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    Focal BathysFocal Bathys

    Focal Bathys

    What a statement Bluetooth like Bathys Dune is. Through it Focal invites anyone, to listen anywhere. In clear and obvious style. Focal's trademark M-shaped aluminium-magnesium dynamic driver brings you flagship sound on the go. 5 ⭐ came from What Hi-Fi? because "the success of Focal's first effort" isn't surprising. Headfonics say Bathys "represents a serious upgrade on consumer headphone choices from the likes of Sony and Bose", something Digital Trends second.  Wired writes Bathys is Bluetooth "even staunch audio nerds can enjoy". Superb acoustics on the part of Focal's know-how are a given, and the warm, rich and detailed fidelity of Bathys breaks new ground for a portable headphone of its size – wired or unwired. However, what makes Bathys truly compelling is its range of noise cancelling, Bluetooth 5.1, Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive and app-controlled EQ. [See Product Desc. For More] Its name comes from the French word ‘bathyscaphe’, the first submarine exploration vehicle. And Bathys is the embodiment of calm, depth and absolute silence. It's already scooped up TechHive's Editors Choice award, and is ecoustics' favourite noise-cancelling headphone for 2022. Audioholics says Bathys "takes its place among the top sound quality-focused wireless headphones available", and gave it a Product of the Year award. Stuff slapped 5 ⭐ on this Bluetooth beast too. At the cutting edge of tech, but dressed up in finery as a finished product like only Focal can. Blurring the lines between lifestyle and audiophilia has become typical from France's masters of savoir faire. Bathys is proof that Focal has mastered that.  The Bathys design comes inherited from Focal’s open and closed-back audiophile headphones such as Clear MG and Radiance. The earcup grilles repeat Focal’s design language, highly aesthetic curves drawing attention to the company's prestigious logo symbolising style, luxury and belief in better. A white back-lit system beneath the logo may be activated if desired, for an understated, chic effect. Another standout feature of Bathys is its elegant and timeless black-silver colourway, for effortless sophistication. Indeed, this wireless Focal is something you want to be seen with, but also to hear. The comparisons to its bigger audiophile siblings visually are apt, but so are they sonically. Bathys promises a big chunk of Focal fidelity on the move, its M-shaped aluminium-magnesium drivers among the most audiophile-grade mounted in a wireless headphone before.  This driver's stiffness, light weight and damping not only promises you a warm, immersive and authoritative presentation of music in stock tuning. It's also fine ground for EQ to be implemented – and Bathys comes together with EQ pre-sets for listeners to select via the Focal & Naim control app for iOS and Android. Not only does Bathys sound excellent – it can be made yours truly, too, when you select your favourite sound signature.  aptX™ Adaptive ensures wireless transmission stability in most conditions.  Focal added a Silent mode of cancellation optimised for trips with high background noise but let's you switch to a Soft mode to aid concentration at work, while Transparency mode enables you to stay connected to your surroundings. And a USB-C cable gives you the listener the final ability to access Bathys' 24/192 DAC via a computer or phone, when seeking uncompromised fidelity. The sense of completeness in Bathys' package promises that form and function have truly met. Despite its humble entry into the world of Focal, Bathys is in fact one of Focal's proudest Head-Fi releases. And there is much more to explore from Focal for those seeking ever-greater levels of wired sound quality here, and you can also browse all of our Bluetooth headphones here. 


    Our Price | $999

    Focal CelesteeFocal Celestee

    Focal Celestee

    Sans Bentley logo and midnight black finish arrives Focal's Celestee. Building on the success that was Radiance is the navy blue closed-back from France's most accomplished headphone manufacturers. Elevating the fidelity that's possible on the road again is Focal's 40mm aluminum-magnesium M-shaped dome driver, with more than enough trademark dynamics, punch and transparency to retain your attention while moving around.  SoundStage! Solo give Celestee near top marks for a sound the vast majority will enjoy. Enjoy the praise them for delivering a Live experience with little to no fuss. [See Product Desc. For More] Headfonia praise Celestee as an utterly modern closed-back headphone that "enjoys some much-appreciated trickle-down sonic and visual cues from the Stellia". Headphone Guru calls it an all-rounder. Celestee's 35ohm impedance is splendid for travel listening from a smartphone or a new generation music player like HiBy Music's R6III and Questyle's QP2R. Prepare for its arrival with another visit to the Bentley-branded Radiance, itself a stunning listening experience that remains in ready stock and a true limited-edition alternative to Celestee. Or view the rest of our Focal offerings here and our other headphones here.


