Chasing ARA's titanium-clad case

You've been anticipating this Campfire Audio unboxing.

There really is no question. Summer after summer, year after year. Era after era. A successor rises in this line of IEM royalty hailing from Portland, Oregon, US of A.

And furthermore, not just a new update this time. A new bloodline. ARA's been presented as the new leader to enter Head-Fi's promised land of the next 10 years.

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So, 2020 begins right now with an iron-clad case – no, a titanium-clad one – for ARA, as the foundation upon which Campfire build their latest ambitions upon. Those probably rank larger than Andromeda 2020's soundstage.

Old dog, new tricks. Indeed. Campfire have learnt a few lessons since defining a decade, the second half of Head-Fi's last. Touching ARA, feeling the cold brush of titanium, tells of the burning passion fuelling designer Ken Ball.

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Peeling through foil and cardboard to get to cork case tastes similar. There's hints of sweat, and toil. Clearly, ARA is bigger than just another IEM. Significance exists within, that lasts. A mantle that's been entrusted by very many, upon very few masterminds, at the centre.

Clearly, ARA's shell is made of the right stuff, because it's holding up the weight of all our expectations. And even then, titanium may prove not to be as strong as Campfire's convictions.

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That's why we love ourselves a Campfire unboxing. A shared partaking in another milestone on the path Head-Fi is riding to the top of innovation, research and development. The fruit of science, but also hearts, spirit and labour. 

No wonder, then, that unboxing every Campfire feels a celebration. An event. One that we hope you'll be a part of, plenty of, with us.