Questyle QP Master

$2,599 $2,799
Here comes the Master. 

Questyle's QPM follows the success of its predecessor, the QP2R. Whilst there is no change in form factor, the QPM instantly switches all background noise to zero, simulating a pitch black room, with full HiFi clarity playing with ease, finesse and control. It's velvety and precise, boasting full Class A amplification, and insisting on true balanced circuitry via its 4.4mm output.

The Master is not limited by circumstances nor listening preferences. Choose to use it as a DAC by connecting it to your phone, a standalone portable player, connect it to your car system, or dock it via the CMA Twelve or CMA Twelve Master (read about the Super Source System here). Then sit back to hours of listening through speakers or your favourite pair of headphones.

The Focal Utopia has been spotted as a frequent visitor in Questyle setups, and some Utopias stay for good, because a great match made in heaven does not come by every day in our world called audiophilia. 

Ask to listen to the QPM the next time you visit us.


Our Price | $2,599

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