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    ON THE GO with Wireless Earpiece

    Select functionality with our ON THE GO range of wireless earpieces. Going wireless with our wide array of products that function on high bandwidth Bluetooth technology removes your limits when in movement. Getting a pair is great for commuting, engaging in high-intensity training or days when you just want to pack light. 

    Choosing Your Bluetooth Earphones

    Our collection of Bluetooth earphones come with many specifications and designs. Pair them over Bluetooth, drop it into your pocket or bag and you are good to go. Perfect for sports, commute or wireless fuss-free handling. Comfort, battery life, and genre of music will be the top three priorities in order of importance when making a Bluetooth earphones selection. 

    Buying Bluetooth Headphones

    Bluetooth headphones are now closing the gap in sound quality compared to wired earphones or headphones. Choose the design that fits your style and requirements from our collection of  Bluetooth headphones. Choose to block out unwanted noise or conversations while commuting in Singapore with this range of noise-cancelling headphones

    The ergonomic designs of our Bluetooth headphones will ensure you don't get headaches or sore ears while wearing them as you commute to school, work or home. Being an over-the-ear audio product, you will find that the ear pads are some of the most comfortable materials you can place on your ears. 

    Zeppelin & Co. also carries ergonomic headphones that are suitable for running. These earphones are lighter and less bulky than the ones you would normally wear at the gym. We take extra care to ensure your choice of Bluetooth headphones does not overly compromise on the quality of sound. Run through the parks and streets of Singapore with your personal soundtrack right in your head! 

    Shop for Wireless Earpiece at Zeppelin & Co. in Singapore Today

    Whether you are looking for Bluetooth earphones or headphones, Zeppelin & Co. offers excellent wireless earpieces with outstanding touch-based technology. Browse through our full audio collection online.