Zepp Crew

Kristy Song | Founder/ Crewmaster

Commander-in-chief and the brains and heart behind it all at Zeppelin & Co., Kristy Song set out to make audio approachable. Meeting enthusiast and newcomer perfectly in the middle, Zepp’s founder has made a name for herself globally and locally in the industry as one of the most even-handed, reasoned voices around.

Thushara Weerakumara | Right-Hand Man

One of Zeppelin & Co.’s original founding members kept things ticking over as our story picked up. We don’t know how many audiophiles it takes to change one light bulb, but one Right-Hand Man on the scene at Zepp is often enough to run the floor smoothly and perfectly. A connoisseur of fine things, his latte art is a sight to behold.

Jeremy Lim | Showmaster

Jeremy Lim started out as one of Zeppelin & Co.’s first customer’s and eventually went on to become one of the staunchest advocates of our story. Few things matter more to him than putting on a good show for customers and hobbyists alike, and he charges himself with being the go-to guy for the brains and heart for everything audio and music related.

Fadli Jasmuri | Projectionist

The man with the Big Idea at Zeppelin & Co. is also the man with the big heart. Fadli Jasmuri turns being a relative newcomer to the industry into one of his biggest strengths, effortlessly relating to the unfamiliar seeking a friendly voice to start out alongside. You’ll see his sketches and designs all over our website and social media as he makes his dreams for Zepp a reality.

James Ong | Tetrician 

Zeppelin & Co.’s foundations have been laid and the man charged with building the skyscraper upon them is James Ong. One of the most strategic minds about joins after years spent as an enthusiasts helps lay down the organisational law to take Zepp onwards and upwards, seamlessly transitioning his passion into the profession.