    Our Price | $899

    Focal Clear MGFocal Clear MG

    Focal Clear MG

    After the brilliance of beryllium, Focal's next rabbit out of the hat is magnesium magic, with the launch of Clear MG. Its predecessor Clear needs no introduction to the modern hobbyist for a perceivably flat response and excellent dynamic qualities. But Focal have found a way to improve on that performance yet with Clear MG, with a drastically increased portrayal of head space, and sub-bass that plunges deeper into the abyss. [See Product Desc. For More] It immediately gets a coveted 'Applause Award' from StereoNET as an all-rounder "with impeccable timing and excellent dynamics, but its sense of space is where it really shines" – imagine that. The same publication elected it Best Over-Ear Headphone in its Products of the Year shortlist 2021. Headfonia reckon our favourite French "have gone and made one of the most instantly easy-to-love high-end headphones with their all-new model" – TechHive similarly awarded it their Editor's Choice gong and a 5 ⭐ ranking from What Hi-Fi? followed soon after. Headphonesty states Clear MG closes in on perfection. Everything's made possible by sporting Focal's famous M-shaped driver with a new magnesium dome for the perfect lightness, rigidity and damping.  By being even lighter than beryllium, together with a driver suspension that's super pliant and a magnet that can produce more than one tesla of force, this magnesium grants Clear MG transient speed and detail without harshness. Built to be extremely pistonic in motion, the potential travel of the driver gives Clear MG's bass great low-frequency presence, speed and dynamics. These are traits that remain as frequencies rise. Focal's humble 40mm driver dimensions and the superb damping qualities of magnesium means movement stays pistonic and doesn't deteriorate into harsh modal break-up up top. Treble detail stays inherently warm and natural. Clear MG's portrayal of air and soundstage is aided by a M-shaped honeycomb grille protecting the correspondingly built driver that's exceptionally open. Air exits the back of the cups via bigger, smoother passages, with enlarged grills inside and outside. Tuned linear in the continued tradition of Clear, with a slight tint of refined warmth, Clear MG continues to be Head-Fi's reference where ever you listen. T3 say "very few headphones make it so enjoyable to get lost in your music". HIFI Trends praised the "masterful" MG for "speaker-like vibrancy and fireworks". An included 4-pin XLR cable completes the package for pairing with your desktop set-ups, while a Focal carrying case, 3.5mm jack and 55ohm portable friendliness takes care of you from a music player on your travels. Perfect candidates for the latter are Cayin Audio's RU7, HiBy Music's R6 III and R6 Pro II, plus iBasso Audio's DC04 Pro and DX240. To upgrade further, consider iBasso Audio's 4.4mm CB17 silver-plated copper cable. Also check out the rest of Focal's line here, or our other headphones here.


    Our Price | $1,699

    Focal Clear MG ProFocal Clear MG Pro

    Focal Clear MG Pro

    PRO: there's really only one way to describe the Clear MG Pro. This outstandingly detailed, coloured yet correct, magnesium maestro certainly earns that tag with the way it wraps all your favourite Focal headphones into one. By combining the bass levels and soundstage of Clear MG with the forward, engaging mids of Clear and a hint of the transient speed and detail of Utopia, Clear MG Pro possibly could summarise Focal in a single headphone nutshell. The revelatory 40mm M-shaped magnesium driver that Focal introduced for its mid-line Clear MG facilitates all of the above, approximating the performance of headphones beyond its price tier. [See Product Desc. For More] Clear MG Pro is almost too good to be true, yet there it is. By combining many of the best aspects of each Focal classic that has passed, it's on a clear route to success. Sound On Sound rates this Focal highly. Clear OG is the clear reference here. But Clear MG Pro even surpasses Head-Fi's GOAT by granting better cohesion between those famous mids and the flanking bass and treble ranges, being holistically more complete as a flagship claim. That's partly empowered by the use of magnesium to build Focal's famous M-shaped inverted dome. By being even lighter than beryllium, together with a driver suspension that's super pliant and a magnet that can produce more than one tesla of force, this magnesium grants Clear MG Pro transient speed and detail without harshness. Built to be extremely pistonic in motion, the maximum potential travel of the driver gives Clear MG Pro's bass great low-frequency presence, speed and dynamics. These are traits that remain as frequencies rise. Focal's humble 40mm driver dimensions and the superb damping qualities of magnesium mean movement stays pistonic and doesn't deteriorate into harsh modal break-up up top. Treble detail stays inherently warm and natural. Clear MG Pro's portrayal of air and soundstage is aided by a M-shaped honeycomb grille protecting the correspondingly built driver that's exceptionally open. This frame allows even more delivery of high-frequency detail and extension. Two single-ended cables and a spare pair of pads come packed neatly in Focal's hard travel carrying case. But audiophiles will want to upgrade Clear MG Pro to any number of 4.4mm cables – the likes of Advance TPC and Inspire from Nobunaga Labs and Tago Studio yielding improvements to sound quality that do Focal justice. The improvement offered by 4.4mm balanced cables will also enable owners to pair Clear MG Pro with a source of consummate quality, taking advantage of its portable friendly trait so any of Cayin Audio's RU7, HiBy Music's R6 III and R6 Pro II, plus iBasso Audio's DC04 Pro and DX240 can be used. While you're looking up Clear MG Pro, also be sure to check out the bronze-tinted chestnut Clear MG with included 4-pin XLR cable here, our other Focals here, and all our headphones here.


