spirit with Andromeda and Solaris, while you can also browse the rest of our IEMs here!


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