Local musicians serenade with Modular House Productions at Zepp

The show must go on. Modular House Productions sing to a familiar tune. Familiar faces fronted by Cho Jung-woo bring you a group of budding musicians who won't stop making or playing music. They welcomed prominent Singapore musician and (formerly) frequent street busker Jason Yu to inaugurate their initiative.

Watch Jason Yu perform now 👇

Belying the performance is the heart of the musician. Because you bother about playback, so these serenading souls seek your attention. The spirit of Modular House Productions is borne from a united heart: support local music, and songwriting, in the time of COVID.

It pays to listen. Their magic and message is free. Because Zepp is set up as a tribute to musicians, it wasn't alone enough to endorse listening to musicians in the proper way. Times have called for greater deeds. We open our doors to them, so they can open their hearts to you.

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Musicians around the world need more gratitude — Zepp would not exist without music and we exist to respect proper playback of sound. Bad playback registers as noise to minds so here's how we do it right. Committed thoughts go into whether to build one, how to build one, and the ways it’ll pay off. Wesley went all out with full shell art in swirls of purple and black by @hidition, like the nights and hours he's dedicated to producing music. A Viento-B was chosen for its linear tone and coherence required in a pair of monitors. Ear impressions and 3D scans are included without additional cost for any CIEM orders with us. Ask us about refit policies and take our promise of amazing sound on the go – in style – the custom building process lives up to its name: special. Always personably and professionally handled. Shout out to Wesley's music, vibing night drives with bokeh city lights.

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Weekly on Sundays for 10 weeks straight, they'll air a new episode on YouTube. The Internet is their platform; Zepp, their stage. Give yourself as their audience. Beyond letting their music speak to you, now it's time to let the musicians speak for themselves.