Empire Ears: ODIN & HERO Jack Vang's ultimate successors to Zeus

Follow the rainbow. So it is that ultimate Empire Ears flagship, the new ODIN, comes built in an ultra-exclusive faceplate known as Bifrost. This individually unique look optically simulates the fabled rainbow bridge that separates Midgard and Asgard – mortals from the gods.

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Nice that Bifrost was built. But it has to be found, and crossed. Tricker than it sounds. Still, the concept of ODIN, the highest of Norse gods – grand, majestic and magnificent in his existence – and reaching him wasn’t without its allure and lustre.

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"The electrostatic drivers are very sensitive. The Wraith used quad electrostatic drivers like the ODIN but it was on a dual transformer set-up. With ODIN, we wanted a single transformer set-up and our goal with that was to have as much treble presence as possible without being as peaky. We found that to be our biggest challenge along with integrating the W9+ [dynamic bass subwoofers]."

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So it is in mythology, as it is with Empire Ears. Jack Vang describes this 11-driver electrostatic tri-brid as “the personification of Empire’s DNA at its most extreme – in design, performance and breadth of capabilities”. The vice-president of Empire Ears elaborated on his and Dean Vang’s ambitions and challenges, in many more words with Jude Mansilla of Head-Fi.

ODIN is a brave venture to undertake. Not only for Empire Ears, but for the audiophiles that aspire. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Knowing though that intermediate steps had to be designated, the nice Norcross, Georgia CIEM builders opted to give the people a HERO.


"We need something that will put out flagship levels of sound reproduction at a fraction of the price and thus we developed HERO alongside ODIN – HERO is essentially ODIN junior."

In that the circle with Zeus, the object of Empire Ears folklore, is complete and shepherds step up to take you into a new realm. 

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11 Proprietary Drivers, Tribrid Design

2 Next Generation W9+ Subwoofers - Sub-Bass, Bass

5 Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers - 2 Low-Mid, 2 Mid, 1 Mid-High

4 Premium Electrostatic Drivers - 2 High, 2 Super-High

7-Way synX Crossover Network

4 Proprietary Drivers, Hybrid Design

1 Next Generation W9+ Subwoofer - Sub-Bass/Bass

3 Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers - 1 Mid, 1 Mid-High, 1 High

4-Way synX Crossover Network

Empire Ears have appointed their kings and there'll be a new kingdom at hand populated by new residents at every level. For now, standards have been set, the bar has been raised and every imminent upcoming Empire Ears release will be lofty, in every way: sound quality, aesthetics, presentation and prestige.



"ODIN is derived from all our previous fan-favourite flagships. We wanted the bass extension but more importantly we’ve always emphasised the mid-range. As ODIN junior, HERO should have a very similar mid-range to one of our favourites, Zeus, specifically with female vocals – they’re extremely clear, lush, very intimate."

Continue to watch this Empire Ears space. ODIN is about to cross the Bifrost bringing Asgard to Earth, with the help of ODIN and other Æsir soon in tow. Do you seek to find? We're about to have an experience that you could say is truly divine.