    Our Price | $1,699

    Focal Hardshell Carrying CaseFocal Hardshell Carrying Case
    Ask The Crew

    Focal Hardshell Carrying Case

    Focal won our hearts when they were the only brand that nailed a hard-shell carry case for top headphones, while retaining style, utility, and keeping it compact.The french design is impeccable here in the perfect shade of grey. Canvas is chosen instead of leather, to keep it light and fuss free to care for.  We should have guess they'd be good at this even if it does not spell Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent nor Hermès.  What they didn't know, but left it for Zepp to find out through popular requests, is that they fit the Germans' Sennheiser HD600, HD650, HD660S. In any case, we ought to say "merci, Focal".===Luggage space required during travel: 24*23*11cm===


    Our Price | $229

    Focal RadianceFocal Radiance
    Ask The Crew

    Focal Radiance

    It is no longer true that diamonds are a girl's best friend when Bentley's iconic 'Diamond' quilting finds Focal acoustics and sound quality in this stunning collaboration, Radiance. A reference to the signature style of Bentley's Mulliner Bacalar model, this 2020 beauty is here to re-think headphone design, and bring it up a notch to what audio truly deserves. Being named Radiance is apt: the bass, mids and treble shimmer with emphasis, energy and fidelity. [See Product Desc. For More] This luxurious collaboration is truly worthy of wearing the names of its collaborating brands. Headfonia banishes any fear of gimmicks, awarding Radiance a 'Recommended Buy' award for getting you much of the way to Focal's flagship Stellia. It's great across genres, easy and luxurious, and does not require amplification beyond what a smartphone provides, for the newly initiated. From mobile phones to desktop rigs, this designer piece finds its voice gliding through setups effortlessly.  Recommended: Try it with iBasso Audio's new CB17 4.4mm cable, plugged into HiBy Music's R5 Saber. View the rest of Focal's iconic models here, or check out the rest of our closed-back headphones here. 


    Our Price | $1,799

    Focal StelliaFocal Stellia

    Focal Stellia

    The spiritual descendant of Focal's Utopia with a beryllium driver, Stellia takes the defining Clear tuning and turns up resolution, speed and dynamics significantly.  Their experience as pedigreed speaker manufacturers means Stellia is capable of delivering some of the lowest bass and most natural mids and highs you'll ever experience. It "illuminated details in music that Audioholics had never heard before", with its measurements served up by the side in tribute. [See Product Desc. For More] All in a closed-back environment that isolates. Its easy-to-drive portability yields travel-friendly reference listening from a smartphone ... or extreme quality via any portable music player, or dedicated desktop set-up through provided 3.5mm and 4-pin XLR cables. Positive Feedback praise it as "a headphone that capitalises on an inoffensive sound with great tonal balance, dynamics, and pinpoint imaging", adding in a follow-up that Stellia "builds on the traditional strengths of closed-back phones, as the bass region is powerful, tight, and transparent". What Hi-Fi? give Stellia an unabated 5 ⭐ and Audiophillia called it a "Swiss army knife" amongst flagships. Unwilling to miss out, Headfonics conclude it's "a closed-back that does so many things almost impossible but Focal pulled it off". Here's a new technological tour de force in closed-back headphones that's entirely documented in its white paper. Also browse all Focal products here, or view our other closed-back headphones plus the amplifiers to drive them with.


