Headphone love language

Find your headphone love language

Our friends and guests sometimes enter Zepp looking for what is best. That’s well and good, but the question that’s begging first is what’s right? Tackling our entire wall of headphones, whether seasoned hobbyist or budding audiophile, can be intimidating. Seeking a singular, objective best is often an act in futility.

While it is hard to offer those a straightforward answer of what’s best, what Zepp can do, and often does, is help you find what’s best for you. As a proud three-year-old business now, we’re proud to say we’ve even been getting you to help us help you better too.

So part of our little orientation for you, when you first step into the shop, involves not just products, but a little vocabulary lesson. The language of headphones, audio and music comes naturally, and at the end ties you closer to our growing community of personal audio brethren. It can be lots of fun. Isn’t that already lovely.

We’ll learn it with you. A language made up of words – words that can be made yours – to describe what you hear, and why you feel that way. It’s going to begin with a sheet of paper we call our ‘Cheat Sheet’. Before you take any test, we’ve passed you the answers. Notice lots of treble? We call that ‘Brightness’. Does a pair of earphones make music sound exactly like the real thing? The word you’re looking for could be ‘Neutrality’.

But look at us, trying to explain it to you. We would prefer to show it to you. So express yourself, don’t repress yourself. It’s human nature (and Madonna).