Cayin IHA-6

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Power hasn't come in a more potent package than Cayin Audio's little desktop iHA-6. Up to seven watts per channel promises to drive every headphone with aplomb, including HiFiMAN's notorious HE-6, Arya and Susvara, plus all Dan Clark Audio FKA MrSpeakers. [See Product Desc. For More]


Our Price | $999

Product Description

With the ability to improve based on the quality of sources, building blocks for a fantastic desktop rig begins from the iHA-6, said John Grandberg for Innerfidelity. Its 95 per cent discrete design counts on modern power FETs to push some serious power into any pair of cans – this is not an overstatement.

Power is not to be confused for loudness here. You'll be able to benefit from the inherent low internal gain typical of any Cayin discrete circuit to drive both the Focal Stellia and HE-6, plus everything in between, in the optimal range of iHA-6's volume control. For anyone familiar with what that means, it's a big deal.

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Product Specifications