Active noise cancelling can't save a bad fit

If you want to hear everything in your music, listen to Kristy and Fengyang Song talk to The Straits Times first.

Yes. Unless it fits, it doesn't sit. In the discussion about Active Noise Cancelling, passive noise cancelling also came up. 

Clearly, advancing technology shouldn't be used as a crutch. Not when the compromise is as basic, and fundamental, to enjoying your music as ensuring your earphones seal your entire canal. 

That's when you can hear exactly how the manufacturer intended your earbuds to sound – every frequency in your audio represented properly, as designed.

An airtight fit is a watertight argument. Where reviews fail to inform you adequately whether an earphone will seal with the perfect fit, we enter stage left.

Demo after demo, to see if what you have in mind fits you. Into your ear. Into your lifestyle. Then your situation. Budget. Commitment.

Fit. Fit. Fit.

It's what the reviews don't always tell you. Or more like, what the reviews cannot tell you. So tell us instead. So we can tell you.

Because everything in this Head-Fi hobby begins with the perfect fit for you, physically, literally and figuratively. Advice that'll accompany you starting with ANC, all the way up till you reach Darko.Audio's "very summit of what’s possible with portable audio”.