Welcome to Zeppelin & Co. | We are Singapore’s first audio cafe with a dedicated space retailing a curated range of earphones, headphones, desktop audio products. We also hold live music events and keep the coffee brewing. We intend to stay professional while having lots of fun, and here's our space: 

Visit us or reach us if you're tired of reviews and just want to check it out at a store where you can test, ask us questions, and decide >>> Here.



So how did it all begin?

We love music. We wanted our music to sound better. We thought "Hey, let's make an audio store & bring music lovers together, and tell them about better sound!"

We got thirsty. We love coffee. Our friends got thirsty. Some love coffee, some liked other drinks. We were looking for a place to sit down but they were all too crowded and noisy.

Audio + Coffee + People = We founded Zeppelin & Co.

It wasn't easy to put a cafe module in a headphone store. It wasn't easy when people said reputation of Sim Lim Square was bad, parking was expensive.

But we did it anyway. Because at Zeppelin & Co. we believe that when you do the right things, and work hard, the right people come your way. Call it birds of a feather flocking together, great minds think alike, or music lovers unite.

So welcome onboard the Zeppelin & Co., and thank you for being part of our journey. Unfasten your seat belts, put your playlist on, and enjoy the flight. 

Inflight services are suspended on all Mondays. 

// Our seconds of fame 


  • We appeared on Channel News Asia — Kristy (Founder) talks about why she chose Sim Lim Square and how discarding the old is sometimes not better than building on it. The episode shares her thoughts while building Zeppelin & Co. and our involvement with local music.