    Our Price | $3,899

    Focal Utopia (2022 Version)Focal Utopia (2022 Version)
    Ask The Crew

    Focal Utopia (2022 Version)

    A new decade demands a new Utopia. Focal's 2022 flagship reinvents itself six years after its inception, bringing to bear a new pure beryllium dynamic driver to lead the way forward again. Utopia 2022's famous 40mm M-shaped beryllium dome is coupled to the most open honeycomb grille acoustic enclosure seen yet on a Focal headphone for greater bass authority, a richer mid-range, and spacious presentation. Headfonics say it's "truly worthy of being called a high-end flagship". 5 ⭐ from What Hi-Fi? was a given. Headphonesty "can offer no higher praise". Focal take home an eCoustics trophy for France. Utopia 2022 is a "slam dunk" for Part-Time Audiophile who make it a Reviewers Choice. Ultimate resolution and dynamics show up as minimum expectations again. But the sense of headstage and space Utopia 2022 gains is something to behold – even at the summit of this golden age in personal audio. Focal therefore decisively carve another place of prominence at the top of Head-Fi again. 2022 extends the legacy of Utopia with another truly legendary in line, mixing the best of the old with the promise of the new. [See Product Desc. For More] Clear MG first gave us a taste of the gains an ultra-open Focal earcup could yield. Listeners imagined what such a new frame might be capable of were Utopia's original beryllium driver mounted. Now, Utopia 2022 tangibly shows up the answer to our dreams – wilder than we dared hope – comprehensively exceeding any preconception or expectation we held. Headphone Guru writes "Utopia 2022 is a significant upgrade". Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity call this the one to rule them all. "They are truly magical" to TechHive. Audioholics cites an evolved tuning compared to its Utopia predecessor from 2016 and praised this version of perfection. SoundStage! praised a flawless portrayal of the frequencies that matter. Focal don't know how to build a better dynamic driver than out of signature pure beryllium, and their choice is vindicated. Utopia's beryllium driver is built as a trademark M-shaped dome for great structural rigidity, perfect for rendering the lowest, deepest bass.  Beryllium's hardness also yields excellent air acceleration properties and Utopia propels micro-dynamics with an uncanny realism that leaves listeners in spellbound disbelief. A drastically more open honeycomb grille encourages airflow in tandem, for expanded macro-dynamics. Contrary to many other metals, beryllium is both rigid yet extremely self-damped. Utopia's 40mm diameter is small enough to climb up in frequency without cone or modal break-up, always moving as a perfect piston. Distortion is therefore amazingly low at all frequencies. A micron-thick suspension allows massive, linear driver excursion for rendition of bass waves. Focal's new acoustically open frame supplies plenty of air volume for Utopia to plumb deeper than before. A copper-aluminium alloy former-less voice coil is suspended in the air gap of Utopia's magnet array capable of nearly two tesla. The copper element shorts inductance in the voice coil, maintaining a flatter impedance through the frequency range. And while one of the benefits of aluminium is suppressing eddy currents in the magnetic flux, another is in high reliability.  Focal certainly designed Utopia for ultimate performance – and long-term reliability while pushing the limits of personal audio. It'll rule over your collection of flagships for years to come. Future-proofing also happens in performance, with Utopia 2022's ceiling pushing much higher than its predecessor. Proof is how Focal's latest brainchild scales ever better with the myriad of the very best headphone sources now. Listening via the dCS Data Conversion Systems Lina is otherworldly. While Cayin Audio's HA-300B MK. II and Feliks Audio's Envy cannot but entice tube advocates. An excellent three-metre 4-pin XLR stock cable comes packaged. But the 4.4mm upgrade via PlusSound's X6 and X8 will entice with opportunities abounding for use with Cayin Audio's C9 and N8ii, HiBy Music's RS8 and iBasso Audio's DX320 Max TI. Cabling in Singapore silver is also achieved by Twilight from Ares Audio.  At the end of the day, enough reading – time to start experiencing the new heights of Head-Fi that Utopia 2022 heralds. Certainly work your way up to this moment by browsing the rest of Focal's difference-makers here, or our other headphones here.


    Our Price | $5,999