Voice your love with famous fans of Rosson's RAD-0

“This time, something very very different,” began John Darko below, two years after Head-Fi had said the same about Rosson Audio Design’s RAD-0.

Darko.Audio’s owner and editor was talking about something different to us and the audiophile community, truth told. But, listen in ⬇️, and you’ll realise we’re united in the topic traits of belonging, involvement and participation that Founder Alex Rosson has fostered.

Now Darko, Alessandro Cortini and John Tejada have discussed it, we could be talking about a movement here the RAD-0’s started. Of co-creation, fellowship and accorded importance, via ownership of a Rosson. 

We can’t give you your own podcast (yet). But we segment RAD-0 owners their own designated space on www.zeppelinandco.com. Excerpted from RAD-0 #253, owner Bhume explains his pick:

This piece has found an owner and been named Rigel after the brightest star in the constellation Orion. Its owner is currently using Cayin’s N8 for warmth and relaxed listening sessions while Sony’s TA-ZH1ES adds soundstage and detail. Cabling is with iBasso’s CB17 and Effect Audio’s Leonidas, the latter enhancing the already excellent detail with sparkle. Rigel does well with Japanese Anime soundtracks, specifically Ignited from Gundam SEED Destiny, and Daybreak Bell from Gundam 00.

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And from RAD-0 #269's page, owner Nash tells the story of his pair:

This piece has found an owner and been affectionately named Kintsugi. Its owner is currently listening to this via his Sony WM1Z music player and also with Feliks Audio's Euforia when it's time for full desktop glory. When paired with Euforia, the speed and dynamics are kept optimal with a full, rich vocal tone that is fully indulgent and unforgettable.

Further on down, why we allow eyes to gaze enviously upon a product that's been sold:

// IF IT'S NOT AVAILABLE, WHY IS IT STILL LISTED? We do not archive Rossons that are sold from our page, to keep a visual gallery to continue to inspire new RAD owners. If you're interested, click here and look out for those that are without the <ASK THE CREW> tags.  You can also reach us directly if there's a look you'd love to have but is already taken.

Even Nine Inch Nails guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Cortini was a bit chuffed to get in on the point. It didn't take long for the excitement of building his pair to catch on with Rosson, we hear:

The fact that they all look unique and the fact you can choose your own colour combination really attracted me. Mine were based on one of my favourite guitars when I was adolescent and it's basically a multi-coloured Ibanez which was Steve Vai’s guitar; the guitar you see on the cover of his album Passion and Warfare.

Point being, each unique Rosson creation was a music lover's opportunity. Luminaries like Cortini and Tejada's, also potentially ours and yours too. If Mr. Rosson appreciates that audiophiles are unique in their tastes and each of his creations mirror that, then power to you and to us, too.

The emphasis on singular ownership is a recurring theme, celebrating how each RAD-0 has strong significance to someone, somewhere. An ability to create speaks volumes for credibility. If the business is pleasure, what’s the argument against taking personal audio a little personally.

And if to create is to be credible, then Mr. Rosson has been at the forefront of the headphone hobby. You'll know about his work at the start of the last decade bringing planar magnetic headphones into widespread focus.

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Tejada was quick to point out Rosson's very understated way of being an accomplished musician, technician and inventor. His trophy wall at Rosson Audio looks a bit different –⁠ his line-up of RAD-0s was created for an army of artists. There's an innate appeal within to be one of them, when a pair speaks directly to us.

With his second foray into headphones, the Rosson movement re-makes the case for headphones as true high-end apparatus for audio. We should be clear: this Los Angeles manufacturer's appearance-forward approach is not a betrayal. RAD-0 is serious about sound, and loud about its competency as a flagship planar.

Five of the five parties above ceded to the RAD-0's sonic supremacy. Adding to the hundreds of other voices doing the rounds on the WWW. Talk about accorded credibility to the Rosson name.

There's a serious value about being on the bleeding edge of fidelity, as alluded to in video above. And then there are personal creations of the heart that transcend merely logical reasoning, when a pair of RAD-0s speak to your heart. Latest and trending, from the great trend-setter of our time and our world: Alex Rosson. 

Beginning this decade breaking new ground, the same way he did the start of the last one. He's not saying that about RAD-0 for himself. Cortini is, Tejada is. Bhume is. Nash is. Go on, and add your voice in. Like Darko says, this time, something very very different.