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A tube headphone amplifier, or tube amp as they are commonly called, are also called vacuum amps/vacuum tubes. They amplify sound by using vacuum tubes that control electrical current to increase the amplitude or power of a signal. Not only do they look great, they produce smooth sounds for your ears. This analogue technology produces a unique sound that is loved by audiophiles worldwide.

The Difference Between a Tube Amplifier and a Solid-State Amplifier

Tube amps are ever so popular in Singapore over the years as the analogue technology delivers both smooth and responsive sound in its simplicity, and allows great precision in music production. Solid-State Amplifiers use electronic transistors instead of vacuum tubes. The tube amps, with its unique looks, offers an unmistakably eye-catching appearance. 

Tube amplifiers amplify the audio signals input, giving audio output that is characteristically warmer, smooth, and lush when paired right. 

Is Getting a Tube Amplifier Worth It?

If you’re a serious audiophile, or someone who works with music and sounds, a tube amp is a definite addition to your audio repertoire. While it is arguable that current solid-state technology, either with an integrated chip, or resistor ladder circuitry may be able to do more, the goal is still to recreate that authentic analogue sound that music lovers speak about. Tube, being analogue, simply provides sound that is unique within the audio setup of music lovers. The desktop tube amps we carry come in many shapes and sizes, and they all add to a substantial amount of diversity in the type of sound you may wish to pursue. We take great care in curating the most diverse set of tube amps from across the world, hailing from as far as Poland, to the hub of tube manufacturing in Mainland China. 

Shop At Zeppelin & Co. For Your Tube Amps And More 

Tube headphone amps are an essential investment if you’re looking to add a crucial element to your audio playback equipment. A great pair of high quality headphones would partner your tube amp perfectly. Together, they offer you a different vibe, giving you control and quality performances. Audiophiles find the control and quality that it offers to be irresistible! Zeppelin & Co. has the largest and most unique set of tube amp for headphone selections in Singapore, and we delight in providing the most comfortable and fun environment for which you can enjoy them in. Do take a look at our amp & dac selections at our shop, here at Zeppelin & Co.